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Question: What do you think about this performance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWtQqhYcK1Q [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on December 6 2016, 11:37am
Reply on December 7 2016, 6:44pm:
    Sounds pretty terrible to me

Question: I've been using Winamp for years, and just recently switched from ProTools to Reaper as my main DAW... and I found out yesterday that you created both! That being said, I mostly just wanted to say thanks for making great software, but I also have many questions... picking one for now that hopefully hasn't been asked a thousand times already: 1. What are some oops! entry was too long... 1. What are some coding projects you started and never finished, if any, for whatever reason? (lost interest in the idea, found an existing solution elsewhere, etc.) [permalink]
Asked by juliabulia245 (24.25.132.x) on December 5 2016, 2:23pm
Reply on December 5 2016, 10:55pm:
    Various things, nothing terribly interesting though. Mostly just give up out of laziness, where the benefit doesn't justify the work required...

Question: Sedona looks like an imaginary world. What's it like to grow up there? [permalink]
Asked by Deborah (74.71.160.x) on December 2 2016, 1:31am
Reply on December 2 2016, 4:12pm:
    Boring for normal childhood stuff, but awesome for the nature aspects. I wish I had appreciated them more at the time (though in retrospect I appreciate it now!)

Question: Are you responsible for the addition of musical "genre" Primus in ID3 ? [permalink]
Asked by Dali (205.236.3.x) on December 1 2016, 7:45pm
Reply on December 1 2016, 9:37pm:
    I was a big Primus fan back in the day (still love the old albums too)

Question: Did you ever buy your S4? [permalink]
Asked by Brian (24.56.53.x) on December 1 2016, 5:19am
Reply on December 1 2016, 1:45pm:
    I did have a 2000 S4, yes, it was lovely. Now I don't have any cars though.

Question: How many hours a week, on average, would you say you are "working" ? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on December 1 2016, 2:57am
Reply on December 1 2016, 1:45pm:
    I dunno, average around 40 probably but some weeks more, some less.

Question: hii.. first of all thank you for reaper!!! now to my question, i guess you like psychedelic stuff? do you also listen to electronic music? what do you think of music like this?? https://youtu.be/5qz9DRfh3Tk [permalink]
Asked by rafael (31.10.170.x) on November 30 2016, 2:59pm
Reply on December 1 2016, 1:44pm:
    Not really my thing!

Question: Hello Justin, Would you like to work together on developing a built in drum sampler for reaper? I have already multi sampled a drum kit with multiple mics, velocities and round robins to use as the test material. [permalink]
Asked by Ray Melana (216.126.81.x) on November 28 2016, 7:29pm
Reply on November 28 2016, 11:31pm:
    No thanks but good luck!

Question: Would you like to learn sales, management or HR in the future? You've said you're not good at hiring. Would you like to improve your knowledge and abilities? [permalink]
Asked by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on November 25 2016, 10:34pm
Reply on November 27 2016, 7:24am:
    I said I wasn't good at managing. Do I want to be? Not really, I much enjoy other things (I do like to improve at other things! but not the ones you mention).

Question: How you like Win10? The sense of control and ownership is nonexistent. [permalink]
Asked by gio (94.70.16.x) on November 23 2016, 8:05pm
Reply on November 24 2016, 4:41pm:
    Yeah it's pretty depressing. I installed it on an old laptop to test some live looper stuff, and it works well, except for when it decides to do a bunch of updating crap (interrupting the audio). And there's no way to know when to do it. The answer: keep the network disabled, ugh.

Question: Please, look at oscii-bot again or, even better, at celphor's fork, that supports SYSEX messages. His fork is crashing on Windows 7/10 64 bit (both 32 and 64 bit versions). SYSEX is crucial to send feedback from Reaper to my controller's LCD screen. Without this I won't be able to complete my midi2osc script. I've asked several guys to test if this error rep [permalink]
Asked by fundorin (128.68.201.x) on November 23 2016, 2:41am
Reply on November 24 2016, 4:41pm:
    Yeah, I want to update it to include an IDE too.

Question: What do you think of virtual reality? Do you think it will gain adoption? [permalink]
Asked by edwells (38.76.103.x) on November 22 2016, 10:20pm
Reply on November 24 2016, 4:41pm:
    I think augmented reality will be more interesting for the near-term.

Question: Of all your projects, which one made you the most proud? [permalink]
Asked by Ethan (172.58.96.x) on November 22 2016, 7:01am
Reply on November 24 2016, 4:42pm:
    Uhh I dunno, REAPER's definitely my favorite :)

Question: Why do you think lame development has stopped? Has mp3 encoding technology gotten as good as it's gonna get? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on November 20 2016, 5:07pm
Reply on November 20 2016, 7:54pm:
    Diminishing returns, I'm sure.

Question: What's your goal for 2017? [permalink]
Asked by ZEW77 (50.204.73.x) on November 18 2016, 3:12pm
Reply on November 20 2016, 7:54pm:
    I'd like to run 1000 miles. Looks like this year I'm only going to barely hit 500.

Question: Do you know who Connor McGregor is now? Are you telling me that none of your friends or family members talk about him? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on November 16 2016, 6:20pm
Reply on November 17 2016, 2:49pm:
    I had to google to see who that was, and no, nobody I know has brought him to my attention. Is your mind blown?

Question: What was the conversation like when the Illuminati called and asked you to join? [permalink]
Asked by Prizmaxic (65.73.206.x) on November 15 2016, 2:12pm
Reply on November 15 2016, 7:26pm:
    It went straight to voicemail, damn at&t

Question: If I want to make an effects box like a contemporary Jesusonic, should I learn how to program dedicated DSP chips like Blackfin, or will x86 work fine? [permalink]
Asked by Roland (68.98.229.x) on November 14 2016, 3:04am
Reply on November 14 2016, 3:13pm:
    Either way, DSPs are probably cheaper/use less power..but x86 has PLENTY of power :)

Question: Are you still using VC++ 6 for anything now in almost 2017? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on November 10 2016, 5:22am
Reply on November 10 2016, 2:10pm:
    I actually prefer it as an IDE to the newer versions... but I don't use it much. We do our win32 builds using VC6/ICC10, which sort of counts.

Question: Have you heard any scoop about the status of winamp? Does winamp even matter anymore? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on November 8 2016, 5:05am
Reply on November 8 2016, 1:37pm:
    Nope, haven't heard anything. Not sure it matters. One could probably re-create it in a reasonable amount of time, if they felt the desire.
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