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Question: Have you ever had a go at playing the cello? I've been learning, and I bet you'd enjoy the challenge. [permalink]
Asked by Dream Of Sleepin (90.221.59.x) on March 2 2017, 4:46pm
Reply on March 2 2017, 5:43pm:
    I haven't but I'd like to! Don't have a cello though.

Question: "does your VstPluginMain() function get called?" How could I find out when scanning already fails ? (maybe wasn't clear, sorry). REAPER says "illegal op. during scan" How can I find out WHICH illegal op. ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.84.x) on March 2 2017, 1:16pm
Reply on March 2 2017, 5:43pm:
    in VstPluginMain() add a printf() (osx) or OutputDebugString() (win32) and check accordingly (run from terminal.app on osx, run DebugView on win32) ...

Question: I've done a plugin (using WDL/iPlug) which doesn't get recognized by any host and I'm stuck why. I guess you have means in your dev version of REAPER for checking ?, if so may I send it to you ? Or any other suggestions ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (79.200.226.x) on March 1 2017, 1:15am
Reply on March 1 2017, 3:11pm:
    This would be better posted on the WDL forum, but: I think you just need to do a systematic test -- does your VstPluginMain() function get called? If not, add a DllMain() function and see if *that* gets called... If it doesn't, there might be some library dependency not being met.

Question: There aren't enough hours in the day (for me anyway..), so how do you prioritise your time between your various endeavours, or is it more of a do-whatever-you-feel-like-at-the-time kinda deal? [permalink]
Asked by neverbeeninariot (138.32.176.x) on February 27 2017, 3:23pm
Reply on February 27 2017, 9:29pm:
    Wherever my obsession takes me, or if I'm burned out on that, then I do the boring stuff like bookkeeping...

Question: Did you code the http server yourself in Reaper or it's a library you simply included? And if so which one? [permalink]
Asked by Dali (205.236.3.x) on February 27 2017, 1:57pm
Reply on February 27 2017, 2:13pm:
    It's based on the webserver in JNetLib in WDL.

Question: [Reaper/AHK question thingy] [permalink]
Asked by TonE (188.98.207.x) on February 25 2017, 11:34pm
Reply on February 26 2017, 4:34am (edited at February 26 2017, 4:35am):
    Not really the right place for this.

Question: Have you watched the Black Mirror series? If so, do you like it? [permalink]
Asked by Bean (1.178.255.x) on February 23 2017, 7:19pm
Reply on February 23 2017, 8:30pm:
    I love it! And Dead Set, too.

Question: Have you ever tried to compile all win32_curses standalone for an app? So much problems with includes, probably and defines as is, etc. Doesn't even compile... :( [permalink]
Asked by Gio (94.70.15.x) on February 22 2017, 1:49am
Reply on February 22 2017, 3:52pm (edited at February 22 2017, 3:56pm):
    Just tried, if you're using curses_editor -- curses_editor.h needs #include "curses.h". also curses_editor.cpp should include "win32_utf8.h". Other than that, works fine!

    Update: pushed a patch to public WDL, and try this project (apologies for the ancient VC6 project).

Question: did you get owned legally for writing gnutella? i have a music app that i wrote and am too scared to release [permalink]
Asked by rozap (24.19.49.x) on February 20 2017, 8:11am
Reply on February 20 2017, 2:06pm:
    No -- (disclaimer: I am not a lawyer) -- I think if you write software that has non-infringing uses, and you're not involved in the operation of it as a service (e.g. you're not running a server that has control over/is necessary for the operation of the app), then you shouldn't be liable for what the users of the app do with the app... at least that's my understanding.

Question: I did buy it and I loved it, thank you! And the question: did you try polyphasic sleep on any stage of your life? If so, how was it? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on February 19 2017, 4:31pm
Reply on February 19 2017, 11:51pm:
    Hah thank you! I haven't tried polyphasic sleep, I treasure my long interrupted sleep. From what I've read it pretty much amounts to sleep depravation anyway.

Question: Will you earn any money if I buy your album on Google music? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on February 19 2017, 9:45am
Reply on February 19 2017, 2:28pm:
    Yep, apparently!

Question: What's your thoughts on Ardour? [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on February 17 2017, 9:29pm
Reply on February 18 2017, 8:13pm:
    Haven't used it lately but back in the day it didn't do it for me..

Question: What if the creators/writers of Better Call Saul told you that the cost/benefit of completing season 3 was too high, wouldn't you be very very sad/disappointed? What if you were forced to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo instead, what would you do? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on February 16 2017, 8:06pm
Reply on February 17 2017, 12:09am:
    There's plenty of other good television on these days.

Question: Have you tried the HTC Vive? If so, what did you think? [permalink]
Asked by Colin (121.45.35.x) on February 15 2017, 11:36am
Reply on February 15 2017, 11:41pm:

Question: R u fat [permalink]
Asked by Jjsxjjzjzhz (192.12.147.x) on February 13 2017, 3:02pm
Reply on February 14 2017, 11:52pm:
    I don't think so

Question: Dig this tune? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe79otA3jLg [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on February 11 2017, 6:51pm
Reply on February 11 2017, 11:46pm:
    Not really my bag

Question: Any tips on API design or integrating scripting into a program? [permalink]
Asked by fmap (99.232.115.x) on February 11 2017, 8:25am
Reply on February 11 2017, 3:42pm:
    Nah, every API I've ever designed is terrible. I guess make it easy to make minimal implementations? Make everything optional? Lua is a good place to start with scripting, such a good language for integration.

Question: What led you to programming audio? Are there other areas of computer science you are passionate about? [permalink]
Asked by Rinnegan (24.130.54.x) on February 10 2017, 2:43pm
Reply on February 11 2017, 3:00am:
    I like making things to use! Audio is one area, as I love music, but there've been lots of other things I've been making over the years...

Question: What's your linux distro of choice these days? [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on February 9 2017, 7:31pm
Reply on February 9 2017, 8:53pm (edited at February 9 2017, 8:54pm):
    I don't install Linux much these days, but if I were to need to today it would be Debian. About half of my linux installs active are debian, the other ubuntu...

Question: Any chance we could get a theme system for reaper's stock plugins? [permalink]
Asked by Braxton (98.168.141.x) on February 9 2017, 4:43am
Reply on February 9 2017, 6:44pm:
    Meh. see the above note on this page btw.
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