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Question: How do you feel about an API that accepts and compiles/executes code blindly?
Asked by Mike (198.84.181.x) on November 28 2022, 10:56pm

Question: How could it be possible that VST plugins do not double CPU calculation (calculating identical L and R) on tracks that contains only mono media items ? (like vocal tracks or any mono microphone track like BD, snare, guitar, bass, etc...)
Asked by binbinhfr (86.211.250.x) on November 28 2022, 9:37pm

Question: hey- after reading @reasontalk i noticed a few users are jumping ship to reaper (they saw the light!) after RS applied their "subscription modelling" - 2 questions here (1 unrelated) : any plans to introduce subscription for reaper? (for studio licences?) and: are there any plans for JPEG XL support in near future??
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 30 2021, 5:20pm

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