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Recent comments:
  • Posted by AskMe (80.187.125.x) on October 2 2023, 7:25pm in 6893:
    The first Need for Speed (you may need a Monster3D or other Voodoo II chip card to enjoy)

  • Posted by Ruchira Hasaranga (123.231.105.x) on October 2 2023, 7:18am in 6899:
    What about the history records before the Air Force and other countries? (tip: Passport to Magonia)

  • Posted by JustPlay (84.252.114.x) on October 2 2023, 3:00am in 6893:
    Thanks. I will cheack it out :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 2 2023, 1:47am in 6899:
    again if that were the case I think we'd see a lot of evidence of it!

  • Posted by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 1 2023, 8:04pm in 6899:
    yeah- all quite interesting...its the secret part we just dont get..yet.. it does seem quite clear if proven true- we are not the apex predators & think that pisses off the military in a big way.. loss of control can be a hard pill to swallow?..are we ready?

  • Posted by Matthew (98.13.93.x) on October 1 2023, 3:49pm in 6900:
    Thanks Justin, and I see I have made a typo lol.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.204.x) on September 30 2023, 10:57pm in 6893:
    Frontier: First Encounters

  • Posted by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on September 29 2023, 6:35am in 6894:
    Yeah, trackpoint rocks. :)

  • Posted by JustPlay (84.252.114.x) on September 29 2023, 2:03am in 6893:
    Beat that already... Hmmm... Something more esoteric perhaps ?

  • Posted by mlprod (104.28.31.x) on September 25 2023, 2:35pm in 6886:

  • Posted by ReaSamplomatic (198.16.78.x) on September 23 2023, 1:30pm in 6883:
    Thanks a lot!

  • Posted by Name (95.134.60.x) on September 23 2023, 6:40am in 6879:
    Thank you

  • Posted by Justin on September 23 2023, 12:31am in 6879:
    it makes the noise floor around -96dB, but doesn't limit the maximum volume (if you send it a very hot signal you can get more than 16-bit dynamic range)

  • Posted by Tagirijus (77.3.86.x) on September 22 2023, 12:59pm in 6232:
    It's never too late. You might want to try out Wing Chun Kung Fu. I am doing it since 2018 and I really like it. (=

  • Posted by 2023 (165.120.114.x) on September 21 2023, 4:54pm in 6882:
    ahhh well.. guess we can throw away the idea of reaper 8 being a realtime 5d interactive hologram then......oh well! maybe next year!! =) thanx.

  • Posted by Name (95.134.60.x) on September 21 2023, 12:09pm in 6879:
    Is this a code of a bitcrusher which reduces bitrate down to 16 bit and not lower?

  • Posted by Gio (85.74.137.x) on September 21 2023, 2:00am in 6881:
    Haha, that's the first time something failed to compile in WDL in the last 1x years... it was a nice surprise! Always pleased with WDL... ;)

  • Posted by Chris (95.90.215.x) on September 19 2023, 2:56pm in 6868:
    Ah thanks!

  • Posted by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on September 18 2023, 8:06pm in 6868:
    @Chris 1014.org/?article=880

  • Posted by todd_r (86.134.155.x) on September 18 2023, 3:42am in 6873:
    Ah yeah, distro's is what I meant, but yeah desktop environments too. Thanks!

  • Posted by Chris (95.90.215.x) on September 17 2023, 9:35pm in 6868:
    What do you mean by "pretty boring"?

  • Posted by mope (149.88.19.x) on September 17 2023, 8:19am in 6872:
    I get the trust breach, but Unity's been clear that this only applies to new releases and successful projects, and that there are ways to circumvent the per-install fees if you make some other deal with the framework devs. The alternative is that Unity dies because hundreds of successful games use it/rely on it for free, view it as a natural resource, and don't pass their success back to the tech which gave them an engine which they didn't need to design themselves.

  • Posted by Ollie (80.187.127.x) on September 15 2023, 10:48am in 6867:
    FWIW, we never ban members for their opinion about REAPER. However, the tone in which they share it is often prone to escalate into ban-worthy insults on all sides. Since we can't read every single post we rely on users reporting questionable content, so some forum rule violations may slip under the radar and I personally try to consider the context and frequency of those. But our time budget for mothering immature behavior is limited while the forum rules are very clear. Be nice = never get banned.

  • Posted by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on September 12 2023, 7:48pm in 6867:
    done.. delete as you wish...apologies for any upset.. thanks anyway.. + best wishes going forward.

  • Posted by Justin on September 12 2023, 1:42pm in 6867:
    sigh, let this one go eh?

  • Posted by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on September 12 2023, 12:45pm in 6867:
    go check WHY? bri1 was banned.. people are ASSUMING puppet accounts? where is the proof? (track n trace is it?) or, just "gang mentality" in full effect. CAN give numerous examples of long term forum users abusing "insults" (without any ban!)

  • Posted by 2024 (23.106.56.x) on September 12 2023, 12:01pm in 6867:
    I don't know if the user was warned before being banned bit i think if warnings aren't practised, introducing them would be fair. The rule regarding the number of warnings before the ban is up to the moderators to draw up.

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 12 2023, 8:45am in 6867:
    ** at the VERY LEAST - give users WARNINGS before a ban? either in pm or direct forum thread. zero tolerance is not always the answer....same with ignorance.!

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 12 2023, 8:40am in 6867:
    yeah.. total control freaks... Liberalism does not mean " if you do not fit in, we will delete you" people obviously do not have 'rights' to express their fact findings freely.. fact is: reaper is badly broken in many areas & its NOT a crime to point that out ! (apparently it IS?) we wear technicolour glasses not "rose tinted spectacles." (kangaroo courts do not phase us !)

  • Posted by Ollie (80.187.102.x) on September 11 2023, 1:48pm in 6867:
    The account was banned 1. for an insulting post, the insulting post was soft-deleted after the ban and 2. for being banned before and circumventing this ban by creating a new account (this alone is a reason for a ban), then falling back to their old behavior at some point. You have always the chance to create a new account and just behave yourself and never get banned again but my experience is that these people just can't stop being themselves in ways incompatible with public forums.

  • Posted by 2024 (23.106.56.x) on September 9 2023, 11:39am in 6867:
    Looked through their latest (or last) posts, some REAPER bashing but no personal insults. So does Cockos ban people or user accounts? Because this user's old account was banned. The term sock puppet only makes sense if it's an account concurrent with another active account.

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 8 2023, 8:26pm in 6867:
    fine- a coin always has 3 sides..not 2. thankingyou

  • Posted by Justin on September 8 2023, 11:57am in 6867:
    Self-explanatory reason... I have the power to unban the banned however I am unlikely to exercise it.

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.185.x) on September 8 2023, 1:29am in 6867:
    Are they trying to rea-apologize for something?

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 7 2023, 8:28pm in 6867:
    they went to login- got this "you have been banned for the follwing reason- sockpuppet account,insulting - date the ban will be lifted =never" why did that happen to "reapology" account? (no warnings issued!)

  • Posted by User (23.106.56.x) on September 2 2023, 9:28am in 6859:
    Let's bring the demo scene to REAPER splash screen

  • Posted by alex (187.201.243.x) on September 2 2023, 12:01am in 6859:
    or licecap format for Reapers splashscreen for unique animated intros

  • Posted by SpoiledHobo (77.179.31.x) on September 1 2023, 10:06pm in 6860:
    ...or to make it shorter: Start with Q. It has a great pace, is a fun read and the historical research is meticulous.

  • Posted by SpoiledHobo (77.179.31.x) on September 1 2023, 9:59pm in 6860:
    I most enjoyed Q and Altai (first published under Luther Blisset, the latter is the sequel), both set in the 16th century around the reformation, The Army of Sleepwalkers, set in Paris during the French revolution and their newest "UFO 78", which had some funny "Illuminatus!"-vibes strewn in. All their novels are romans à clefs, the Italian originals are all published under Creative Commons licences.

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.236.x) on September 1 2023, 9:27pm in 6859:
    ... also for quick demo videos, such as 'showcasing features/plugins/add-ons/etc'

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.236.x) on September 1 2023, 9:24pm in 6859:
    Thanks for your response... I totally get that it's superfluous, however it would be very handy when helping people to use Reaper / or for people to record issues they have in Reaper.

  • Posted by StringPling (77.15.2.x) on August 31 2023, 7:35pm in 6857:
    Well, I consider both positive traits, so I'm probably not the best to judge things for mass adoptabilty anyways. :) On another note: No point in not having a little fun at work, isn't it?

  • Posted by Jesse (74.105.72.x) on August 30 2023, 7:53pm in 6851:
    I used to sing in a Chorus and the strategy is to over-pronounce the lyrics so people could understand them more easily. The instrumental parts of the music you make is very good. I just have no clue what most of them are about lyrically.

  • Posted by User (23.106.56.x) on August 30 2023, 12:04pm in 6856:
    Of course, it's been this way through all versions until now

  • Posted by Abhi (106.214.81.x) on August 30 2023, 5:33am in 6856:
    @User looks nice, maybe they can enhance it a bit too. Too look like modern logos. But what for REAPER 8? Invert it again? xD

  • Posted by User (23.106.56.x) on August 28 2023, 6:10pm in 6856:

  • Posted by Abhi (106.215.60.x) on August 28 2023, 5:19pm in 6856:
    @User You mean like this? imgur.com/a/WDJuqlU

  • Posted by User (23.106.56.x) on August 27 2023, 9:05pm in 6853:
    You're right, Justin, i got used to figure skating and synchronized swimming, so when i think of it, they too should not be included in sports

  • Posted by User (23.106.56.x) on August 27 2023, 8:53pm in 6856:
    Will you consider inverting the scythe in the logo for the next version so it looks like 7?

  • Posted by Mespotine (89.204.154.x) on August 27 2023, 12:11pm in 6854:
    Yeah. We've seen it with MySpace, which was a huge archive from music of all kinds and bands focused on 05-09. After they messed up a backup, it got lost forever. A pity for us culturally.

  • Posted by 2023 (86.179.190.x) on August 26 2023, 2:42pm in 6853:
    aye- breakin is just a hybrid of shaolin arts and gymnastics ioo- redbull have been running competions for years..this can be just on skills like any other sport it seems.. its dynamic in any case..love that. thanx.

  • Posted by Justin on August 26 2023, 12:45pm in 6853:
    (err not forever but for as long as I can remember anyway)

  • Posted by Justin on August 26 2023, 12:44pm in 6853:
    Name -- that's not new, there's been art in gynmastics and ice skating forever...

  • Posted by My Name (23.106.56.x) on August 26 2023, 9:25am in 6853:
    *Facepalm* to the initiative. Art cannot be sport, because you cannot determine the winner objectively

  • Posted by 2023 (86.179.190.x) on August 25 2023, 11:53pm in 6853:
    right- some the young people have that energy... you into the olympics in any way? the running?

  • Posted by Justin on August 25 2023, 3:42pm in 6851:
    here can you understand these? music.1014.org/Albums/Living%20Und...(there's no room / between these ears / soaked in fat / of all your fears / no escape / anymore / this one's free / you burden me , etc)

  • Posted by Justin on August 25 2023, 3:41pm in 6851:
    hiding the fact I can't sing lol

  • Posted by Jesse (74.105.72.x) on August 25 2023, 2:15pm in 6851:
    I mean pronouncing the lyrics of your songs more clearly

  • Posted by Justin on August 25 2023, 2:26am in 6850:
    Cool, my super8 stuff usually I use some cab models and jsfx for guitar and I like the sound fine... not as fun as a real amp but you can get decent enough sound out of it anyway

  • Posted by Chip (84.242.19.x) on August 24 2023, 7:15pm in 6850:
    Currently I'm running a Quilter Superblock US in FRFR mode into Reaper and from there I'm going into Super8, my live guitar and two cells then sum up to a parent track which applies an IR. I'm looking at the active cabs because then I can go out from Reaper directly to the cab. I've been inspired by some shows I've seen lately (AACKR, YASS, Melt Banana) but can't justify a full amp and mic situation. :D Constraints -> Creativity etc etc

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.15.x) on August 20 2023, 10:53am in 6845:
    Even Google Chrome cannot draw a custom ListView efficiently. Better start love Windows 98.

  • Posted by jeff (187.213.52.x) on August 15 2023, 12:03am in 6838:
    Oh, not asking for specific features or anything, maybe more on a philosophical way like "we've seen people do this type of stuff so were going to open stuff up a bit more on this side" etc, like API or a more directed attention on user interaction, new users, etc.

  • Posted by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 14 2023, 12:04am in 6837:
    hey thanx user for reply... so with resonance..something has to excite...and the other be excited..? seems to be self manifested,self realized? in some way.... shruggingz

  • Posted by User (198.16.66.x) on August 13 2023, 2:52pm in 6837:
    There're some stories of realized individuals for whom everything would fall into place without effort on their part. I guess this can be interpreted as entering into resonance with the universe.

  • Posted by User (198.16.76.x) on August 13 2023, 1:17pm in 6836:
    I guess i got lucky then

  • Posted by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 13 2023, 12:11pm in 6837:
    yes...but how does 1 INCREASE them chances?? focus? intention? prayer? practices? =) (we truly believe the notion that eveything serves a purpose)

  • Posted by mike s (173.70.39.x) on August 12 2023, 6:17pm in 6835:
    thank you that works out very well, its a hell of a compression!

  • Posted by mike s (173.70.39.x) on August 12 2023, 6:04pm in 6835:
    ooo i saw that option, checking it out now :) .

  • Posted by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 11 2023, 9:13am in 6833:
    youtu.be/x_9gTDXF9Vc am surprised the masses are not informed...this is not a drill .. the usa (& other nations) are concealing evidences justin...is that ACCEPTABLE?

  • Posted by Justin on August 10 2023, 6:10am in 6829:
    We talk on Slack about things yeah... though a lot goes unsaid too

  • Posted by dylan (124.170.96.x) on August 8 2023, 11:14pm in 6828:
    thanks! ya hard to know where that line is sometimes, trying to be more pragmatic myself.

  • Posted by Vital (95.160.158.x) on August 8 2023, 8:48pm in 6829:
    Are you talking about Reaper bugs and features, like "I've just fixed that ancient bug" or "Wow, this feature is absolutely mind-blowing. Wanna help me to implement it?"

  • Posted by L O L (223.226.125.x) on August 6 2023, 7:24pm in 6823:
    MIDI isn't going anywhere dude ;-)

  • Posted by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on August 6 2023, 9:32am in 6826:
    apparently its not that uncommon..got to thinking about hands and fingers more after bolder/ rock climbing....because the more fingers you take away from a grip= obviously harder things get to cling on for dear life...LOL...made me more greatful for EACH digit on each hand. cheers.

  • Posted by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on August 3 2023, 1:24pm in 6818:
    much love + gratitude...you DO go beyond the call of duty-- ++ dropping a pre v.7 was a real wildcard!!! expect new purchase soon... thanx_a_lot.

  • Posted by Justin on August 2 2023, 3:37pm in 6818:
    music.1014.org/Jams/Full/100702-ch...... haven't listened to it in ages, no idea what's in there. always a bit strange playing improv with people the first few times, have to work out some telepathy and that takes time

  • Posted by Buy One (23.106.56.x) on August 2 2023, 10:25am in 6800:
    Yeah, Ableton/Bitwig/Tracktion parameter window at the bottom is super convenient

  • Posted by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on August 2 2023, 9:29am in 6818:
    ooohh... different strokes? could you provide a link to that session please ? ta

  • Posted by Buy One (50.7.93.x) on July 31 2023, 5:47pm in 6813:
    Thank you

  • Posted by Will (184.75.223.x) on July 23 2023, 2:24pm in 6804:
    It was! I enjoyed it a lot!

  • Posted by 2023 (86.179.190.x) on July 21 2023, 8:24am in 6801:
    heh- you got it ! (its "schoolboy" ya gotta worry about with the arm wrestling... young mans a beast !! ) LOL

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on July 20 2023, 3:24pm in 6795:
    Thnx :)

  • Posted by willow (115.64.95.x) on July 19 2023, 11:57pm in 6799:
    fascinating, so all selfhosted then?

  • Posted by Justin on July 18 2023, 2:43am in 6795:
    we use = but yes it's encoded as a nul byte. see WDL/metadata.h PackID3Chunk() etc

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.206.x) on July 17 2023, 7:59pm in 6795:
    The key=value scheme for user-data, is that Reaper's own scheme or is it part of the ID3-standard as well? That one that is stored as Key Nul-Byte Value in the TXXX-frame. And which library do you use for reading/writing the metadata(if any)?

  • Posted by Name (162.210.194.x) on July 17 2023, 6:39am in 6792:
    It's a small web world, LOL

  • Posted by משתמש (207.244.71.x) on July 16 2023, 7:46am in 6790:
    Not every Jew is either, maybe the majority isn't.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (87.167.95.x) on July 16 2023, 12:52am in 6788:
    At least it's one of the most ridicolous guitars I've seen. :P

  • Posted by Justin on July 15 2023, 11:11pm in 6790:
    mentally is not the same thing as mentality. anyway, I meant I’m not religious.

  • Posted by משתמש (207.244.71.x) on July 15 2023, 7:24pm in 6790:
    Yep, curious as well

  • Posted by Vitali (5.173.139.x) on July 14 2023, 10:10pm in 6790:
    What is the Jewish mentality?

  • Posted by brumbear (69.172.168.x) on July 11 2023, 6:58am in 6782:
    sadly, I see no obvious use for audio with this.... lalala

  • Posted by brumbear (69.172.168.x) on July 11 2023, 6:56am in 6782:
    this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycle_detection

  • Posted by Justin on July 10 2023, 3:17pm in 6782:
    For O(N), I do think you'd need to modify the underlying array... anyway

  • Posted by zeof (156.195.98.x) on July 9 2023, 2:19pm in 6782:
    Well an O(n^2) is definitely correct but an O(n) time and O(1) space is more "fun", you cannot assume the array is sorted, and although only a single element is duplicated it can be duplicated many times not just once like (1,2,2,3,4) (1,2,2,2,4) (2,2,2,2,4) are all valid

  • Posted by 2023 (86.179.190.x) on July 7 2023, 11:25am in 6779:
    cockos team seems to be well rounded,balanced & willing to address issues they see fit to fixing or creating= THANX 4 that! @Gio - the main difference is people are living,breathing,emotional beings..the other,is not (has no heart,no soul,no life force) cheers

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.6.x) on July 7 2023, 5:57am in 6779:
    Good intentions are not always enough - another piece of a rather annoying long-term problem is that banks don't ``allow'' efficient transactions for tiny prices. I think the web would be a commercially viable platform for copyright holders when this issue is solved, possibly never.

  • Posted by 2023 (86.179.190.x) on July 5 2023, 8:52am in 6776:
    =) i guess a fully loaded bergen backpack amps things up a little!!! LOL .. thanx!

  • Posted by 2023 (86.179.190.x) on June 29 2023, 10:04am in 6773:
    cells are constantly dying & regenrating naturally..every man/woman being anew roughly every ten years..its the memories that do not serve us so well... its ONLY the programs we each run internally that decides each fate..? #IF people only realized their full potentials- we need NO machines..but a deep,meaningful connection back to "source" (youtu.be/J7GY1Xg6X20 ty.

  • Posted by does search (146.70.133.x) on June 24 2023, 3:47am in 6771:
    could it... ?

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.6.x) on June 23 2023, 11:28pm in 6769:
    Thanks @Sunblister, I've watched the video but even with the video description I didn't quite get how/why that happened, with your comment I now get it.

  • Posted by a longer name (95.160.158.x) on June 23 2023, 9:32pm in 6770:
    Telegram is not worse.

  • Posted by 2023 (86.186.250.x) on June 23 2023, 8:21am in 6769:
    hurts our heart.... had an idea though= weld them all together to make 1 looooong bike ( a bicycle made for 2..or..2million !) tandem the modern way!

  • Posted by Sunblister (77.185.34.x) on June 22 2023, 10:09pm in 6769:
    These Rent-A-Bikes often were vehicles (pun intended) for other schemes. They placed the most horrible cheapest bikes to be found because people had to place a deposit when signing up. These deposits were then doggywalked on the financial markets. The bikes were just for scale, which is why the owner company didn't care too much about them.

  • Posted by Gio (94.65.220.x) on June 22 2023, 6:22pm in 6768:
    No bother at all as is - but in case you decide to be compliant with naming conventions I would suggest WHITTLE_ (or something else of your preference) instead of WDL_ for include guards in order to avoid naming pollution with the rest of the codebase that uses the WDL_ prefix. Maybe lineparse.h needs to follow the style of the rest codebase.

  • Posted by asafonov (188.120.99.x) on June 20 2023, 5:06pm in 6767:
    Thank you! Gnomon was great either

  • Posted by ooblek (12.35.42.x) on June 20 2023, 2:23pm in 6760:
    well in that case... any thoughts?

  • Posted by 2023 (86.186.250.x) on June 16 2023, 9:19pm in 6756:
    aye-rectified peaks are dope! still,after all these years,, we just dont get this 'center line thing...a minus signal just does not seem to fully compute in this small brain... obviously, ▶reaper◀ is offering what others do not & eternally greatful for what it does.. (was not wanting u to talk shop here though tbch!) cheerz.

  • Posted by NJL__ (84.249.142.x) on June 12 2023, 7:49pm in 6739:
    What have you used the headless versions for?

  • Posted by magic Maj (97.109.24.x) on June 11 2023, 11:35pm in 6747:
    where can I start

  • Posted by magic (97.109.24.x) on June 11 2023, 11:35pm in 6747:
    i want to be apart of automation and using machine learning to learn styles of mixes and help emulate them (to make it our own later)

  • Posted by Abhi (223.235.200.x) on June 11 2023, 7:16am in 6747:
    So it means ChatGPT uses AutomationItems technology of REAPER inside it 🤣

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.206.x) on June 10 2023, 1:38pm in 6747:
    AutomationItems have been added already some time ago 🤪

  • Posted by Abhi (27.57.110.x) on June 9 2023, 4:50pm in 6735:
    I went into that folder many times and never found that intentional typo until I read this post XD

  • Posted by Abhi (117.234.48.x) on June 9 2023, 3:17am in 6744:
    Interesting question, haha

  • Posted by Maryellen Larkin (136.158.82.x) on June 9 2023, 2:51am in 6081:
    @Squeakytadpole - Well OK, but it has been throroughly proven that NFTs and crypto aren't worth a crap. The energy costs are IMMENSE, even more so than literal IRL mining of rare-earth metals. It's either you give up your shilling and get over it, or drink some more of your electronic Kool-Aid and drown all your sorrows on it.

  • Posted by Vitali (95.160.158.x) on June 8 2023, 11:07am in 6745:
    @2023 UFO is just a unidentified flying object, it can be anything, even civil drone.

  • Posted by 2023 (109.153.99.x) on June 7 2023, 9:12pm in 6745:
    what a caarry on movie it all is.... dynamic eventful moments we live in! + 3 cheers to you n your crew.

  • Posted by 2023 (109.153.99.x) on June 5 2023, 7:54am in 6743:
    ok nice= thanx... have you taken a look @ how h265 processes? (having this option in another app,but not many apps actually read this format (yet)) noticeable improvements are always welcomed here! cheerz.

  • Posted by Jonny (82.19.103.x) on June 3 2023, 9:23pm in 6730:
    (Tried to insert a new line^ noob-error) ... EG what's going on, this may be n/a, or already communicated elsewhere. Reason 2: improved issue (bug/fr) mgmt - the forums are full of great stuff, and although there may be a workaround for each and every quirk and undesired unexpected behaviour, the community could see what's planned, what's NOT planned (and never gonna be, AND why) , and other stuff... thanks for answering, and all the awesome applications! 🙏🤘

  • Posted by Jonny (82.19.103.x) on June 3 2023, 9:17pm in 6730:
    Question Reason 1 : roadmap(s)

  • Posted by bozo (137.186.18.x) on June 3 2023, 7:55am in 6735:
    the Neal Stephenson book? It was pretty good. The bit in china was the best part I think

  • Posted by Thonex (98.149.146.x) on June 2 2023, 9:13pm in 6737:
    OK... Nice! In case anyone else comes across this... It seems to only alter the audio based on user criteria. Nothing else. Perfect!

  • Posted by Thonex (98.149.146.x) on June 2 2023, 6:24pm in 6737:
    Oh... smart!!! I completely forgot about that.

  • Posted by 2023 (109.153.99.x) on May 31 2023, 7:39pm in 6731:
    indeed! tbch justin,the real beauty> is here for us all >> photos.app.goo.gl/wMVUCUB4DDXtJHff9 please,enjoy.

  • Posted by Justin on May 30 2023, 11:48pm in 6731:
    right on!

  • Posted by Justin on May 30 2023, 9:59pm in 6733:
    ah you mean 3 bytes per pixel vs 4? meh, 3 is probably slower in general anyway

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.170.x) on May 30 2023, 1:54am in 6733:
    4MB buffer is reasonable but I am not sure if a vpaint with RECT r = {0,0,1280,1024} and clipped RECT cr = {7,7,1280,1024} is justifiable to the same amount of memory. I don't know if the current implementation is just good enough and doesn't require the extra effort/complexity - I guess the bit depth reduction was an argument for a least cost solution. Anyway, it doesn't matter much in 21st century, it was just an observation that sparked my curiosity.

  • Posted by 2023 (86.136.229.x) on May 29 2023, 8:46pm in 6731:
    photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNoYQ... = all welcome.

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.170.x) on May 29 2023, 4:30pm in 6733:
    That was exactly the overhead! Had a case for a large surface with a clipped rect - proved more efficient to just draw individual bm for the visible parts and that got me question the memory consumption. I prefer vpainter to draw dialogs because of portability and I was wondering if there is something more efficient than that. In all other cases I prefer the 32-bit goodness.

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