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Recent comments:
  • Posted by Justin on May 28 2024, 4:12pm in 7229:
    definitely, there's the Feature Request forum, and good to go into detail about your request there.

  • Posted by Reaper user (103.216.198.x) on May 28 2024, 4:11pm in 7229:
    can we request for update features in forums?

  • Posted by 2024 (86.138.246.x) on May 26 2024, 11:03am in 7221:
    earth science is a joke... speed of light is a constant? joke. nothing can be faster than speed of light? joke. so how do blackholes trap light?... the fastest thing in this universe is THOUGHT. no joke.

  • Posted by Rano (103.211.133.x) on May 26 2024, 10:50am in 7222:
    I mean I can wait, but vector support in the future will be amazing combined with antialiased fonts and full dark mode. It will not only make things look sharper and modern especially on windows, it will IMO make custom theming a lot easier since it wouldn't be necessary to make every single icons and images at different sizes for every different layouts etc.

  • Posted by Justin on May 25 2024, 3:01am in 7219:
    as a side note, that injury led me to miss my college orientation where I could've tested out of first-year CS. Had I not injured myself, I might have stuck around longer and who knows what would've happened.

  • Posted by Justin on May 25 2024, 2:35am in 7219:
    Saw a "myopractor" who was helpful, my parents were not big into doctors. Not sure how prevalent MRIs were in 1996 anyway. Seeing a PT probably would've been the move anyway - there wasn't swelling... anyway

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 25 2024, 1:38am in 7219:
    Wow! Did you seek medical care when it happened?

  • Posted by 2024 (86.138.246.x) on May 23 2024, 1:29pm in 7218:
    Maybe...no expert here! =) fl's wave candy seems to have this enhanced function & just thought it would be "nicer" for reaper uses...(if any1 is bothered by low resolutions.) :D

  • Posted by bobobo (217.244.217.x) on May 22 2024, 5:12am in 7146:
    we should ask an icebear

  • Posted by bobobo (217.244.217.x) on May 22 2024, 5:11am in 7146:
    we should ask an ice e

  • Posted by Justin on May 21 2024, 3:37pm in 7210:
    Have something soft to stand on. Also move around a lot and don’t stand there for long intervals. I got a tripod desk which is good for a laptop to experiment with, and also good for travel/outdoor use. Like anything it takes a while to adapt, so go slowly.

  • Posted by Mostly sitting (31.37.8.x) on May 21 2024, 12:35pm in 7210:
    any tips for setting up such a desktop? it's one of the things i'm tempted to do but never get to really consider because this, that, etc

  • Posted by WinAmp295Dude (174.67.41.x) on May 18 2024, 5:46am in 7203:
    You might have been a teenager... but let me tell you that you wrote some rockin' software even then. I still use this player (as I've posted years ago) because I love the feel of it, how you can make it small and put it in the windows caption bar... so many good things. When the "leaked" copy of Winamp 5?...6?... whatever it was... that came out a few years ago... I installed it for the shits and giggles... it crashed on load. lol Your software, 2003... not even made for the OS it runs on; runs so well.

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 17 2024, 3:01pm in 7201:
    This is just a side note, I would appreciate it if you would consider implementing the "smart random" feature mentioned here. This would allow me to play samples with the maximum natural variation, even if I record the same ride cymbal, snare, hi-hat, etc., with a minimum of recording. > `smart random" where it doesn't allow to play the exact sample twice in a row.` forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=188959

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 17 2024, 2:59pm in 7201:
    I see. RS5k may seem unassuming to those who judge it superficially, but I feel that its intrinsic freedom and efficiency through APIs and other means are amazing, so I feel that the name matches that gap as well. It seems like a good name to me. Thank you kindly.

  • Posted by germ (73.59.221.x) on May 17 2024, 2:43pm in 7208:
    sure, i'll be in town till friday bouncing around the various boroughs

  • Posted by not sunny (31.37.8.x) on May 17 2024, 12:31pm in 7200:
    you have the 30 years of programming memories/experience, you are 21 again and REAPER does exist and is still being developped by someone else in a good way and they won't hire you

  • Posted by Justin on May 17 2024, 2:41am in 7201:
    there's a certain silliness to it which might be common in our culture, not sure the origin.

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 16 2024, 6:50pm in 7201:
    There seem to be many other ways to say "something O-Matic 5000." I don't know, I don't speak English, but is there some unique context?

  • Posted by splitcollectivity (77.184.146.x) on May 13 2024, 10:52am in 7192:
    Radium is a tracker with a vertical piano roll where the music comes from the bottom: youtube.com/watch?v=aPCot-J28Uw

  • Posted by Justin on May 10 2024, 10:03pm in 7192:
    yeah that. I meant vertical as "time is on the Y axis" ... anyway

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 9 2024, 12:33pm in 7192:
    you mean horizontal? (reaper's is vertical?) + there are quite a few of countries in the world which read from right to left? ((+ time can be read or scrolled from right to left as in the :Spectrograph Spectrogram Meter?) cheers

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.217.x) on May 7 2024, 8:05pm in 7190:
    Would be interesting if NAM could make a decent model of the Plasmatron. =)

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.217.x) on May 7 2024, 8:04pm in 7190:
    Awesome! I've not tried either, but I've heard of both. Good recommendations! There's a Strymon NAM model on Tonehunt here: tonehunt.org/paninoripieno/82b2120...

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.217.x) on May 7 2024, 8:03pm in 7190:
    Awesome! I've not tried either, but I've heard of both. There's a Strymon NAM model on Tonehunt here: tonehunt.org/paninoripieno/82b2120...

  • Posted by ASJk (210.79.155.x) on May 5 2024, 12:11pm in 6968:
    @User "There are so many great new features in reaper7 that I just want to follow the trend, isn't that okay?"

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 4 2024, 12:09pm in 7181:
    its amazing how the brain explores both physical & non physical realities...i think thats where we get blurred & grey lines... 100% weird & 100% wonderful...with some hints of both light & dark. ta.

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.167.x) on May 3 2024, 4:08am in 7173:
    If you are going to update the screen that way with a FPS counter it would be a very satisfying experience to move the mouse around... haha

  • Posted by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on May 2 2024, 6:29pm in 7175:
    Cool to see that you are using virtual machines!

  • Posted by Justin on May 1 2024, 1:53pm in 7173:
    I try to spend most of my time avoiding API-specific pitfalls heh

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on May 1 2024, 5:12am in 7173:
    Thanks. Surprising to me at first that you still learn new tricks with the win32 API considering how long you deal with it already. :)

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2024, 7:19pm in 7168:
    Thats the thing, it’s counterintuitive but if the speed limit isn’t too high, the moving cars are safer than the parked ones…

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on April 30 2024, 4:49am in 7168:
    Yeah, that's the thing, the bike lanes are cramped between the parked and moving cars (street) on both sides. :(

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2024, 1:35am in 7168:
    if you ride too close, it's bad, either you hit the door or you swerve and get run over by another car :(

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2024, 1:35am in 7168:
    always ride far enough from cars so that if a door opens, you clear it. never been doored thankfully.

  • Posted by Arie (191.96.227.x) on April 30 2024, 1:32am in 7166:

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on April 29 2024, 11:10pm in 7172:
    thought so- thanks for extra clarity. + (wish more in the world were like yourself..honesty,integrity,witty,kind,unifying,wise & willing to share) really great traits ioo. cheers!

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on April 29 2024, 10:25pm in 7168:
    Is dooring (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dooring a thing there? I got doored several times where I live, was really lucky/fast enough to get out of the way by a hair.

  • Posted by Justin on April 27 2024, 4:27pm in 7167:
    depends on the skin being used I suppose... if it's a 2.x skin then none of that stuff should be running

  • Posted by Ruchira Hasaranga (123.231.104.x) on April 27 2024, 1:25pm in 7167:
    wasabi engine...

  • Posted by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on April 26 2024, 9:46am in 7164:
    Obviously- but! we actually prefere monty pythons songs from their meaning of life... youtu.be/buqtdpuZxvk?feature=shared LOL

  • Posted by zabukowski (86.61.44.x) on April 25 2024, 10:13am in 7164:
    I would start with number 42 ;)

  • Posted by 2024 (81.151.173.x) on April 24 2024, 8:58pm in 7164:
    not even the faintest idea? lol- that makes 2 then....

  • Posted by beeps (89.16.225.x) on April 24 2024, 3:37pm in 7157:
    Why not use Ardour then which is a free DAW?

  • Posted by southxavyy (176.221.125.x) on April 22 2024, 5:47pm in 7157:
    My trial ended unfortunetly, I don't want to, but I need to find a free DAW,

  • Posted by 2024 (81.151.173.x) on April 21 2024, 9:52pm in 7155:
    Its a weird situation here- think a lot of community barriers are actually because of the diverse languages,cultural backgrounds or varying religious followers of different ideas...-English seems fairly common & some are "multi lingual" individuals..but not all.. we now have many locals who are not born in this country living next door kinda thing.. ta.

  • Posted by jamie (75.172.14.x) on April 18 2024, 6:02pm in 2569:
    And that was a fun time seeing you finish. So long ago, and look at you now!

  • Posted by Souf (88.181.136.x) on April 17 2024, 6:16pm in 7154:

  • Posted by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on April 17 2024, 3:13pm in 7150:
    I also think that limiting the idea of payment to money is also a problem. I for instance don't have the money to support all podcasters I enoy and would like to support. So I contribute work for free software they can use to produce great podcasts. I pay with my work, they pay with their content. And if at some point someone also makes money it's fine with me, but not a neccessity.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 16 2024, 10:10pm in 7145:
    heh- if only you knew, how we laugh at it all...in all honesty greed is no joke to us..but who cares in this world of greed over need? #sigh (maybe 1 day this will rebalance when people find their true wealth,inside.) (+we like reaper's devs but refuse to kiss any arses,no matter how 'sexy' they seem) LOL

  • Posted by DdSL (191.54.62.x) on April 16 2024, 9:33pm in 7150:
    Sorry Mikael, but what actually is a "bad concept" is having to pay for food, books/education, art, medic/medication, software. Long life to open and accessible communities for everyone!

  • Posted by Justin on April 16 2024, 7:25pm in 7150:
    "for example" lol that's the point, it's arbitrary and nobody would agree. it's just silly. anyway ;)

  • Posted by Mickael (91.165.163.x) on April 16 2024, 6:48pm in 7150:
    1€ for research into diseases, for example, if there are several contributors. Etc...:)

  • Posted by Mickael (91.165.163.x) on April 16 2024, 6:48pm in 7150:
    1€ for research into diseases, for example, if there are several contributors. Etc...:)

  • Posted by Justin on April 16 2024, 6:06pm in 7150:
    setting aside the user experience -- if a project involves many contributors, if you try to run it as a business, that will create too much friction and it won't work.

  • Posted by Justin on April 16 2024, 6:01pm in 7150:
    Conceptually you may be right, but if you were to try to implement that, it would get incredibly ugly fast on all sides and be a disaster. Don't believe me? I have at least a hundred questions that have no right answer that nobody would agree on. #1: where does the 1 euro go?

  • Posted by mickael (78.241.97.x) on April 16 2024, 5:45pm in 7150:
    Linux at 1 € would not make the world horrible :) You are too nice, people do not deserve so much ;)

  • Posted by Geox (89.136.209.x) on April 16 2024, 1:51pm in 7145:
    @2024 - Sorry, I was only referring to you implying that Justin is greedy, while also making one of the best audio software out there with a very low price :). Regarding the overall sentiment of your messages, I agree with you, and I thing you have good morals, you just need to not take everything too literal, and appreciate humour more :)

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 16 2024, 11:15am in 7145:
    LOL- @Geox care to explain how any of that is "wrong"? (jfyi GREED is listed as 1 of the 7 deadly sins) & we agree it is.)

  • Posted by Justin on April 15 2024, 10:50pm in 7150:
    "that would be terrible" means "the world would be terrible"

  • Posted by Justin on April 15 2024, 10:49pm in 7150:
    You need both. If Linux (or some equivalent) were not free that would be terrible.

  • Posted by Mickael (91.165.163.x) on April 15 2024, 9:41pm in 7150:
    It's a bad concept in the sense that I think free everything is destructive after a while. In all fields, free access often leads to degradation and ... money helps to regulate and balance. Paying a little, even 1 dollar for our software (VLC...) would seem more logical and normal to me. But that's my opinion :) 60 dollars for software like Reaper for about 8 years is very reasonable.

  • Posted by Justin on April 15 2024, 9:19pm in 7150:
    Sometimes it's about getting paid, other times it's about the process or the art. It doesn't mean one is a bad concept. Just different.

  • Posted by Mickael (91.165.163.x) on April 15 2024, 8:05pm in 7150:
    It's the result of work like composing music, writing a book... it should pay off after a couple of months :)

  • Posted by Geox (89.136.209.x) on April 15 2024, 2:52pm in 7135:
    To be fair, disregarding his personality and talking strictly on the idea, I don't believe in the long-long run we will remain a single-planet species. Therefore, at least directing funds to reasearchers to work on these problems could prove valuable in the future, imho.

  • Posted by Geox (89.136.209.x) on April 15 2024, 2:26pm in 7145:
    The man responds in a witty, funny way, and you start making character judgements.. #facepalm... (and btw, you couldn't be further from the truth)

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 15 2024, 11:06am in 7145:
    with all respect- we see this a massive problem...money hoarders who take that money out of circulation- leaving blockages of flowing wealth to ALL individuals...there is enough for all,but not while people hoard & hold onto vast sums.? water will stagnate while not flowing? currency=water.

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2024, 1:31pm in 7145:
    Giving money to other individuals isn't what I meant

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 14 2024, 10:46am in 7145:
    well you HAD 50million..did you make any one else an INSTANT millionair out of the goodness your heart? when is enough,enough? #sigh all these "millionair,billion & trillionairs" while we have so MANY homeless? #SIGH #greed

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2024, 1:54am in 7145:
    no but you can give money away, you're stuck with fame

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 14 2024, 12:57am in 7145:
    hmmmm...is life REALLY all about the money for you? (an extra digit on screen or many fake notes backed by nothing more than a promise of " you get nothing other than what we print"?

  • Posted by Jesse (100.8.74.x) on April 12 2024, 7:51pm in 7137:
    Checkout streamripper.sourceforge.net/if you want to save the music according to ICY (shoutcast) the meta data.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on April 11 2024, 9:45pm in 7137:
    One can paste the listen_url in the browser and it works (just figured that), some interesting stuff to check out, thanks.

  • Posted by Jesse (100.8.74.x) on April 11 2024, 4:50pm in 7137:
    14,642 stations in the XML file. They don't report the listener count. I suppose someone could connect to each status page and figure it out. My estimate is 100k.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 8 2024, 3:22pm in 7135:
    lol..heroes if only- thats not enough, they actually want to play "divine creators" (bombardng other planets with '0000's tons of earth resources) & even go as far to create "sustainable human environments" by terraforming these other planets atmospheres.. WOW #sigh natural order is under attack.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.149.177.x) on April 5 2024, 12:36pm in 7129:
    same for us.. its the memories..the moments..thanks for sharing.

  • Posted by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on April 2 2024, 11:17am in 7124:
    yes- this is why we pre asked "concerns about being cloned or replicated either physically or virtually?" it appears the deepmind/deepfakes tech can take your identity and 1 could appear to be doing or saying something 1 has not.... this ai is deceptive! altering perceptions of reality? (#concerned!) :/

  • Posted by Someone (138.199.35.x) on April 2 2024, 6:00am in 7118:
    Have you tried neovim? Its configurable with Lua

  • Posted by Ruchira (123.231.105.x) on April 1 2024, 3:08pm in 7120:

  • Posted by Justin on March 30 2024, 1:39pm in 7120:
    Here's an example of changing the order of things in memory in order to reduce cache thrash: github.com/justinfrankel/WDL/commi...

  • Posted by Justin on March 30 2024, 1:37pm in 7120:
    Not off the top of my head ... when something ends up taking more CPU time than you expect it to, then it's useful to keep cache effects in mind. e.g. a cache line is typically something like 64 bytes, meaning if you step through a large data set sparsely and multiple times you'll end up thrashing the cache, etc.

  • Posted by Ruchira (123.231.105.x) on March 29 2024, 9:17pm in 7120:
    Is there any guide to follow?

  • Posted by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on March 27 2024, 10:17pm in 7119:
    will be skipping it this LIFEtime... heh-- am wondering why people are so desperate to give up their humaness so easily... we have not even fully explored our own potentials yet are ready to give the machines full control of our bio_senses? (#SIGH) (#cries)

  • Posted by Justin on March 26 2024, 3:00pm in 7118:
    Mostly just for building, sometimes I'll use the VS resource editor to edit .rc files but a lot of the time we edit them by hand.

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on March 26 2024, 3:31am in 7118:
    Do you use VS or Xcode for the GUI related parts and vim for the other basic coding?

  • Posted by Daniel Lumertz (189.112.151.x) on March 24 2024, 11:07pm in 7117:
    PS: you can normally is reffered to microtiming or microrhythms. I made a script for that in reaper forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=268495

  • Posted by Name (50.7.93.x) on March 23 2024, 1:51pm in 7115:
    For those who interested in understanding the origins of the conflict i recommend interviews and lectures by Einat Wilf. For the record, many of those who shout "Free Palestine" really mean "Death to Israel" (a phrase which the Houthis have included on their official slogan alongside "Death to America")

  • Posted by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on March 21 2024, 10:51pm in 7115:
    yes,it is a real shame isnt it...if only people realized the true power of teamwork,we could all literally have (#heaven) on this earth... the machines dont seem to care either.. sighwhyowhy....thanks anyways.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on March 19 2024, 8:35pm in 7110:
    Rather Shift-Keyian slip ^^

  • Posted by Name (198.16.70.x) on March 19 2024, 10:50am in 7110:
    "what ai have in my head" Freudian slip LOL

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on March 19 2024, 12:52am in 7106:
    @Gio When I'm not lazy and want to make sure about typing mistakes I type my question in a text editor and paste it here. :P But agreed, would appreciate multi-line text input too. @Justin: do *you* have multi-line input? same means for all I'd say. :P

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on March 18 2024, 6:34pm in 7110:
    ALL your music are belong to us

  • Posted by Robert (91.165.163.x) on March 18 2024, 11:52am in 7110:
    AI can make suggestions to non-instrumentalists. This could revolutionize many practices

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.119.x) on March 18 2024, 9:14am in 7110:
    ... what I have in my mind, not ai have in my mind...

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.119.x) on March 18 2024, 9:13am in 7110:
    Explaining to a DAW, how my drumline shall sound(aka prompt engineering) will always be longer than playing and recording it via a DAW. AI can generate some music but not exactly what ai have in my head. The more precise it shall generate my music the worse AI gets. This will never be solved by AI-companies.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on March 16 2024, 12:17am in 7109:
    ok... & nope,not read that yet,but will scan the info..cheers.

  • Posted by Abhi (106.215.121.x) on March 14 2024, 9:55am in 7107:
    @JH Music : From wherever you learn, just do lots of revision. Speaking from my experience. Revision is must for learning. Without it, you can't learn anything properly no matter from where you learn.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.0.x) on March 14 2024, 7:17am in 7106:
    I see your point, thanks. It would be nice if you allowed multi-line text input for Qs/Comments, probably would help a little bit tracking spelling mistakes before submission... Always, surprised :(

  • Posted by JH Music (174.193.130.x) on March 14 2024, 4:48am in 7107:
    Appreciate the answer Justin, I understand I was quite broad, but I'll check out those VST3 examples. The thing about growing up "after the internet was made" is that we all see the end results of years of development and creation, but we didn't really get to participate in the process of it coming together so it feels a lot like reverse engineering. Huge fan of yours, thank you always!

  • Posted by Justin on March 14 2024, 3:14am in 7105:
    I haven't compared on Windows, but on macOS/Intel as of 5-ish years ago ICC produced faster code for us

  • Posted by Ruchira (123.231.104.x) on March 14 2024, 3:01am in 7105:
    Is it true that Clang generated executables are faster than others?

  • Posted by SpoiledHobo (77.181.40.x) on March 12 2024, 4:44pm in 7102:
    Totally agree on the ruining part. As a Linux user I can't deicide if I feel spoiled with the ease of repositories or constantly disappointed when I'm not on my own machine.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.0.x) on March 12 2024, 4:25am in 7102:
    Certainly there are benefits for app stores, not sure if those outweight the drawbacks. It's amazing how Cockos manages to provide a first-class experience (for user/developers/etc) in this day and age.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on March 11 2024, 11:29am in 7103:
    perhaps- but in that video the point they actually raise is logic & language descriptions appears flawed..? (its a bit like unipolar v bipolar waveforms...1 makes sense,the other does not?) ((how can we have half of a whole!))

  • Posted by Justin on March 11 2024, 5:02am in 7102:
    app stores in principle could be good, but in practice they are ruined by those running them. IMO obvs.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on March 11 2024, 4:19am in 7102:
    As much as I dislike the app store too, being able to update all apps (even from different manufacturers) at once I appreciate I gotta say.

  • Posted by Justin on March 10 2024, 7:38pm in 7103:
    the nice thing about math is it does transcend language

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on March 10 2024, 11:55am in 7103:
    lol- indeed...this is WHY multiple definitions can be very confusing & even misleading in most all cases.. if we need to agree on somethings collectively,let us make it absolutely clear and precise by giving all 1 meaning..even if we need to invent new words to maintain clarity & uniqueness..? cheers.

  • Posted by Justin on March 10 2024, 2:15am in 7103:
    That is conflating two different definitions of the word and then drawing conclusions from it, lol. dictionary.com/browse/multiplication1 vs 2

  • Posted by bobobo (217.244.210.x) on March 9 2024, 11:34pm in 7103:
    how do you put all those squaremoney into your purse?

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on March 9 2024, 11:22am in 7103:
    guess this ( youtu.be/1PH_IMMxT4E?t=2806) makes ZERO sense then?!?

  • Posted by Gio (94.65.152.x) on March 9 2024, 7:57am in 7102:
    Some boring git statistics indicate that security people definitely need some love too. OMG, ``if that's the Bradley then what is this, question, how did they get to that from this?''

  • Posted by Justin on March 9 2024, 2:54am in 7102:
    yeah, you have to shell out and get a EV codesigning cert and sign with that. :(

  • Posted by Gio (94.65.152.x) on March 9 2024, 2:52am in 7102:
    I get it Justin but for me this is a huge problem: every single executable I produce is marked as a virus by microsoft defender. I will run a small experiment with an app written with STL instead of efficient WDL and if I get the same outcome I will give up the microsoft ecosystem completely. At that point it would be pointless... a waste of valuable time... It looks to me that microsoft defender tries to disappoint at every opportunity so you eventually go to their app-store. It's not going to happen.

  • Posted by Justin on March 9 2024, 2:48am in 7103:
    No, that's multiplication. Multiplication by a value more than 1 will increase the magnitude, and multiplying by a value less than 1 will decrease the magntiude...

  • Posted by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on March 9 2024, 12:52am in 7103:
    that would be subtraction though right? isnt multiplying an additive thing? and would you also consider 0 a non number? ta

  • Posted by jason (2.7.2.x) on March 7 2024, 12:08pm in 7096:

  • Posted by Jesse (100.8.74.x) on March 6 2024, 10:19pm in 7098:
    I edited the skin using PLEDIT.TXT and put in a different font for the playlist.

  • Posted by Justin on March 1 2024, 5:12pm in 7095:
    Some of my websites use more javascript, e.g. my main blog uses it for loading more posts, and for doing more mp3 playback stuff. reaper.fm is mostly static and has only the occasional javascript use.

  • Posted by The Script (without javascript) (122.161.8.x) on March 1 2024, 6:49am in 7095:
    So you mean, most of the elements in your website is made only with HTML & CSS and only rare javascript usage? All your other websites are made with only HTML & CSS? What about reaper.fm? I like it very much, it feels so simplistic and to-the-point. Is it possible to make reaper.fm like website just with HTML & CSS?

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