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Recent comments:
  • Posted by helgoboss (92.211.142.x) on December 8 2021, 5:03pm in 5961:
    Wow, so JSFX will be open source! This is awesome. Looking forward.

  • Posted by DdSL (189.112.102.x) on December 8 2021, 1:10pm in 5960:
    Dean, check out reapy Python module. Is great for connecting with reaper API outside reaper . I have been doing some Markov scripts with python and reapy it is working good . Although now I would just do it in lua because Markov is a simple algorithm to implement. Want to try some ai modules with reaper see where it goes...

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.4.x) on December 7 2021, 7:07pm in 5961:
    Hmm, initially I thought that I would be able to construct those bits myself using EEL2, I was wrong. Anyway, I guess that I will be patient then for JSFX. That was very interesting/pleasant news...

  • Posted by Justin on December 6 2021, 10:45pm in 5958:
    Ah that one, haha yeah.

  • Posted by Omit (89.82.152.x) on December 6 2021, 7:37pm in 5958:
    That's the slap Abhi is talking about youtube.com/watch?v=mK8OBOJ58tg&t=10s

  • Posted by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on December 6 2021, 6:03pm in 5960:
    I always thought, would adding gmem-support to Python be possible? Scientists could then use jsfx for all kinds of wave-analysis and integrate the resulting values into Python-environments. So using scientific libraries only available in Python inside of Reaper and integrated with jsfx would be a dream come true for scientists.

  • Posted by Justin on December 5 2021, 9:36pm in 5958:
    Yeah not sure I understand the question though -- I like the intros :)

  • Posted by Vitali (62.122.114.x) on December 5 2021, 9:20pm in 5960:
    Dean, I am also using Python for data analytics, but writing scripts in Lua is not difficult at all. :) Here is a good site for learning Reaper API: extremraym.com/cloud/reascript-doc/

  • Posted by Vitali (62.122.114.x) on December 5 2021, 9:15pm in 5958:
    I guess the question's author is asking about new intro for Kenny's videos. :)

  • Posted by bring (70.190.185.x) on December 2 2021, 8:23pm in 5830:
    I've tried Reaper Linux with Fedora and I can't get it working with Pipewire and now Wireplumber. I'm not sure what they are doing over there at Fedora with these technologies but I get great results with Ubuntu Studio 21.10 using Pulseaudio 15 and Jack. Even the kernel 5.13 low latency is quite and improvement.

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on December 2 2021, 1:18am in 5957:
    just using some of what is available,as some may do =) cheers to you and many other kind hearted souls for caring+sharing- giving thanks,daily.

  • Posted by Will (172.58.176.x) on December 1 2021, 6:41pm in 5954:
    It's so cool to see you give r0n and lone shootouts in the code. I miss those days so much. I was around when you were 'burn on #winprog 😁.

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 30 2021, 12:57am in 5952:
    yes- think my hat is broken..or is it aatip_hat >upgrading asap heh.. seriously though..what does this mean,that all nations are basically "undefendable"? perhaps it IS a wake up and clean up "our" act call =)

  • Posted by Mespotine (37.4.235.x) on November 26 2021, 5:14pm in 5947:
    of the gospel of Cockos ;)

  • Posted by Mespotine (37.4.235.x) on November 26 2021, 5:13pm in 5947:
    Not yet, but I hope, I can convince Raymond to write more chapters f

  • Posted by Geoffroy (92.170.13.x) on November 24 2021, 11:22pm in 5943:
    Thanks !

  • Posted by hieronymus (77.190.179.x) on November 24 2021, 11:35am in 5929:
    Thus the obvious conclusion is not letting business organisations become too large.

  • Posted by Justin on November 23 2021, 4:33pm in 5939:

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.112.x) on November 23 2021, 4:02pm in 5939:
    What else??

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 23 2021, 3:33am in 5940:
    indeed all very smart- #love using the massive variety jsfx supplies..some are very unique =) also think that the wisest masters always could add to their armoury from the 'students' efforts.. as some students CAN teach new techniques from their trainings,expanding on what came before....onwards and upwards eh!

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 20 2021, 2:59am in 5932:
    hehe- DAM HE KNOWS! the yellow ones are fun! banana/lemony hint. just dont tell the WHO dr. =)

  • Posted by Chris (95.90.213.x) on November 20 2021, 12:04am in 5932:
    If all pills had the Same ingredients I'd say the red one. the human brain is evolutionary developed to associate the Red color With fruity, sweet (best and Ripe fruits and vegetables are Red) and therefore maybe delicious?

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 18 2021, 12:51am in 5930:
    for me,it all just spoils the entertainment it usually attaches to absolutely detest the vast majority (although some CAN be highly amusing while still ultimately NOT convincing this 1 to buy!) hehe

  • Posted by Alex K. (95.82.125.x) on November 17 2021, 10:55pm in 5927:
    Lua is beauuutiful in comparison to EEL. But it's a matter of taste, of course

  • Posted by Vitali (62.122.114.x) on November 17 2021, 8:54pm in 5929:
    Any company that has become large changed its goals.

  • Posted by Justin on November 17 2021, 4:37pm in 5929:

  • Posted by tommy (196.240.57.x) on November 17 2021, 8:12am in 5929:
    what do you mean? "Don't be evil"?

  • Posted by Abhi (122.161.94.x) on November 15 2021, 4:37am in 5920:
    Can you run Google Meet on it?

  • Posted by Abhi (122.161.94.x) on November 15 2021, 4:36am in 5921:
    You like junk food more than fruits & vegetables, ha? :-P

  • Posted by Abhi (122.161.94.x) on November 15 2021, 4:35am in 5923:
    Dell Vostro 1014 ;-)

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 10 2021, 1:39pm in 5916:
    interesting. (fwiw..the opinion you sense is not my own,its a researchable 'fact' according to their own stats) my "opinion" is judging less could be a greater thing! but we should perhaps consider the actual health of our/other species and natural deposits above all else... ?

  • Posted by Erin (75.15.159.x) on November 9 2021, 8:53pm in 5914:
    Oh, man. You've been missing out. Disintegration is one of the best albums ever. Seventeen Seconds and Pornography, also great.

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 7 2021, 11:09pm in 5915:
    ok- maybe it is time? or maybe not.................................. your choice!

  • Posted by Justin on November 5 2021, 1:05pm in 5910:
    September 2005. Used Logic for Windows and Vegas 4.0 before REAPER. Did (terrible) music with FastTracker II, mostly just played nibbles though

  • Posted by Mespotine (91.41.222.x) on November 4 2021, 2:27pm in 5910:
    When did you start early experimental development for code that became Reaper? And what did you use before? Did you ever do music with trackers?

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.175.x) on November 1 2021, 2:10am in 5904:
    Noticed that this phenomenon might be related to not having physical exhaustion while you spend your time in the office. Definitely some physical activity during the day (running, gym, etc) helps to reduce that effect, at least that's what works for me.

  • Posted by Justin on November 1 2021, 1:41am in 5904:
    Yeah, good to practice being able to shelve that stuff when interacting with other people

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.175.x) on November 1 2021, 1:37am in 5904:
    One of the most annoying things about programming has to be that your brain gets occupied with the problem you faced in the morning while you are with your wife/friends for dinner. Everyone thinks you are present but in reality you aren't... Let's say that programming might be some kind of constant work...

  • Posted by Justin on October 30 2021, 11:38pm in 5895:
    Send me an email to continue this conversation

  • Posted by amagalma (91.140.81.x) on October 30 2021, 5:20pm in 5895:
    gfx.init("", width, height) seems to resize indeed, but after the resize nothing is drawn if the the script is not deferring. But even if it is deferring, gfx.drawstr seems to not work (I can send you some test code if you want)... Regarding macOS, does this mean that there is no need to scale the size of the gfx window? It will be done automatically? And I need to scale only the contents? Did I understand right? Thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on October 30 2021, 1:47am in 5895:
    It's undocumented (I'll update the docs!) but if you call gfx.init("",w,h) it will resize the window. Of course, you don't want to scale on macOS, because its units are independent of DPI (sanity!) -- so you want to do os = reaper.GetOS() if os ~= "OSX64" and os ~= "OSX32" and os ~= "macOS-arm64" then ...

  • Posted by amagalma (91.140.81.x) on October 29 2021, 9:34pm in 5895:
    So, in order to set the size of the gfx window according to the retina scale, do I have to gfx.init, gfx.quit, get the scale and then gfx.init with the correct width and height? Or is there any other way to set the correct gfx window size according to the scale?

  • Posted by amagalma (91.140.81.x) on October 29 2021, 11:55am in 5895:
    Thank you! :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 28 2021, 3:28am in 5892:
    That's what makes it work

  • Posted by Vitali (88.156.138.x) on October 27 2021, 8:54pm in 5892:
    How do you test features that you don't use at all? :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 27 2021, 1:58pm in 5892:
    I am tester #1

  • Posted by Vitali (88.156.138.x) on October 27 2021, 9:35am in 5892:
    What about your own tests? Are you trying out new features/bug fixes or you have an automatic software for such purpose?

  • Posted by Innis (185.169.233.x) on October 25 2021, 10:39am in 5884:
    Yeah forget it! That's too much for me. If I could find something as simple looking as your blog I would use that

  • Posted by Justin on October 24 2021, 11:45pm in 5884:
    Might be too much to convey here, but to decompress that file, you use tar xvzf hl--v0.0.tar.gz, then once the files are extracted you need a web server with PHP installed.. That tar.gz is 16 years old so those files probably need to be updated to even work with modern PHP, though. So, sorry. Maybe use a blog hosting site somewhere? :)

  • Posted by Innis (223.137.0.x) on October 24 2021, 6:49am in 5884:
    That's cool. Thanks for sharing this. But...(and this is showing how rusty my skills are) How can I use that download link " hl-- v0.0"

  • Posted by unnamed1 (95.149.70.x) on October 23 2021, 7:44pm in 5881:
    o yes- prolific inspirationers.. few others i admire are mode2,daim,dzia,peeta.. and the stealth artist liu bolin ...too many greats to mention... YOUR art of reaper is a force to be reckoned with also.. congrats! inspiration work.ty.

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on October 22 2021, 11:47pm in 5878:
    aye- could not agree more..insanity defined o my gawwd it hurts this heart :/

  • Posted by Justin on October 22 2021, 5:52pm in 5878:
    The notion that people can "own" land is sort of insane, imo

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on October 22 2021, 4:46pm in 5878:
    gotta love them distortions eh... 21 IS about sustainability indeed,but maybe you missed the plainly hidden points.. the very land you stand on will be taken,people will be rehoused into cubic trashcans and all rights to natural landspace/ freedom to roam will be fully conditioned/controlled by a minority of tyrants...check the map..if >that< is what people actually want? then so be it.. NOT I #sigh. o what fun we wont have. LOL?

  • Posted by Justin on October 21 2021, 11:59pm in 5878:
    as they say, freedom isnt free. anyways here’s a relevant link: davidallengreen.com/2020/11/the-tr... … and UN agenda 21 was a 1992 thing about susatainability? You might want to check your sources. :/

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 21 2021, 11:29pm in 5878:
    u.n. a.21 is going to happen unless people wake upto it sooner..m.c. a.61 is an ally for many...ok- please research if you love life and freedom of choice..time marches on. thanking you.

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 20 2021, 10:46pm in 5875:
    Wait, how do you run VC++ 6 on that? ;-)

  • Posted by Niklas (62.92.251.x) on October 20 2021, 8:03am in 5875:
    I can really recommend trying out this tiling manager swaywm.org/

  • Posted by Niklas (62.92.251.x) on October 20 2021, 7:43am in 5876:
    You'll need the `fzf.vim` plugin.

  • Posted by Niklas Adam (62.92.251.x) on October 20 2021, 7:38am in 5876:
    Yepp. Try `:Rg`, `:Files` or `:Buffers`. There is more

  • Posted by Justin on October 20 2021, 3:26am in 5876:
    ah nice, I did it with fzf launching vim which is handy, I imagine I can run it inside vim too?

  • Posted by James (77.241.232.x) on October 19 2021, 6:22pm in 5876:
    It is cool - especially if you use {n}vim

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 19 2021, 2:33am in 5874:
    perhaps- do find it infinitely interesting! especially when it comes to "forgetfullness" maybe this is some type of defragmentation to allow more "useful" info?? (discarding what seems less relevant or a evolutionary necessity at certain ages in life?) hmmm,must meditate more on this. :D

  • Posted by Alex K. (176.98.225.x) on October 18 2021, 3:40pm in 5873:
    Thank you

  • Posted by Justin on October 17 2021, 6:12pm in 5870:
    Will look at that, eventually

  • Posted by Justin on October 17 2021, 11:44am in 5871:
    Rephrasing: it's too much work to maintain ReaPlugs, especially given some of the newer more-advanced features, so we're deprecating them and they will likely not be updated.

  • Posted by amagalma (46.190.42.x) on October 17 2021, 8:33am in 5870:
    Thanks! It works only if I install the Reavura font. Could gfx.setfont be updated so that it loads the font without needing to install it?

  • Posted by DdSL (201.48.183.x) on October 17 2021, 6:18am in 5872:

  • Posted by DdSL (201.48.183.x) on October 17 2021, 6:17am in 5872:
    Thanks a lot Justin :) I will not continue here as is reaper related. I made a small visualizer to test it and have made some notes about system messages. Thanks thanks thanks, was hopping to get this function :)

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 17 2021, 12:14am in 5871:
    i dont get it... huh? rephrase?

  • Posted by amagalma (46.190.42.x) on October 16 2021, 9:26am in 5866:
    Oh, these are my favourite cuisines too!! :)

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 15 2021, 4:55pm in 5868:
    yes- dont blame you for not..it is hard to unsee and unhear... (was having trouble with the cadences and proper pronunciations tbh) i DO pray for americans (remaining religious & politically neutral) cheers.

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 13 2021, 2:05pm in 5863:
    lol! ahhh i think there IS a fix for that! =)

  • Posted by David (79.252.110.x) on October 11 2021, 8:57am in 5855:
    Ah, interpolation kicks in on E32 errors. I did not get that. Surely than the output has to be the same.

  • Posted by Timo (2.247.244.x) on October 11 2021, 5:41am in 5853:
    Have a look at bandshed.net/avlinux/ Unfortunately it hasn't got a light theme but technically it seems really good.

  • Posted by unnamed 1 (2.25.95.x) on October 10 2021, 6:55pm in 5862:

  • Posted by Keith (130.215.173.x) on October 8 2021, 1:53pm in 5859:
    Thanks Justin, I really appreciate it! ! I can be reached at keithzizza at gmail dot com.

  • Posted by Justin on October 7 2021, 8:44pm in 5857:
    At the moment the chromebooks I use are arm, which is useful for testing... if I didn't have it, I'd probably use a raspberry pi, or buy a MNT reform

  • Posted by Justin on October 7 2021, 8:43pm in 5857:
    Not really, I much prefer running native linux. Based on how much I like my X60, I'd probably get one of these: minifree.org/product/libreboot-x200/or similar. Not sure what the battery situation is, which is unfortunate...

  • Posted by zabukowski (89.142.56.x) on October 7 2021, 3:40pm in 5857:
    Do you recommend any specific chromebook model for this purpose? Crouton vs Crostini?

  • Posted by Justin on October 7 2021, 2:41pm in 5858:
    MS is usually pretty good about compatibility, in general, but if/when people raise issues we'll go test on Win11

  • Posted by Abhi (27.58.29.x) on October 7 2021, 9:28am in 5858:
    Then how will you develop REAPER if you don't use latest tools? What if some bugs occur in REAPER only in Win11 and not in any other Windows version. How will you fix it?

  • Posted by schwa (67.245.193.x) on October 6 2021, 2:43pm in 5855:
    Only uncorrectable errors (E32) require interpolation. The author states that no uncorrectable errors were encountered. All of the encountered errors described in the article are fully correctable without interpolation.

  • Posted by frenchman (73.15.70.x) on October 6 2021, 3:20am in 5854:
    So dope :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 5 2021, 6:06pm in 5855:
    My understanding is that if the reed-solomon fails, you get dropouts (it shouldn't try to interpolate). If there are sonic differences produced from the same correct bitstream, then the player is introducing them and is at fault.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 5 2021, 4:26pm in 5855:
    Though not related to my original question I think as they state playback variation is not caused by errors. ("These sonic differences are not caused by data errors, as commonly assumed, but by some other mechanism.")

  • Posted by David (79.217.251.x) on October 5 2021, 11:31am in 5855:
    Isn't that over simplified? Surely plain reed-solomon can correct errors just as Justin said, but for bigger errors sections interpolation kicks in.. The BLER values do not tell me what stage was active? Or did I miss something?

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 4 2021, 5:29pm in 5855:
    My hunch was this is nonsense, thanks for confirming.

  • Posted by Justin on October 3 2021, 10:39pm in 5853:
    There are already audio-optimized linux distros...

  • Posted by unnamed 1 (2.25.95.x) on October 3 2021, 1:30pm in 5853:
    oh! what is silly about an optimized audio os? i thought you liked a >no bloat< approach? can you explain why not?

  • Posted by Nicholas Forystek (173.16.33.x) on September 27 2021, 9:57pm in 5838:
    Okay, i think I need to single highhandedly take down the F.A.A. for procuring kiddie pools in the 70's because only who checks in may be at the counter, and they allowed my great grandma to further kidnap me after I accidentally followed he on round trip, even after they found my ticket to be on the wrong flight. It is just a child was dropped off right as she B-lined differed me and she looked an awful a lot like my mother. I was one years old, 1978, but I get chloroformed returned new b-day same name.

  • Posted by Nicholas Forystek (173.16.33.x) on September 27 2021, 9:25pm in 5839:
    My father did the same to me, I had to sleep off a broken face in my crib, no 911, called his lawyer only, there's fracture starting in my left sinus ending with a centimeter gap on the right sinus.

  • Posted by Ian the The (165.225.94.x) on September 27 2021, 4:49am in 5836:
    I wish Bernie were 25-50 years younger, alas we'll have to wait for AOC to get a bit more relevant experience. (Brit in Switzerland, so no voting rights anywhere in the world)

  • Posted by Justin on September 25 2021, 10:29pm in 5835:
    If you find weird behaviors that you can’t explain, let me know…

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.11.x) on September 25 2021, 1:13am in 5835:
    I already use it for some stuff (not related to FX processor) but right now it's treated like a black box. Some parts of it are advanced++, my main worry is maintenance, to be able to fix something if the need arises... Probably, I will give it more time and ask here for the shadowy parts...

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.11.x) on September 25 2021, 12:37am in 5834:
    I see, was reading a benchmark a few years ago about exceptions and stated that a particular intel architecture didn't like exceptions at all (I can't find the source). I guess that conclusion was based on the error path, etc.

  • Posted by Justin on September 14 2021, 12:32pm in 5825:
    I would do a rear mounted rack if your bike has the mounts, and get an open pannier to hang off one side to start… front baskets are less desirable to me

  • Posted by DdSL (186.210.90.x) on September 14 2021, 2:23am in 5825:
    Nice bike, thinking in putting a basket in mine to go to the fruit/vegetable market, but never used a basked bike to know if it is worth

  • Posted by Gio (94.68.165.x) on September 12 2021, 2:11am in 5823:
    Also checked gcc and clang; they behave/expand like vc11. If I had to guess/bet, icc should be just fine.

  • Posted by Gio (94.68.165.x) on September 12 2021, 12:37am in 5823:
    In practice (at least vc11) the later. My concern would be the vc preprocessor pre-vc11 about variadic macros (gcc ok), although not sure about the icc but it might worth a try? it can be useful to have that info in a debug-scenario for a rare failed initialization. For just tracing some specific info not so much.

  • Posted by Mespotine (37.4.235.x) on September 11 2021, 11:34am in 5809:
    It might also be a good idea to open up a thread in the developer section of the forum. The developers of SWS are active in there, so they can probably help you with it much better.

  • Posted by Fred (91.33.161.x) on September 10 2021, 3:52pm in 5820:
    Oh, it fits greatly to old and boring people, it's like reading a book where you can decide what happens!

  • Posted by Mespotine (95.90.174.x) on September 2 2021, 1:30pm in 5811:
    Having the network features of EEL2 available in Lua would be great. Lua itself has no network support unfortunately afaik. Somebody had made a web-network-module for Lua but it's heavily outdated and I think not loadable in Reaper's Lua integration.

  • Posted by DdSL (189.112.244.x) on September 2 2021, 4:15am in 5811:
    Ah man sorry! I didn't notice it wasnt a native thing in lua, it is a module sorry! :/ Hm the EEL2 have network api then, I might find a way to use it with a lua script then hm;.... Thanks for the answer, clear now!

  • Posted by Vitali (88.156.138.x) on September 1 2021, 6:19pm in 5814:
    I think the container feature would be really good for this purpose. We hope it will come back. :)

  • Posted by Mespotine (95.90.174.x) on September 1 2021, 1:55pm in 5814:
    Additionally, glueing video would take ages and probably degrade video quality. Even if Reaper would do it, you wouldn't want it. Why not using item-groups instead?

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.3.x) on August 31 2021, 10:11pm in 5809:
    WDL is contained in SWS as a submodule so maybe read here on 'Cloning a Project with Submodules': git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Tools-S...

  • Posted by iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra Ultimate (77.111.246.x) on August 31 2021, 7:30am in 5804:
    Thanks of all you. I will check these all :)

  • Posted by Chris (196.240.57.x) on August 28 2021, 6:12pm in 5809:
    It doesn't work. I use compile instructions on Github page. Sorry for noob question.. Everytime I get this error message: CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.18/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:165 (message): Could NOT find WDL (missing: WDL_INCLUDE_DIR)

  • Posted by Cory (185.220.102.x) on August 28 2021, 6:03pm in 5789:
    Thanks a lot Justin! This is very cool! And saved a ton of hacking time !!!! I love you man, really!

  • Posted by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on August 28 2021, 3:24pm in 5789:
    Now in the latest devs-release o/ Thnx :)

  • Posted by IDDQD Sound (67.68.162.x) on August 27 2021, 8:06pm in 5804:
    I've done 3-4 of them and planning to do the rest. Covered Smart markers, LFO generator and resources quite extensively, others in passing, but doing all of them as I go. My channel is IDDQD Sound :)

  • Posted by reaperblog (172.103.218.x) on August 27 2021, 7:03pm in 5804:
    I've done a bunch of them and plan on doing a complete course on SWS features this year.

  • Posted by Justin on August 26 2021, 3:59pm in 5804:
    Ah, thanks Mespotine! Has ReaperBlog done any SWS videos too? I imagine SWS is so broad it would need to be dozens of them...

  • Posted by Mespotine (109.104.48.x) on August 26 2021, 2:56pm in 5804:
    Here's one about ReaPack from Reaper Blog(the other great Reaper-resource beside Kenny): youtube.com/watch?v=XjoDu_32ljI

  • Posted by Alex K. (95.82.125.x) on August 25 2021, 10:36am in 5617:
    Stability - first. Second - endless possibilities possible via scripts and scripting.

  • Posted by Charles, Arlequin (37.170.179.x) on August 25 2021, 7:29am in 5801:
    :) I hope that our daily and artistic life will gradually resume its rights because I think that if the confinements due to the pandemic were a stimulating parenthesis at the beginning, they ended up wearing down and people psychologically. So I wish all of us to be able to play and share again beautiful musical and friendly moments! Yours,

  • Posted by Justin on August 25 2021, 1:52am in 5782:
    Ah that looks cool too. Reform I like for its openness yeah (standard batteries, awesome -- this is actually a big thing, I have an old Thinkpad X60 which is still great, but I can't get any decent batteries for it).

  • Posted by Cory (188.187.124.x) on August 24 2021, 4:42pm in 5789:
    OMG! It will be a revolution!Thank you!!

  • Posted by Mark (37.19.223.x) on August 24 2021, 8:11am in 5782:
    Hey, I just discovered Framework Laptop! What are your thoughts on it? Do you like MNT Reform more for it's Opensource aspect or it's upgradebility? Or...

  • Posted by Justin on August 23 2021, 9:25pm in 5789:
    I'll look at adding a read-only class of attributes to GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String(), e.g. P_UI_RECT:tcp.mute etc

  • Posted by Mespotine (91.41.217.x) on August 21 2021, 7:00pm in 5789:
    Btw, this would be a fantastic FR. Could you open one up? Maybe link this page to it too?

  • Posted by Mespotine (91.41.217.x) on August 21 2021, 6:55pm in 5789:
    Ohh, that's right, automatic positioning of mouse cursor to UI-elements is also a fantastic usecase for accessibility. Osara is doing this a lot to help navigating through menus and dialogs, they would benefit tons, if it could be extended to Walter-UI-elements.

  • Posted by Cory (176.59.5.x) on August 21 2021, 2:45am in 5789:
    Very cool idea! I checked the method of interception in OSARA but did not yet understand whether it is possible to get the coordinates of objects. I will write here as I check. Btw your documentation really helped - thank you)

  • Posted by Mespotine (146.0.126.x) on August 19 2021, 8:57pm in 5789:
    You mean position of Walter-themeable elements? I would love to see that too, but for another usecase: it would allow us to build an interactive tutorial for newbies of Ultraschall. In a way like "click here" mouse jumps here "then here" mouse jumps there.

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