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Recent comments:
  • Posted by My Name (171.48.3.x) on November 26 2022, 4:23pm in 6493:
    @Daniel Lumertz What was your age when you started your master? In which field you are doing your master?

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 25 2022, 9:59am in 6496:
    oh ok ty...would suggest there are indeed complex and intricately connected pathways...energy vortexes of mind body...the tricky bit is science being able to measure subjective experiences,reliably,repeatedly - but! it has been done to some degree fwiw. worth a brief study perhaps? cheers!

  • Posted by Daniel Lumertz (201.48.182.x) on November 24 2022, 9:47pm in 6493:
    I am doing my master and have a colleague with that age more or less. I think is very nice for the academic community have more experienced people together with younger people with less background. Normally in academy the more diverse the better is the discussions as more ground are covered, at least in music i guess.

  • Posted by OedipeMess (91.170.55.x) on November 24 2022, 3:55pm in 6495:
    Thank you for your answer, and yes the work is guaranteed improvement

  • Posted by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on November 24 2022, 5:03am in 6474:
    Oh hmm, kind of just threw it out there since I like how you respond to random code questions. How about...Item, does MidiItem/AudioItem/VideoItem inherit from Item or, does Item have the other or...something?? That, or favorite pizza topping.

  • Posted by Leandro Alvarez (104.158.4.x) on November 23 2022, 7:20pm in 6491:
    Maybe Airwindows, Analog Obsession, Tukan?

  • Posted by Justin on November 23 2022, 4:56pm in 6493:
    Ahh, I'm the last person qualified to ask, as I have no experience beyond the first year of undergraduate.

  • Posted by todd_r (193.113.48.x) on November 23 2022, 9:53am in 6472:
    All the cool kid producers love karaoke

  • Posted by Your Name (182.68.134.x) on November 23 2022, 6:20am in 6493:
    Oh I meant PG (Post Graduation)

  • Posted by Justin on November 23 2022, 1:36am in 6491:
    ahh, who should be included? I dunno, I don't use enough plug-ins I'm lame ;)

  • Posted by Need a taller name (117.234.222.x) on November 22 2022, 4:30am in 6491:
    Official website of Synth1. Just translate it in English. daichilab.sakura.ne.jp/softsynth/i...

  • Posted by Need a bigger name (117.234.222.x) on November 22 2022, 4:28am in 6491:
    and I think it is developed by a single person. Hence an indie developer.

  • Posted by Need a longer name (117.234.222.x) on November 22 2022, 4:27am in 6491:
    I think Synth1 is one of the best free synth plugin? And reviews say so too.

  • Posted by Jonas (88.65.109.x) on November 20 2022, 11:53am in 6487:
    Have fun :)

  • Posted by Airon (91.64.134.x) on November 19 2022, 10:30am in 6484:
    Mim , fakemaxwell and myself are full time mixers it appears. We are discussing this here: forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=258048. Any thread is fine though.

  • Posted by Justin on November 18 2022, 7:31pm in 6484:
    The forum is a better place to discuss this for sure. Anyone else I would've scolded for bringing it up here to begin with ;)

  • Posted by Airon (91.64.134.x) on November 18 2022, 1:39pm in 6484:
    I can't arm tracks when I'm mixing a film. Having selected tracks auto-arm will just gang up the volume, so I'm hoping for something better. At the very least volume+pan automation recording has to be treated like you treat midi and audio. I was hoping you could come up with a solution that perhaps activates when a track is in anything but trim-read or read mode. Please think it over, because any fader jockeys(like myself) are having a bad time. Discuss in the forum ?

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.204.x) on November 17 2022, 9:29pm in 6482:
    It's the very first code to run, when you start Reaper. This first code calls other code located in other structures that are also called functions but aren't named main, rather a different name. .

  • Posted by dom (82.132.212.x) on November 17 2022, 1:11pm in 6480:
    Try YSFX - github.com/jpcima/ysfx

  • Posted by Your Name (23.106.56.x) on November 17 2022, 10:27am in 6482:
    What is Main() REAPER function?

  • Posted by WinAMP295 Dude (174.67.42.x) on November 16 2022, 5:03pm in 6460:
    Thank you! Plus... the last version of Windows to not spy on you was Windows 7. Thank God for VMs/Containers and linux gaming!

  • Posted by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on November 14 2022, 10:47am in 6476:
    Thank you

  • Posted by wasereb4 (87.167.85.x) on November 13 2022, 12:15am in 6472:
    There are quite a few (free) ways to create seperate stems from a mix, no need to integrate into Reaper imo. This is the best I've tried so far: github.com/facebookresearch/demucs

  • Posted by Ignacio (93.35.164.x) on November 12 2022, 7:12pm in 6473:
    Gracias Justin! Regarding using a 64-channel ReaStream instance, I can't seem to find how to have it set to more than 8-channels, search the forums but couldn't find it. Am I missing something?

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2022, 1:34pm in 6472:
    it's all good, just because something is interesting to some people doesn't mean it's worth pursuing for me. :)

  • Posted by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 11 2022, 11:27pm in 6472:
    ahh ok- sorry if it touched a nerve..bit jokey- but still do not think it would be bloat at all..very useful in fact..what else are people paying to upgrade for? old,or,new stuff? Just think there is a lot of creative scope to these newer methods..great for karaoke and realtime mixing etc...new + inventive is very popular amongst the younger generations justin..decent paying customers looking for great deals? thats is all. cheers anyway.

  • Posted by lolzor (89.82.152.x) on November 11 2022, 4:19pm in 6472:
    Lol i'm so happy that the Reaper devs don't overbloat their software with things for "potential new customers". It's the whole value of the DAW

  • Posted by Justin on November 11 2022, 11:59am in 6473:
    If you're using hardware outputs, they should all be latency compensated automatically and you'll be good.

  • Posted by Ignacio (93.35.165.x) on November 11 2022, 10:58am in 6473:
    I see, thanks. And if I don't use ReaStream but for example. If using a session as a tape machine and outputing through analog outputs, DANTE or ReaRoute. What would be the best way to do this? Or how does people who use consoles do in REAPER? Keeping it simple with no internal sends, but tracks with plugins and maybe folders should be sending all the channels at the same time, if the hardware outpus are post fader or post fx? Any tips on how can I understand this further?

  • Posted by Justin on November 11 2022, 2:07am in 6473:
    Tthe main thing is that multiple instances of ReaStream will almost certainly not be synchronized. The latency compensation behaviors and anticipative FX multiprocessing could also cause issues, but even without that you'll be in trouble...

  • Posted by Ignacio (5.90.3.x) on November 11 2022, 12:44am in 6473:
    Thanks a lot, I haven't thought of that way. I imagine but lately I don't have luck in the forum with this type of questions. Is there any guide that explains how the latency compensation works in cases where you want to output audio like this, or even using analog outputs? I guess that if just going to the master channel, the fastest tracks wait for the slowest and they all go out together. But what happens if there is a hierarchy and audio is being outputted at different points of the singal flow? Thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on November 11 2022, 12:23am in 6471:
    some of both, mostly not-REAPER though

  • Posted by quackos (45.128.133.x) on November 10 2022, 8:34pm in 6471:
    REAPER things or not-REAPER things?

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2022, 2:12pm in 6472:

  • Posted by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 10 2022, 8:52am in 6472:
    ahhh well thats a shame.. lots of potential new customers looking for new tools! guessing reaper is aimed just for middle to old aged guitarists? :/

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.204.x) on November 5 2022, 6:02pm in 6466:
    Ask landlords and real estate agents. Their opinion will differ ;) If you can buy land to drill for oil and gas and destroy our planet you can buy land to protect it from us. That's the great thing about economy: its biggest weakness is also its biggest potential to save our butts from us.

  • Posted by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 5 2022, 2:38pm in 6466:
    1 cannot "buy" what belongs to all- earth is an inheritance for ALL mankinds.. they should be guardians and peaceful keepers of the garden,yet some are not.

  • Posted by Just Asking (66.115.146.x) on November 4 2022, 8:12pm in 6467:
    He's great. Mid 90's "I Feel Alright" would be a excellent entry point for the uninitiated.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.204.x) on November 4 2022, 11:58am in 6466:
    Buy rain forest and protect it from the rest of the world. Or the forests of siberia. Both are ecologically important for the planet and a good investment.

  • Posted by Justin on November 3 2022, 10:14pm in 6466:
    That would require some significant thought...

  • Posted by make it better (185.246.211.x) on November 3 2022, 9:56pm in 6466:
    how would you get rid of it / spread it around

  • Posted by 2022 (31.124.45.x) on November 3 2022, 11:39am in 6464:
    justin,with all respect- remember back why you employed schwa (did he not do something that was not permitted which impressed you? ) think about it..extra capable minded users can help "fix things" a lot quicker by owning a right to modify for the good of all.. + please check gumshoe opinion on registrations of any kind...this is quotable and researchable fact ok.. > youtu.be/Q4dZHORYjKw cheers.

  • Posted by Justin on November 2 2022, 3:43pm in 6464:
    FWIW if you buy a REAPER license, you for all intents and purposes "own" that license and it's good for as long as you want to use those REAPER versions, so what's the hangup? You own the license to use, not the actual thing.

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 2 2022, 2:04pm in 6464:
    in our honorable opinion.. people can "own"...just not duplicate,replicate,redistribute or reseell any working parts..any further modification is an issue to be clarified in detail..simplesd./?

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 2 2022, 1:57pm in 6463:
    Ok- yeah- its all a bit grey lined..if 1 checks the accepted version of owner,or ownership...then there is blacks laws version...hmmm.. 1 can only say further clarity allround might be nicer and being a step closer to that humanitarian goal some seek..we value your private opinions and admire the ability to shift,at any moment. Bless...expect some purchases shortly anyway.

  • Posted by Justin on November 2 2022, 12:44pm in 6463:
    You can own the license to use it -- as long as you follow the terms of the license the license is perpetual for the versions included, but we'll never give you ownership of the product itself. That's strictly ours.

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 2 2022, 10:12am in 6463:
    ok thankyou- it would basically only be about "ownership of product".. because submitting through registration waivers any rights to ownership... if i buy something,i want to OWN it,not rent or lease. (which i think is fair trading jfyi)

  • Posted by Mike (193.37.33.x) on November 2 2022, 7:11am in 6447:
    there is a great YouTube video from a user named VideoFromSpace who discussed what would have been required to develop fake footage with the limitations of film. long story short it was easier to go to the moon than have Stanley Kubrick try to direct a secret project for the nefarious reason of ... making people think we went to the moon?

  • Posted by Mike (172.58.46.x) on November 1 2022, 7:29pm in 6462:
    here is my unsolicited idea for your costume next year- same idea as a hoodie but make it a black robe and include a scythe. then when people say,"ahhhh I get what you're doing, very clever." you can pull off your hood to reveal a hipster mustache as you reply," I'm dressed as Thanatos!"

  • Posted by Albi (77.3.156.x) on November 1 2022, 7:16pm in 6460:
    "Without login, you can't install apps into any smartphone, right?" - You certainly can. Using F-Droid or Aurora Store or simply an alternative OS on your Android smartphone.

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 1 2022, 5:53pm in 6462:
    sorry to but in #but! LOL- sweet.

  • Posted by dunnoer (89.82.152.x) on October 31 2022, 4:23pm in 6460:
    Is it impossible to install W11 on a computer without internet access?

  • Posted by Justin on October 31 2022, 2:26pm in 6460:
    I don't like being dependent on a company to use my device! A smartphone is not a computer.

  • Posted by XPME (182.69.49.x) on October 31 2022, 9:20am in 6460:
    Ahhhh, but what's the problem there? Just login in and you are good to go. You also need to login in your smartphone. Without login, you can't install apps into any smartphone, right?

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on October 31 2022, 2:54am in 6456:
    lol...honestly..if its a trust thing- thats fine..just was doing something in blender image wise and that snap appeared in the "hit list"...sorry,a bit of quick fun. =)

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.200.x) on October 30 2022, 3:03pm in 6453:
    There's an extension to the truth quote I quoted: the actual truth(that no one sees, due subjectivity)

  • Posted by Chris (46.114.203.x) on October 30 2022, 1:16pm in 6453:
    My previous comment refers more to Mestopines. At least just as important as the truth are the right conclusions, I would add to.

  • Posted by Justin on October 30 2022, 12:30pm in 6456:
    I'm afraid to look

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 30 2022, 11:43am in 6456:
    well.. a little birdy made these 2 things (drive.google.com/file/d/1tShbLqyYf... + (drive.google.com/file/d/1CqgZ6Yc5r... wondered if they should get deleted immediately ? 😃

  • Posted by Francesco (93.41.113.x) on October 29 2022, 8:11pm in 6458:
    This is great! I read somewhere that it is going to be open sourced at some point. Are there any news on that end?

  • Posted by Justin on October 29 2022, 2:15pm in 6453:
    I think I meant there are probable truths, nothing is absolute but certain things are very very likely to be true

  • Posted by Chris (46.114.204.x) on October 29 2022, 1:25pm in 6453:
    Then somebody is wrong? Sounds more like their *reality* and your reality.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.200.x) on October 28 2022, 8:53pm in 6453:
    According to Joe Michael Straczynski, there are multiple truths. Their truth, your truth and the truth that you don't even admit to yourself(radically reduced quote).

  • Posted by Chris (46.114.205.x) on October 27 2022, 11:51pm in 6453:
    Nice to hear!

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 27 2022, 2:38pm in 6452:
    ahhh- the joys of browsing..ok many thanks! am most greatful for your constant service to others..this is good...........imo.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.200.x) on October 25 2022, 6:47pm in 6448:
    I personally think, that this question can be answered by the wonderful people in the Reaper forum as well. Probably with suggestions for crazy scripts already doing what you are after. As Justin didn't invent humanization, there's plenty of people knowing this too. And such a thread, beginning with your question, will help others too and so on.

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 25 2022, 9:43am in 6448:
    you are the boss here- maybe your polite message here- could appear more bodly..or in colourful letters to highlight that request.....think a forum thread would be helpful too...and to reiterate that request there =)

  • Posted by Justin on October 24 2022, 11:09pm in 6448:
    That would encourage posts like this?

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 24 2022, 9:31pm in 6448:
    justin..would it not be useful for YOU to create a specific forum thread dedicated to questions like this? (people wish for answers from the organ grinder,not the monkies)

  • Posted by HELP!!! (117.99.165.x) on October 23 2022, 4:11pm in 6445:
    Thanks for the HELP!!!

  • Posted by Justin on October 23 2022, 3:05pm in 6443:
    OK I'll go with 2015, gives me lots of different routes to explore

  • Posted by vitalker (195.191.162.x) on October 23 2022, 9:16am in 6447:
    What's so hard to believe? Even USSR told NASA were on the moon.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.205.x) on October 23 2022, 7:43am in 6447:
    Lack of space.And they were convinced,that greater achievents were around the corner. Which didn't happen. You don't understand historical significance while you live it. Significance is always attributed afterwards.Even the impact of the pandemic will be understood in 10-20 years time. Right now,all we know: it sucks. In 20 years, the impact of it on disease understanding will shine a different light on it. We can't see this light yet. So did they with the moonlanding..

  • Posted by Falafel (189.112.245.x) on October 23 2022, 12:32am in 6443:
    You wouldn't age and would every loop get back with the body you had. But if some terminal accident happened you would die normally and wont go back.

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 22 2022, 10:30pm in 6447:
    perhaps- although nasa did recently admit to "destroying all that technology"..... why would they even DO that? (considering it to be a great human achievement) would #you destroy a creation of historical,or scientific interest? thanks.

  • Posted by jack (193.32.127.x) on October 22 2022, 10:11pm in 6446:
    Thanks Mespotine. One of the issues, for me at least, is going beyond tertiary information about some topic I find interesting after the bulk of the fun is had; you'll get some cursory implementation and surface level understanding before the new shiny thing shows up. I can't help but feel that's a bad trait to have, or maybe I've just naive. I wonder how much of Reaper's development involves a cycle like that?

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.205.x) on October 22 2022, 6:26pm in 6446:
    Remember: the sheer existence of Reaper is (IIRC) because Justin wanted to make music and other DAWs weren't fun to use. So he started Reaper which indicated what to learn.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.205.x) on October 22 2022, 6:24pm in 6446:
    It rather depends on what you want to do in your career. Which is probably what makes fun for you. Specialize in this. For instance, if you are interested in obscure programming languages, learn old ones. There's tons of old computing systems still running on COBOL etc. But the programmers who knew it die out. It's a niche that could give you income for a long time. So it depends on your career choice.

  • Posted by Justin on October 22 2022, 6:18pm in 6447:
    nonsense imo, especially given how hard it would be to fake with 1969 tech

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 22 2022, 12:24pm in 6447:
    how can 1 be certain...many rumours of fakery--- (the et's also claim the van allen radiation belt is lethal to most all physical objects....?)

  • Posted by jack (146.70.134.x) on October 21 2022, 9:47pm in 6446:
    For sure, I just meant specifically regarding career/skillset. There's a lot of overlap between interesting topics re: programming that I find fun (primarily), but also advance my skillset. But certain things, like webdev stuff, I have almost 0 interest in, but I feel like it would be beneficial to get a baseline. Things like that... Tangentially, any network programming book recommendations? Thanks :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 21 2022, 8:57pm in 6446:
    Having fun is valid goal in itself! That's probably the most common goal for me.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.200.x) on October 21 2022, 6:50pm in 6446:
    I would add, if it sounds fun(and isn't destructive to you or others) can be reason enough to learn something. Not everything must fit a goal to be worth your time.

  • Posted by Justin on October 21 2022, 1:00pm in 6443:
    Would I age during this loop? Would I start out as 44 year old me? Assuming so, a recent pre-covid year sounds good to me

  • Posted by Falafel (189.112.245.x) on October 21 2022, 3:05am in 6443:
    You would remember each iteration, you would go to that year with all knowledge you already have, each year loop would start equal. You can also choose a month/day to start the loop that will end 365 days after.

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 20 2022, 9:10pm in 6444:
    yes indeed it is so- think most creatives actually draw most inspiration from their surroundings..fill it with beauty,and beautiful things can,and do happen. =) (which leads to further question.. "where does inspiration or grand design actually spring from?" heh)

  • Posted by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on October 19 2022, 2:52am in 6438:
    Sorry, tried to format as multiline, no luck.

  • Posted by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on October 19 2022, 2:46am in 6438:
    I did :) But just to see if it were that or:const add = function (a, b) { return a+b;};orconst add = (a, b) => a + b;Or, another way. "add" aside, I write the latter arrow style most often these days. Curious if you find too terse or just, whatever. I do see benefits to having "function" there for quick recognition when visually scanning lines. I guess it's like same chord/different voicing, or same voicing just on different strings :)

  • Posted by mike s (173.70.39.x) on October 18 2022, 4:28am in 6434:
    yep..yep i hear you on that. all the best to you!

  • Posted by saike (84.106.132.x) on October 17 2022, 9:10pm in 6423:
    There's a line in here for you :D youtube.com/watch?v=WIqC8WlwJx0

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.19.x) on October 17 2022, 9:05pm in 6431:
    Looks like newer VS docs getting worse relating to Win32 programming as information is getting hidden a little bit and more modern things are getting promoted. I would recommended to try read the documentation provided by VS itself in order to find the logical sections. The most straight forward Win32 docs so far has to be MSDN 6.0.

  • Posted by Justin on October 16 2022, 12:58am in 6429:
    PT time value shape flags sel ts_flags bez_tension time_QN metronome_pattern_l32 metronome_pattern_h32 ts_beatbase. flags is used for bezier subtype if not a tempo envelope, otherwise high 16 bits are time signature bottom, low 16 bitsd time signature top.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.4.x) on October 16 2022, 12:12am in 6429:
    Thanks. Though I meant some of the values before the met. pattern too, the missing ones here: github.com/reaper-oss/sws/pull/156...Btw. in my previous question I typed the Less-than_sign and it got cut off.

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 15 2022, 11:41am in 6426:
    them brians them

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 15 2022, 11:37am in 6427:
    ok thanks very much.

  • Posted by spoiled hobo (77.180.69.x) on October 14 2022, 10:13am in 6426:
    I think it's a common logical error that the set of modern anglican protestant values (or lack of humanist ones) is considered congruent with the one of Jesus only because the bearers of the previous still choose to label themselves with the latter's past name. The Pythons have made this perfecly clear with ...Brian.

  • Posted by Albi (77.10.75.x) on October 12 2022, 9:45pm in 6424:
    Let's start with a "short" one then: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Hahaha! But honestly, I think you might enjoy it.

  • Posted by jack (141.98.255.x) on October 10 2022, 4:16pm in 6420:
    Thanks for the replies :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 10 2022, 11:50am in 6420:
    re: CHAR, whatever floats your boat? it's rarely an issue, the only real advantage I can see is if you made it typedef signed char CHAR; since arm defaults to unsigned char :/

  • Posted by Justin on October 10 2022, 11:49am in 6420:
    this-> is too tedious to type and you could still accidentally access a member via the implicit this without it.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.19.x) on October 10 2022, 12:11am in 6420:
    For me WDL [member] function naming makes sense at first glance, everything is good and crystal clear: WDL_TypedBuf::Add() - never understood what was the deal with the STL equivalent std::vector::push_back

  • Posted by jack (185.213.154.x) on October 9 2022, 5:05pm in 6420:
    Somewhat related - am I insane for thinking about using 'typedef char CHAR', I use fixed-width types typedefd to shorter-hand, e.g 'typedef uint8_t U8', and I prefer them as uppercase, so to be consistent I feel like I should use 'CHAR', seems kinda crazy, no?? haha

  • Posted by jack (185.213.154.x) on October 9 2022, 4:59pm in 6420:
    Any reason you prefer m_ instead of a more modern 'this->'? I think that removes the collision and ambiguity in member functions; a quick grep of your WDL stuff seems that you rarely, if ever, use 'this->', (nor do I).

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 8 2022, 10:32am in 6412:
    *Includes feature branch: internal pin management overhaul for future extension (?)

  • Posted by PEPEO (82.102.23.x) on October 7 2022, 2:17pm in 6416:
    Kaulquappe, what are you missing on the midi editor just out of curiocity? thanks

  • Posted by Kaulquappe (37.120.217.x) on October 6 2022, 6:23am in 6416:
    Deal, better is better

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 3 2022, 2:23pm in 6411:
    ahhh wise.. yeah,i did not believe them either. ;)

  • Posted by Justin on October 2 2022, 10:27pm in 6411:
    any number? ok I pick 0

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 2 2022, 8:21pm in 6411:
    o no..in this case,just 1,7..or 42 (you can pick any number!) :D

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 1 2022, 8:06am in 6406:
    tbch- (we) done karate in earlier years- it WAS 1 of the best investments ever made.. it not only gave confidence,speed,& long term health,but also ability to overcome inner conflicts...as this is where the true "battles" begin & end. ;)

  • Posted by Justin on September 30 2022, 2:25am in 6410:
    the C++ standard library isn't risky, but it takes you a lot farther away from the machine code, so you sometimes lose track of what code is actually being generated. That's just my curmudgeon of a take ;) and no we don't use Boost either

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.228.x) on September 29 2022, 11:10am in 6410:
    Sorry, that's why you built WDL ? Do that means that using C++ standard library is risky and why many people rely on it ? Best.

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.228.x) on September 29 2022, 9:22am in 6410:
    Do you use Boost ? Best

  • Posted by Justin on September 28 2022, 10:34pm in 6410:
    We do have our moments of failure, but in general it's less about guidelines and more about care and taking time to make sure things are correct. Being able to understand the code being generated is a help, which is part of why we don't use the C++ standard library, it's usually pretty incomprehensible.

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