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Question: I know you don't go to Facebook but the group I created in 2008 just hit 4000+ members. It's pretty alive and people share problems and solutions there. Just wanted to let you know. https://www.facebook.com/groups/reaperusergroup/ [permalink]
Asked by Patrick (68.168.119.x) on July 20 2017, 2:47pm
Reply on July 20 2017, 5:46pm:

Question: re: thanks, that was helpful. byteadvance might be useful for other bps too, e.g. i think flac uses a 32bit integer for all bitdepths in the write callback, etc. [permalink]
Asked by fkbash (79.130.172.x) on July 19 2017, 9:05pm
Reply on July 20 2017, 5:46pm:
    Perhaps, yeah

Question: Re: Yes, I was there with the basic functionality but how about byteadvancefor24? [permalink]
Asked by fkbash (79.130.172.x) on July 19 2017, 2:11pm
Reply on July 19 2017, 3:02pm:
    Use 0 if you want your 24 bit samples packed, otherwise if you want them padded to 32 bits, use 1 (or 1*nch if interleaved)...

Question: How do I properly use doublesToPcm for 24 bit data? [permalink]
Asked by fkbash (79.130.172.x) on July 19 2017, 8:17am
Reply on July 19 2017, 1:32pm:
    Assuming input and output are planar (not interleaved):
    for (x=0;x<nch;x++)
      doublesToPcm(double_ptr[x], 1, num_samples, char_ptr[x], 24, 1,0);
    If interleaved, then:
    for (x=0;x<nch;x++)
      doublesToPcm(double_ptr+x, nch, num_samples, char_ptr + 3*x, 24, nch,0);

Question: Ever considered switching to Clang for all platforms? It's pretty easily integrated into MSVS. Lotsa nice static analysis tools, better error messages, standards compliant (soon to be c++17 complete) For Reaper 6.0 perhaps? [permalink]
Asked by fmap (131.202.134.x) on July 18 2017, 7:39pm
Reply on July 19 2017, 1:30pm:
    Maybe, we do dev builds with it all the time on macOS. Gotta do some benchmarkings compared to ICC, though...

Question: Can you recommend Grandaddy / Lytle songs for someone who only knows "He's Simple..."? [permalink]
Asked by Andy (173.239.215.x) on July 17 2017, 11:11pm
Reply on July 18 2017, 3:49am:
    I like albums -- "He's simple..." is followed by a fantastic album (The Sophtware Slump). I can't pick individual songs as favorites, it works so well as an album, but "Jed's Other Poem" and "The Crystal Lake" are so good.

    The Jason Lytle album "Yours Truly, The Commuter", is also very good in a different way. "Ghost of My Old Dog" is so simple and beautiful, and flows in to "I am lost...".

    Having said all of that, the rawness of the old stuff, "Under the Western Freeway", especially "Everything Beautiful is Far Away" is very appealing to me. There's also an album "A pretty mess by this one band" or something which is great.

    Just to be clear: I'm not recommending songs there, but the entire albums. Just noting songs that since you asked for songs... ;)

Question: Have you considered making WDL available via vcpkg? [permalink]
Asked by Paul (5.64.201.x) on July 16 2017, 8:04pm
Reply on July 16 2017, 9:37pm (edited at July 16 2017, 9:38pm):
    Nope, I figure most people who will use WDL will want to merge it into their git repositories, or something (or install it next to them)

Question: Does software that has music notation tend to use images to draw the notes or actually draw them using the programing language draw functions. (badly worded but hopefully you can figure out what I'm trying to say and learn) [permalink]
Asked by badlyworded (90.219.145.x) on July 10 2017, 5:40pm
Reply on July 10 2017, 6:07pm:
Question: Do you ever jam on ninjam? And if so, what's your handle? [permalink]
Asked by bring (68.230.10.x) on July 5 2017, 5:53pm
Reply on July 5 2017, 7:53pm:
    Rarely these days

Question: Recently, I read where you are working on REAPER for linux. Why would you pursue that? [permalink]
Asked by bring (68.230.10.x) on July 5 2017, 2:17pm
Reply on July 5 2017, 7:53pm:
    So that I can use REAPER on linux! Also it helps find more bugs. Valgrind is awesome.

Question: Should I have said slower and slower? :) :) :) [permalink]
Asked by William (24.126.142.x) on July 1 2017, 4:47pm
Reply on July 1 2017, 5:59pm:
    Moore's law?

Question: Do you use 'const' much in your code? Irresistable bitcoin comment: Blockchain just gets bigger and bigger. Won't scale. [permalink]
Asked by William (24.126.142.x) on July 1 2017, 1:15pm
Reply on July 1 2017, 2:43pm:
    Yeah, I do use const as much as possible at this point. Blockchain, yeah, but that's only a minor criticism I'd say :)

Question: If aliens killed almost our entire population (except yourself and and your best friends) and destroyed every single server, hard drive and computer in existence but you somehow had the chance to save one computer with one piece of software on it, what would it be? [permalink]
Asked by Dag Lundberg (80.216.207.x) on July 1 2017, 7:15am
Reply on July 1 2017, 2:42pm:
    Hah, well most software requires other software, so I'd say a fully stocked debian install with source code installed would be nice.

Question: What's the state of Linux audio stack? It looks to me at this point with Cortana/Siri, telemetry, random background services, etc Linux is the only option in the sense of traditional computing, like an old school workstation in control by its user. Ever thinking to move your creations there? [permalink]
Asked by Balloonist (85.73.181.x) on June 30 2017, 5:34am
Reply on June 30 2017, 1:41pm:
    It's not bad, if you have hardware support. the REAPER for Linux port is coming along nicely (it's available via the prerelease forum too)

Question: Is building plugins with MinGW still a no-no? I'm building a dev environment on a USB stick and MSVS is very non-portable (and doesn't yet support C++17) [permalink]
Asked by fmap (131.202.134.x) on June 28 2017, 1:35pm
Reply on June 29 2017, 1:34am:
    Hmm, if you don't use any C++ interfaces it would always be fine. If you do use them, then mingw would need to support the MSVC thiscall calling convention, which I'm not sure if it supports at this point... does it? It looks like maybe on x64 it would just work... unclear.

Question: Not to try and project my economic view on you, but imagine IBM could issue more stock at will without stockholder consent. Our wages, wealth and debt are all affected by arbitrary inflation in the hands of central planners. Google Fred Money Base. [permalink]
Asked by JimmaJamma (173.63.50.x) on June 27 2017, 6:15pm
Reply on June 27 2017, 8:14pm:
    "Not to try and project my economic view on you" hmm that should be "Let me project...". Anyway, I'm familiar with those arguments, I just don't agree with them. IMO having constrained currency is vastly more destructive than having some inflation. But neither of us are experts anyhow and this is really not the best venue for such a discussion. Let's call this matter closed for this web site. Thank you.

Question: Tesla's up 10x in short time too. Is that a bubble? Bitcoin is a new innovation in computer science that potentially disrupts central banking and the enslavement that comes along with it by removing the middle man, their hands at the inflation controls, and rendering much of the services that large organizations with very large buildings all over the world c [permalink]
Asked by JimmaJamma (173.63.50.x) on June 27 2017, 5:36am
Reply on June 27 2017, 1:47pm (edited at June 27 2017, 1:49pm):
    I would say that using Tesla stock as a currency would be a similarly bad idea. Human hands (minds) at the inflation controls are probably a much better than thing than you give them credit for, assuming those people are well-intentioned (which they do seem to be, mostly).

Question: Why is forum.cockos.com temporarily down ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.81.x) on June 27 2017, 12:35am
Reply on June 27 2017, 1:47pm:

Question: What can the whole world do with North Korea? [permalink]
Asked by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on June 26 2017, 8:02pm
Reply on June 26 2017, 9:10pm:
    I wish I had an answer there, it's very sad :(

Question: Cash: Multi-sig with escrow - solved (OpenBazaar does this). Theft - get a Trezor - with power comes responsibility. Volatility is proportional to MktCap and steadily going down. Dollar has lost 90% of it's value due to inflation. Bitcoin has scheduled and declining inflation. Price is up 10x since last time I asked you. I'll check back next year. [permalink]
Asked by JimmaJamma (173.63.50.x) on June 26 2017, 6:49pm
Reply on June 26 2017, 9:11pm:
    Yeah, it's up 10x. Bubble. Totally a bubble. It's not a matter of if, just when.
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