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Question: Do you primarily use a trackpad, a mouse or some other cursor control device? [permalink]
Asked by Robert (47.201.169.x) on November 19 2017, 9:56pm
Reply on November 20 2017, 2:04pm:
    On a desktop I use a regular mouse, on laptops I think my preference is the thinkpad nipple.

Question: Any thoughts on the Lamda School and/or coding bootcamps in general? [permalink]
Asked by Karl Hungus (69.120.228.x) on November 19 2017, 9:36pm
Reply on November 20 2017, 2:04pm:
    No idea.

Question: reaper was already the best general purpose daw, but after automation items, it's so better at electronic music than anything else, it's not even fair. not a question, just saying thanks. [permalink]
Asked by dunno_name (87.20.89.x) on November 19 2017, 11:31am
Reply on November 20 2017, 2:04pm:
    Thank you!

Question: I am a web developer. What simple website can I build that I can maintain after work and on weekends that will earn me $1000 per month. [permalink]
Asked by Jacques (197.95.195.x) on November 16 2017, 7:36pm
Reply on November 16 2017, 7:39pm (edited at November 16 2017, 7:40pm):
    What simple website do you wish existed but doesn't? It probably won't earn you anything but if you're just in it for the money you're going to have a bad time mmmkay?

Question: Is there any further development planned for Reamote? The ultimate goal I have in mind is to be able to run old Windows plugins on a Mac using a Reamote slave running inside a Crossover Mac bottle [permalink]
Asked by Vance (173.56.53.x) on November 15 2017, 1:31am
Reply on November 16 2017, 3:56am:
    No plans at the moment

Question: Whenever reinstalling Windows (or a new system) I always default to Winamp 2.81. The last one without full web and any integration. I still use it for all music playback and will continue to do so as long as it works. Any plans on updating/creating/remaking a version of a PLAYER of sorts that does the same thing? No resource hog, same controls, etc.? One day Cont'd: it will stop working. And I can't code so I can't do it myself. P.S. The spectrum voiceprint analyzer doesn't work at all. No matter what I try. It does work under Win XP in VirtualBox (I tried) but not in Windows 10. Any tips on making it work (with Winamp 2.81)? Thanks. [permalink]
Asked by Alex (79.114.5.x) on November 14 2017, 9:13am
Reply on November 14 2017, 3:04pm:
    Sort of been there done that, you know? Re: voiceprint analyzer, I'd guess that there's some DirectDraw issue with Win10, maybe... Try running Winamp in Windows XP compatibility mode?

Question: Sorry to ask Reaper question... in the arrange area, clicking with a Wacom pen to move cursor doesn’t always register single (left) clicks. Do you have any idea why? It always registers when clicking on the time / ruler area above without fail. I find this odd. Ive tried all different Pen settings, no luck. Thanks [permalink]
Asked by NGF (213.205.252.x) on November 11 2017, 9:45pm
Reply on November 11 2017, 11:44pm:
    If I had to guess it would be because the arrange area has scrollbars, the Wacom driver probably looks at it and decides to handle things differently.

Question: How did you meet Jhon Schwarts ? (How did you became friends?) [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on November 11 2017, 5:07pm
Reply on November 11 2017, 11:43pm:
    He was a REAPER user...

Question: Do you ninjam? [permalink]
Asked by Brummbear (69.172.164.x) on November 11 2017, 4:36am
Reply on November 11 2017, 3:38pm:
    Sometimes but not enough!

Question: Did you ever go through a phase where you tried to gain muscle? How often do you lift weights these days? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (76.110.183.x) on November 10 2017, 6:37pm
Reply on November 10 2017, 9:48pm (edited at November 10 2017, 9:51pm):
    Nah I do calisthenics and stuff but never really lift weights. Besides, building too much muscle would hurt my running performance...

Question: Do you have any pets, exept lamas? [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on November 10 2017, 4:43am
Reply on November 10 2017, 9:48pm:
    I have no pets

Question: Do you do any kind of continuing education in programming? [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on November 10 2017, 1:32am
Reply on November 10 2017, 3:24am:
    That implies I had some education to begin with...

Question: I apologize for being blunt, are you rich? (Long version: are you financially motivated to develop your DAW for a living?) [permalink]
Asked by Ivan (109.251.112.x) on November 8 2017, 5:33pm
Reply on November 8 2017, 6:22pm:
    Enough to feel bad about it, yeah.

Question: Have you experimented with intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet? [permalink]
Asked by Prizmaxic (65.73.206.x) on November 8 2017, 4:11pm
Reply on November 8 2017, 4:16pm:
    No, that sounds awful.

Question: Re: That's exactly my worry. It seems to me that the motto ``write once, compile anywhere'' loses ground with that approach, plus modern C++ standards aren't helping at all with added complexity, etc. But, does it really matter these days? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (2.87.62.x) on November 7 2017, 5:07pm
Reply on November 8 2017, 4:16pm:

Question: It looks like Google Chrome M62 tackled portability issues by using clang across Win/Mac/Linux. What do you think of their approach? I know you follow the same approach more or less with ICC, could you give some insights from your experience with REAPER? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (94.70.0.x) on November 7 2017, 6:51am
Reply on November 7 2017, 2:44pm:
    Hmm, seems to me like if you have to use a specific compiler then you're code isn't as portable as it should be?

Question: Do you watch Anime? [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on November 6 2017, 9:17pm
Reply on November 7 2017, 2:25am:

Question: What TVs do you use (make/model) and are you happy with them? [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on November 6 2017, 7:07pm
Reply on November 6 2017, 7:36pm (edited at November 6 2017, 7:37pm):
    I don't have a TV... Most shows I watch on a 2013(?) retina macbook pro, which works well!

Question: INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX, SHITEMID, etc. What is going on with WINAPI, was it meant to be funny? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (94.70.0.x) on November 6 2017, 7:43am
Reply on November 6 2017, 2:57pm:
    Hah, I'm sure people had a laugh when adding some of those structs.

Question: any thoughts on HIIT (interval training) as a far more time-efficient way to exercise? [permalink]
Asked by Ryan (23.16.24.x) on November 6 2017, 1:59am
Reply on November 6 2017, 2:57pm:
    Not really, exercise isn't about results for me, it's about the process and experience. Interval training definitely helps for improving fitness though.
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