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Question: what do you think of bitcoin?
Asked by btcguy (24.5.71.x) on March 23 2018, 2:41pm
Reply on March 23 2018, 9:23pm:
    Interesting concept, but in practice it is a ridiculous waste of energy and of people's time. I have a bet with a friend that it'll be less than $2,000 for a BTC by June. I might not win, but it's closer to that now than it was when I made the bet ;)

  • Posted by JimmaJamma (24.228.131.x) on May 31 2020, 3:27am:
    How'd that bet work out? :) Btw, I asked your thoughts on Bitcoin and dispelled some common myths back in 2015 and 2017. Might make sense to consider others *may* have insights you don't. I'm truly sorry I was unable to convince you. Be back next year. Looking forward to your 2028 prediction too.

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