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Question: How do you implement something like peak display for audio files? Pre render at multiple resolutions? OpenGL shader or something like that? I'm absolutely unfamiliar with graphics programming but interested so I might ask a couple follow ups
Asked by blimp (79.37.18.x) on July 2 2018, 9:32am
Reply on July 2 2018, 10:48pm:
    There are mip-maps for the peaks but other than that there's no pre-rendering, just sampling (min/max) of the points in the appropriate mipmap.
Question: I am extremely sorry to ask this question directly .... but I have a huge respect to you since you are a hardcore audio geek and musician. In a process of normalizing dose it negativly affect audio quality? (Dose normolizing damage audio quality? )
Asked by Erick (172.250.71.x) on July 1 2018, 1:01pm
Reply on July 1 2018, 3:25pm (edited at July 1 2018, 3:26pm):
    Assuming that:
    1. The signal is not otherwise processed
    2. The output bit-depth is equal to or greater than the input
    3. Applying a non-negative gain to the signal
    4. The output signal does not clip

    In this case, if you apply gain, you can apply the reverse amount of gain and get the exact (bit-for-bit) signal back. So it should not damage the audio in any way.
Question: How many questions can we post here per day? Just 1? Why limit? To reduce traffic?
Asked by Geeky (117.207.141.x) on July 1 2018, 11:58am
Reply on July 1 2018, 12:11pm:
    There are throttling spam controls, the specifics of which I won't go into.
Question: Why Steinberg gave licence to use their VST format to other DAWs including REAPER (even Reason have VST now). I mean, don't they face loss with this, because then many of the user use other DAWs instead of Cubase?
Asked by Steiny (117.197.6.x) on June 30 2018, 3:38pm
Reply on June 30 2018, 5:44pm:
    More support from other DAWs = more plugins = better platform, I'd think? But who knows what they were thinking... Or who knows what they're thinking about trying to prevent people from using VST2...
Question: How much vocal range do you have?
Asked by Singer (117.242.98.x) on June 30 2018, 5:09am
Reply on June 30 2018, 5:44pm:
    I don't know, not a lot? :)
Question: You haven't made any stock instruments for REAPER (okay, there is one), because there are plenty of plugins out there. Then why have you made effects? There are plenty of effects out there too.
Asked by Curiosity (104.236.53.x) on June 30 2018, 5:08am
Reply on June 30 2018, 5:44pm:
    There are 3 technically.. but mainly because I use eqs and compressors a lot, whereas VSTis not so much?
Question: my last post was a joke, I appreciate the help, could I email you to discuss in detail if you have some time? (sequencer)
Asked by sam_lich (67.21.182.x) on June 29 2018, 4:58pm
Reply on June 30 2018, 3:00am:
    Yeah I know! Sure, email me, I can't promise how helpful I'll be but we'll see...
Question: hi, although brilliant scripts are the result, how do you feel about programmers reverse engineering your code?
Asked by fixerdave (79.71.241.x) on June 29 2018, 2:07pm
Reply on June 30 2018, 3:01am:
    I don't think there's much reverse engineering of code, it's more figuring out ways to use the APIs available to do interesting things, which is great. I'd be against using insight used from reverse engineering, though, because it would make everything fragile. If you use the defined APIs we can make sure not to break them. If you take advantage of internals, then we don't know what we can change and what we can't...
Question: Do you like or hate auto-speller in mobile phones?
Asked by Android (220.158.146.x) on June 29 2018, 3:40am
Reply on June 29 2018, 1:15pm:
    It ends up bothering me most of the time
Question: Do you know music theory & notations, and can you read sheet music?
Asked by Musical Note (104.236.205.x) on June 29 2018, 3:38am
Reply on June 29 2018, 1:16pm:
    I can read monophonic sheet music (e.g. when playing flute or clarinet) fast enough to play slower pieces, but on piano I end up going quite slow. As for music theory, I know some but am no expert.
Question: Knowing your background in creating Gnutella, how would I go about pitching you a project that could help you save the planet?
Asked by Falco (85.28.76.x) on June 28 2018, 9:29pm
Reply on June 28 2018, 9:37pm:
    Post it on the internet for all to read and give me a link!
Question: Why haven't you made 'commenting' feature here? So that we people can comment in other people's questions as well as your answers too.
Asked by Abhi (59.92.94.x) on June 28 2018, 4:42pm
Reply on June 28 2018, 7:44pm:
    That's a thought, but then it'd probably degenerate as things on the internet often do.
Question: Will it ever be possible to sync two (reaper) DAWs sessions with eachother i.e sharing session and being able to apply FX (from other computer) and preview sessions on the fly? aka collaboration mode
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on June 28 2018, 7:39am
Reply on June 28 2018, 7:44pm:
    That would be cool, maybe. I've thought about various models but haven't gotten to one that I was ready to implement.
Question: Thanks for the previous response, I'm building a sequencer in python, now that I have all the secrets, you're going DOWN, bye bye cockos lol
Asked by sam_lich (64.234.61.x) on June 27 2018, 5:15pm
Reply on June 28 2018, 1:14am:
    Sweet, look forward to it!
Question: Is music, your hobby and programming, your passion? Or the other way around? Or both are your passions?
Asked by Bobby (220.158.145.x) on June 27 2018, 3:58pm
Reply on June 28 2018, 1:14am:
    Good question! I think both are passions, some days one more than the other :)
Question: Ever thought of using super8 with midi (aka midilooper) besides audio?
Asked by Curious (87.177.53.x) on June 27 2018, 12:37pm
Reply on June 27 2018, 1:43pm:
    I've thought about extending super8 to support that, but I haven't thought about using it that way (if I had a MIDI use for it I'd probably do it!).
Question: I really love REAPER's website's layout & design. Have you made that website completely by your own? Or you have used some templates from website making websites?
Asked by HTML (103.61.89.x) on June 27 2018, 9:00am
Reply on June 27 2018, 1:42pm:
    White_Tie did most of the CSS for it, I think... by hand-ish?
Question: Can you help with calculating pixels to move per bpm? When moving a playhead?
Asked by sam_lich (64.234.61.x) on June 26 2018, 10:01pm
Reply on June 27 2018, 1:41pm:
    If you are displaying with pixels/second:
    x_position = pixels_per_second * beat_position * 60 / bpm
    If you are displaying pixels/beat:
    x_position = pixels_per_beat * beat_position
Question: Are there any blogs/docs out there about the evolution of EEL2?
Asked by Paul (5.68.38.x) on June 26 2018, 7:26pm
Reply on June 27 2018, 1:40pm:
    One could poke through the git history :)
Question: Is there anything you don't like about Fastspring?
Asked by Bob (161.69.123.x) on June 26 2018, 2:17pm
Reply on June 26 2018, 2:30pm (edited at June 26 2018, 2:31pm):
    They're great! We don't want to switch.
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