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Question: I'm looking for a new PC. Should I only consider CPU performance (ie : cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php to run live amp sims+a few synths+samples smoothly? What about single/multi-core performance? Btw, I have a good interface (RME). Thanks for you input!
Asked by james (198.91.196.x) on July 11 2018, 2:56am
Reply on July 11 2018, 12:43pm:
    There are trade-offs between single and multiple core, something with a high single core performance and 4 cores these days would probably be ideal for synths/amp sims/etc. Motherboard and video card also matter if you're worried about keeping DPC latencies low... But I don't have any specific advice there.
Question: Why doesn't plugin developers make their plugins run on GPU instead of CPU?
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.250.x) on July 10 2018, 12:02pm
Reply on July 10 2018, 12:51pm:
    That's a difficult thing, I think.
Question: Do you know, people can use VPN and can ask multiple questions to you consecutively?
Asked by VPN!!! (104.236.195.x) on July 9 2018, 5:26am
Reply on July 10 2018, 3:22am:
    Yes, sure. Or a proxy. Or maybe other tricks.
Question: How many girlfriends you had before in your entire life?
Asked by Romeo (117.207.140.x) on July 9 2018, 5:24am
Reply on July 10 2018, 3:23am:
    a few
Question: When you see a playhead moving that looks like 1px/1frame is this just the zoom playing tricks on you? I can't figure out how to move at 1px but still hit each step in time if that makes sense, any help with this? thanks.
Asked by sam_lich (64.234.61.x) on July 7 2018, 2:06am
Reply on July 7 2018, 3:42am:
    Not sure what that question is, sorry!
Question: Have you played live with "decanted youth"? I really like the jam from July 3, 2018!!!
Asked by Albi (177.245.59.x) on July 6 2018, 7:28pm
Reply on July 7 2018, 3:42am:
Question: If I were the developer of REAPER, and you were the user, would you ask me questions just like I am asking you? If yes, then what kind of questions?
Asked by RoBot (59.92.92.x) on July 6 2018, 6:08pm
Reply on July 7 2018, 3:40am:
    Hmm probably not.
Question: Do you ever see yourself retiring from work, or would you miss making things too much?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on July 5 2018, 4:17pm
Reply on July 5 2018, 7:32pm:
    whenever I stop for too long now I end up in a bad mood, so I dunno.
Question: Are you secretly making your own operating system and will name it as "Cock OS" ??
Asked by OSes (104.131.176.x) on July 5 2018, 4:01am
Reply on July 5 2018, 12:55pm:
    No :)
Question: Sorry, if I am noob. What does 'upgrade' actually means? (like from REAPER 4 to 5). Is REAPER 5 modification of v4 or REAPER 5 made completely from scratch? (means, without modifying v4). Will REAPER 6 completely made from scratch too (without modifying v5)?
Asked by Noob (117.242.98.x) on July 5 2018, 3:54am
Reply on July 5 2018, 12:54pm:
    REAPER v5 was derived from REAPER v4 which was derived from v3 etc etc.
Question: This is not a feature request, because it's too complex, but in many years I have always been thinking if a certain DAW feature would be possible to make at least in theory; would it be possible to make a plugin format, so that when making any processing using this format, the waveform (the "peaks") in the DAW would update it's shape in realtime. [...]
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.250.x) on July 4 2018, 11:36pm
Reply on July 5 2018, 12:54pm:
    It would probably be too CPU-intensive to be usable, so you'd have to render/cache them.. so meh.
Question: Do you think just by 'human - yes', a bot can't post a question? Why not instead add an image scan captcha, just like many other websites have?
Asked by Anti-bot (117.197.2.x) on July 4 2018, 2:01pm
Reply on July 4 2018, 3:22pm:
    It's surprisingly effective. Sophisticated bots tend to target specific web software packages, which this is not one of. If it become ineffective, I'll switch to recaptcha v2, since I had to update our various other things to that recently anwyay...
Question: Have you ever had neighbors with loud dogs that got on your nerves?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 4 2018, 12:50pm
Reply on July 4 2018, 3:21pm:
    I don't think so, I've had other noisy neighbors but noisy dogs haven't been a problem I don't think...
Question: If I make a DAW and all REAPER as well as other DAW users, switch to my DAW, will you still develop REAPER (just for yourself)? LOL ;)
Asked by RePear (59.97.207.x) on July 4 2018, 4:24am
Reply on July 4 2018, 3:20pm (edited at July 4 2018, 5:53pm):
    If I've switched to your DAW (since you said all REAPER users switched), then I would no longer develop REAPER. But if for some reason everybody else switched and I still preferred REAPER (unlikely as it may be), then I would keep developing it if only for myself, yes.
Question: When we're talking about names. Actor Robert Sean Leonard (played Wilson in House MD)... I always found it funny that he doesn't have a real surname, just three regular names stringed together. Haha.
Asked by Tinny (213.202.69.x) on July 3 2018, 8:18pm
Reply on July 3 2018, 8:20pm:
    I've been told you should be skeptical of people with first names for last names...
Question: ok.. so what is your middle name then jcf?
Asked by fixerdave (88.105.181.x) on July 3 2018, 2:20pm
Reply on July 3 2018, 8:20pm:
    Cockos, of course.
Question: What is/are the difference(s) between quora.com and askjf.com?
Asked by Curiosity (107.170.186.x) on July 3 2018, 6:08am
Reply on July 3 2018, 12:41pm:
    askjf only asks one person, me. so it's much less useful. Though it was first.
Question: If your name would be Adam Smith Kelly (weird name, I know), would the name of this website be 'askask.com'?
Asked by Goldy (61.2.248.x) on July 3 2018, 6:06am
Reply on July 3 2018, 12:41pm:
    Yeah, or askak.com (askjf could've just as easily been askjcf.com).
Question: Do you code this fast? youtube.com/watch?v=7Hlb8YX2-W8
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 3 2018, 2:05am
Reply on July 3 2018, 12:43pm:
    I definitely don't do any 10 hour sessions anymore. Nor do I talk while I'm programming. ;)
Question: Could you describe how rpool's time properties (until/now) work? Thanks.
Asked by Gio (79.131.89.x) on July 2 2018, 9:53pm
Reply on July 2 2018, 10:49pm:
    When you add a resource to the pool, you specify the time until which the owner owns it (so that if you request it before that time period, you're guaranteed nobody else took it).
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