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Question: Do you think creating a new plugin standard that is open source a good and/or feasible idea? Being at the mercy of steinberg, apple or avid in perpetuity seems like a bad idea.
Asked by rasmus (37.72.175.x) on July 26 2018, 3:58am
Reply on July 26 2018, 12:23pm (edited at July 26 2018, 12:26pm):
    This classic cartoon comes to mind:

    But this is a different case, sure, since the standards you describe are proprietary. Perhaps we need to support LV2, huge ugly hacks that it will require aside (complete destroy/create required on sample rate change, among other issues)...

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.42.x) on August 11 2020, 12:49pm:
    Hey Justin! You mention "among other issues" here... which ones are those?

  • Posted by Justin on August 18 2020, 12:02am:
    I forget I just remember seeing a few things that were a pain

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