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Question: I am curious about contributing to ninjam development to support video synced to the audio. The most recent post in the ninjam developer forums has more details. I am an amateur developer and would love for you to take a look and share your thoughts! Thanks for your time!
Asked by stooshbatis (73.123.35.x) on November 29 2018, 4:10pm
Reply on November 30 2018, 4:38am:
    You can definitely experiment with it yourself, I haven't touched ninjam code in quite some time... so I'm not sure the best place to begin.
Question: Do you like “The Rolling Stones”? If so, what’s your favorite album?
Asked by asafonov (109.172.101.x) on November 25 2018, 3:18pm
Reply on November 25 2018, 6:55pm:
    I do, but I must confess I've never listened to their albums! So many good songs though, any album you'd recommend to start with? Off the top of my head, Gimme Shelter, Paint It Black, Jumping Jack Flash, Sympathy for the Devil come to mind
Question: In your opinion, how good and capable is Linux (with ALSA and Jack) today to make music, compared to Windows and macOS (with ASIO and Core Audio)?
Asked by Sangeppato (79.16.225.x) on November 25 2018, 1:09pm
Reply on November 25 2018, 6:52pm:
    Totally capable, the only weakness IMO is the relatively few number of VST/VSTi in comparison. But that doesn't both me since I mostly just use REAPER's built in stuff and audio.
Question: Did you borrow the idea of having Nibbles/Snake in REAPER from the music tracker Fast Tracker II?
Asked by MS from Sweden (83.185.242.x) on November 24 2018, 7:22pm
Reply on November 24 2018, 9:13pm:
    Yep, FT2 was awesome.
Question: Ok. This is what I mean. Say you wave a wav file. Now you want to write code in C++ to play it without using fancy libraries. I would rather learn how it works on the most elemantary level. Where do I turn to get the information of how to do this? Any suggestions?
Asked by Ulf Enhörning (94.234.35.x) on November 24 2018, 6:24am
Reply on November 24 2018, 2:41pm:
Question: How do you create an audio signal from scratch without using any libraries? Can you tell me what terms to google for or suggest a link?
Asked by Ulf Enhörning (178.59.54.x) on November 21 2018, 11:30pm
Reply on November 24 2018, 2:23am:
    It depends on what the signal you want is I guess?
Question: "In the studio I have a Q9400 (2.6ghz, 8GB RAM maybe?) running Linux for recording, using a RME HDSP 9652 (PCI card)" Kind of surprised nobody jumped on this answer. Could you elaborate? How well do the unsupported Linux drivers work? Do you use Linux in your recording rig just to test it?
Asked by zappsunzorn (68.10.147.x) on November 21 2018, 11:54am
Reply on November 21 2018, 3:05pm:
    They work great. I got really tired of the crap Windows put me through on that machine, linux has been really a nice (though it takes the right sort of setup tweaking to get it all working well).
Question: Did you see this: forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=213180? Would you use it?
Asked by John (93.136.76.x) on November 20 2018, 1:10pm
Reply on November 21 2018, 2:59am:
    I'm no midiot... :)
Question: Does Schwa usually work on REAPER on weekends?
Asked by MS from Sweden (83.185.242.x) on November 19 2018, 7:51pm
Reply on November 19 2018, 8:37pm:
    The last 6 months aside, generally, yes.
Question: What's the most complicated thing you've built that works over tcp/ip?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on November 19 2018, 3:24pm
Reply on November 19 2018, 8:37pm:
    I dunno? WASTE? NINJAM? REAPER's web interface? Who can say?
Question: Hi Justin! If you want to do a serious recording with your band, What Sample Rate and bit depth you configure your REAPER? Thanks you in advance Justin!
Asked by Javier Ramallo (90.162.60.x) on November 19 2018, 12:52pm
Reply on November 19 2018, 2:33pm:
    Not sure if I ever do "serious" recording, but I usually record at 48khz, to 20 bit wavpack (converters are 24 bit but those lower bits are usually more noise than useful).
Question: Do you usually work on REAPER on weekends?
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.240.x) on November 18 2018, 1:05pm
Reply on November 18 2018, 8:31pm:
    Yeah I don't have a fixed schedule
Question: Does this whip the llama's ass? :P webamp.org/
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.240.x) on November 17 2018, 5:00pm
Reply on November 17 2018, 10:15pm:
    Pretty much!
Question: Not sure if you find Cutler interesting, but I noticed they posted a much longer version of his interview on youtube (and coincidentally, noticed `furan in the comments! Wonder what you two would talk about. youtube.com/watch?v=29RkHH-psrY
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on November 16 2018, 9:34pm
Reply on November 17 2018, 10:16pm:
    I'll watch that when I get a chance, maybe.
Question: A big big thanks to make Linux binaries of Reaper available!!! Will Reaper for Linux for ever be an "experimental" release?
Asked by Nuri (185.139.95.x) on November 16 2018, 2:49pm
Reply on November 16 2018, 6:54pm:
    We'll see
Question: Have you tried any of the recent versions of VS (>= VS2015) that use the Universal CRT for legacy applications and what's your thoughts about it? I am very skeptical for an update to those any time soon, particularly, the deployment model looks like asking for trouble.
Asked by Gio (94.70.9.x) on November 13 2018, 3:20pm
Reply on November 13 2018, 5:00pm:
    Seems like a big mess to me, been avoiding it as such...
Question: Interesting, how you come up with an EEL2 name? Does it have something in common with EEL? :)
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on November 13 2018, 10:46am
Reply on November 13 2018, 1:20pm:
    EEL2 evolved out of NSEEL (Nullsoft Expression Evaluation Library) which was part of AVS (started by Francis/lonedfx), during JSFX development. There was already an unrelated EEL. So there we go...
Question: How much guitar do you practice every day?
Asked by MS from Sweden (83.185.81.x) on November 12 2018, 9:14pm
Reply on November 12 2018, 10:48pm:
    Normally not much, maybe 30 minutes a week these days
Question: Are you aware that you are indirectly responsible for educating some number of people about coding. Be it through releasing open source or just getting people to tinker with REAPER and try and follow professional development pace. I can honestly say that REAPER has teached me coding from the groups up and I use that knowledge for all sorts of cool things now...How do you feel about that? Are you even aware of this teacher role you (accidentally?) got assigned?
Asked by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 6:49pm
Reply on November 12 2018, 9:07pm:
    Programming is a joy so I'm happy to encourage people to play with it! REAPER as a platform for programming (ReaScript, JSFX, Video Processors) is incredibly satisfying for me as much as anybody else...
Question: Love your music. How are you miking your drums in your recordings? It sounds minimal and perfect.
Asked by Darren (70.29.217.x) on November 12 2018, 2:03pm
Reply on November 12 2018, 4:21pm:

    At the moment two kits are set up: the first, Andre's old slingerland, has a large diaphragm condenser above and to the side (equidistant from the snare), and a E604 on the kick (outside). The second kit, the Sonor Bop, has a XY pair of condensers above, a E604 on the snare, and a Audix kick mic (forget the model) inside the kick. Before the Slingerland showed up, I had E604s on the toms of the Bop, but meh. :)
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