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Question: I am a fairly skilled coder from Atlanta who has a buyout offer for an app I have created. Actually, I have 2 offers. One is to sell a substantial portion of the app and go to Silicon Valley. The other is from a local university, which basically pays me a smaller salary but they pay for office space in the tech sector of Atlanta. Either offer makes me well off (however southern cost of living is way cheaper), but it seems all the super companies (including your Winamp) are in Silicon Valley. Which would you
Asked by Matt Parks (73.91.212.x) on January 14 2019, 3:21am
Reply on January 14 2019, 1:45pm (edited at January 14 2019, 1:46pm):
    Obviously the specifics of each offer would be the most important. Assuming they are roughly equivalent:

    If you're happy where you are living I'd stay there. I moved to SF when I sold Winamp, which was a good experience, but I wouldn't want to live there now.

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 14 2019, 2:02pm:
    Curious what your reasons are for not wanting to live there now?

  • Posted by Justin on January 14 2019, 2:53pm:
    Nothing against it, but I'd rather live in a city like NYC, or if not that then probably out in the country somewhere.

  • Posted by Riff (104.133.0.x) on January 15 2019, 12:00am:
    I work for a company headquartered in the Bay Area. I have been there several times over the past ten years. I would never move there. Unless you are going to be making 100k+/y good luck finding housing. My recommendation would be to have the company fly you out for a couple of days. Go around and get a feel for the area (and the traffic). Look up housing on PadMapper/Zillow/etc and see what falls into your budget. It's nice if you want to change jobs in a year or two.

  • Posted by Justin on January 15 2019, 12:54pm:
    ^^^ Riff's advice is good, definitely go get a feel/figure out what the numbers look like.

  • Posted by Matt Parks (73.91.212.x) on January 16 2019, 4:57am:
    Well, the finances seem to be pretty decent. Definitely 6 figure, but it's really a startup, and I don't know if I want to put in that much work out there. Maybe better to stay in the south around family. Honestly, living at home, I could settle for $40,000 a year. My family really doesn't want me out there unless I can generate some ridiculous amount of money.

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