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Question: I love the YEY you made on Reaper. Do you feel like Reaper on Linux is a functional enough setup to recommend it to someone who wants a simple setup? I'd like to be able to just run Reaper on Linux Mint on a old computer to be able to make use of audio interfaces that don't work on OS X anymore? Thanks Justin
Asked by David Bonin (104.221.67.x) on January 22 2019, 8:19pm
Reply on January 22 2019, 11:49pm:
    Thanks! If you don't care much about 3rd party plug-ins, then REAPER on Linux is very functional!

  • Posted by David (104.221.67.x) on January 24 2019, 7:25am:
    Thanks for the reassuring answer Justin! I honestly love your recordings. I find them soothing and the improvised and live feel is very refreshing when compared to most new music I hear. I’ve installed the experimental build on LM and it runs smoothly so far. Linux is really great in its ability to run old discontinued audio interfaces that would otherwise be useless. Btw would plugins written in the JS language work natively in Linux? (Like the Sonic Anomaly JSFX Plugins for ex)

  • Posted by Justin on January 24 2019, 2:57pm:
    Yes JSFX should work perfectly (if you find any that don’t please let me know)

  • Posted by David (104.221.67.x) on January 28 2019, 10:04pm:
    I've tried the Sonic Anomaly JSFX plugins. They don't show up in Reaper on Linux Mint. I've copied them into the JS effects folder.

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