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Question: Your thoughts on MIDI 2.0? :)
Asked by EvilDragon (141.138.35.x) on January 28 2019, 9:08pm
Reply on January 29 2019, 8:22pm:
    I haven't looked at it, but I absolutely *LOVE* all things MIDI, as you can tell!

  • Posted by Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooony (78.152.169.x) on January 30 2019, 9:52am:
    I'm confused about 32bit resolution, isn't it will be excessive? i think it's pretty useless&harmful, if project has a lot of midi items/a lot of notes&CC, more RAM will be needed to contain (and probably slightly bigger cpu usage to process more data) compared to current MIDI version, while such precision is needed rarely, to me it's not needed at all:)

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.38.x) on February 4 2019, 9:00pm:
    We have gigabytes of RAM now, I wouldn't concern myself with that.

  • Posted by Justin on February 5 2019, 2:44am:
    I haven't looked at the spec, but using more precision for CCs/notes shouldn't be a problem. The reason they are so small in MIDI 1.0 is that they were transmitted via a slow serial connection, which rarely happens anymore.

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on February 5 2019, 7:40am:
    I actually made aprox calc and realized, that it will be very small amount of data even with big number of events, you're right Justin&Mario, i panicked very soon:)

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