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Question: Is there a way you could explain WDL_Typedbuf member functions a little, or even the ones you would consider most useful for a custom multichanel double** buffer (meter values, audio data history)
Asked by Hannes (87.153.188.x) on February 7 2019, 3:20am
Reply on February 10 2019, 2:41am (edited at February 10 2019, 2:42am):
    Resize() and Get() are really all there is to it. For multidimensional it's probably easiest to use WDL_TypedBuf for a flat array and implement the other dimensions yourself.

  • Posted by Hannes (87.153.188.x) on February 10 2019, 9:57pm:
    If I got it right, WDL_Typedbuf is supposed to be one dimensional. Considering I'd implement by size = numChannels * framesize , how would I properly realize a TYPENAME** GetBuffer() to get a multichannel double pointer?

  • Posted by Justin on February 12 2019, 4:18am:
    Well, if you really need an array of pointers, you could create a separate WDL_PtrList into the WDL_TypedBuf. But it's probably cleaner to calculate the addresses on demand rather than using pointers...

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