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Question: Will reaper support touchscreens better in the near future?
Asked by Markus (31.16.234.x) on May 8 2019, 3:01pm
Reply on May 9 2019, 1:21am:
    See above (no)
Question: Yesterday night, I saw a shooting star and I immediately made a wish, knew that it doesn't work and it's all just myth, but still I did. Surprisingly, today morning right after I woke up, I found out that my wish fulfilled perfectly. Is it a coincidence or.. miracles really exist? Do you believe in all these stuffs? Have you ever made a wish by seeing a meteor?
Asked by Abhi (45.127.71.x) on May 6 2019, 5:33am
Reply on May 6 2019, 1:24pm:
    Hah nice! Was the wish ridiculously unlikely? I do believe coincidences are more likely than a lot of people think... :)
Question: how many man hours do you think has been put into reape,r including all devs?
Asked by fixerdave (92.11.176.x) on May 5 2019, 2:43pm
Reply on May 5 2019, 4:38pm:
    No idea...
Question: What do think about Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income?
Asked by Mommy (97.100.251.x) on May 5 2019, 12:32pm
Reply on May 5 2019, 12:48pm (edited at May 5 2019, 12:50pm):
Question: Do you use a MIDI control surface with your Linux recording computer?
Asked by Speedy (86.115.31.x) on May 5 2019, 12:24pm
Reply on May 5 2019, 12:48pm:
    Nope, I use the web interface though.
Question: when is the last time you had mcdonalds? :P and where's the best burger at
Asked by Other (213.7.9.x) on May 5 2019, 1:14am
Reply on May 5 2019, 12:49pm:
    I don't think I've ever had a mcdonalds burger. I do like burgers from In 'n Out (aside from the hate) or Shake Shack though, and from various restaurants around too.
Question: What is the best cup of coffee you have ever had? At home, coffee shop, etc? And, do you remember what kind ( country of origin )?
Asked by Jercontact (75.83.3.x) on May 4 2019, 6:50am
Reply on May 4 2019, 11:30am:
    Hell if I know, but I've had lots of good cups of coffee that were all very different and enjoyable in their own ways...
Question: If you ever get bored with REAPER and choose to do something else - are you going to sell the company? Or simply stop the development? I hope it won't ever happen, though. :-)
Asked by bassg (90.183.66.x) on May 3 2019, 1:04pm
Reply on May 3 2019, 1:38pm:
    Meh hypotheticals...
Question: I know that White Tie is your long-time friend and it would be incorrect to ask him to step out from the development of V6 theme. Unfortunately his attitude towards feedback and aesthetics of theme development contains huge flaws, that in future correspond to negative feedback form overall user base. Is it possible to ask him present more than one design for public evaluation (mockup, not final version) or create open theme mockup competition for other talented designers (Blankfiles, Commala, Janne83…etc)?
Asked by I know that White Tie is your long-time friend and it would be incorrect to ask him to step out from the development of V6 theme. Unfortunately his attitude towards feedback and aesthetics of theme development contains huge flaws, that in future correspond to negative feedback form overall user base. Is it possible to ask him present more than one design for public evaluation (mockup, not final version) or create opNicholas (149.28.179.x) on May 3 2019, 2:24am
Reply on May 3 2019, 3:29am:
    While we value feedback from our user community, at the end of the day I get to make the final decisions on all of this stuff... so, uh, no.
Question: Is there, in your opinion, a clearly better driver/sysyem between ASIO, ALSA and CoreAudio? Why do you think that Microsoft never developed a built-in low-latency universal driver if even Linux has one?
Asked by Joan (37.159.65.x) on May 2 2019, 11:55pm
Reply on May 3 2019, 3:28am:
    Hmm they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Some thoughts:
    • CoreAudio: slightly crufty but relatively decent API. Multiple clients (awesome!), floating point, aggregate devices, overall winner IMO.
    • ASIO: pretty easy API, but missing functionality (nobody seems to implement underrun indicators???), and most drivers don't support multiple clients/routing.
    • ALSA: moderately clean API, but hard to get right across various drivers, also programmer responsible for scheduling. No multiple-client support.
    • JACK: probably the best API of all worlds, but configuring it is still a pain
Question: Is Primus still worthy their own genre and if yes, which songs defines that the most?
Asked by mespotine (109.104.55.x) on May 2 2019, 7:59pm
Reply on May 3 2019, 3:24am:
    I'm not sure if they ever were (defining your own genre is meaningless, really) but it was funny anyway ;)
Question: Is it possible to use LICE to draw a line inside or over a ListView control and be portable with SWELL? What I want to achieve is some kind of indication while the user rearranges the items of the list.
Asked by Gio (79.130.181.x) on May 2 2019, 12:21pm
Reply on May 2 2019, 2:06pm:
    You could use the GDI (GetDC() and LineTo() etc), but not LICE exactly.
Question: Visualize a guinea pig. It turns out this is a magic guinea pig, and your fortunes are now linked. That is, your happiness is tied to its happiness. You must take care of the pig for the next five years. Question: what would you name the piggie?
Asked by Reve (76.93.155.x) on April 30 2019, 5:42am
Reply on May 1 2019, 2:01pm (edited at May 1 2019, 2:02pm):
    Number One. And I'd try to do a Picard accent when speaking to it.
Question: How not to hate the most ridiculous language (C++) ? :) if you started to make REAPER today, would you choose c++ or something different?
Asked by Pony (94.230.207.x) on April 29 2019, 7:28pm
Reply on April 29 2019, 9:34pm:
    There's a non-ridiculous subset of C++, IMO.
Question: Why have you decided to port Reaper to Linux, since nobody else in the industry seems to care? Thank you anyway!
Asked by Gios (93.35.73.x) on April 29 2019, 9:10am
Reply on April 29 2019, 2:17pm:
    Because it's good for me, and good for REAPER!
Question: Cockos' domain is not reachable when the clock is out of sync, is this by design or some default value at the web server? It isn't something that happens often but if you use VMs with snapshots etc the clock might take a while before it syncs etc.
Asked by Gio (79.130.181.x) on April 29 2019, 3:27am
Reply on April 29 2019, 3:33am:
    Hmm it's probably a function of the browser and it verifying certificates? You can use http://reaper.fm/ if you want to avoid TLS
Question: I've found another Reaper fan IRL yesterday. Was pretty cool.
Asked by eubn (79.19.115.x) on April 28 2019, 3:05pm
Reply on April 28 2019, 4:50pm:
    Hah right on
Question: Hi Justin, how do you get through programming ruts? Do you ever get stuck? Any advice for the wannabe programmer?
Asked by Lachlan (180.150.114.x) on April 26 2019, 5:11pm
Reply on April 27 2019, 2:59am (edited at April 27 2019, 3:01am):
    Does that mean lack of motivation or lack of solutions? Lack of motivation -- do other things (run, hike, play music, paint, whatever). Lack of solution -- well, usually you come up with something that almost works, then go from there. :) Or change the problem to make it solvable. Sometimes these all fail though, then you shelve it and find something else to do, and maybe return to it, maybe not?
Question: Is question no. 6 "Can I ask a question?" by "schwa" on July 24 2009.. real Schwa? If yes, then why he even asked you here when he literally meet you everyday, right? XD
Asked by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on April 26 2019, 8:48am
Reply on April 26 2019, 2:53pm:
    I think it was a joke?
Question: In the era of Windows 95, how Microsoft could expect from users to automatically know how to play the game Minesweeper? Today, we have internet everywhere, but not widely available that time. Tbh, I even don't know now how to play this game. Do you know? Also, Windows 95 sounds like much newer version than Windows 10, Microsoft's version numbering logic is weird, haha.
Asked by Abhi (103.195.215.x) on April 24 2019, 1:08pm
Reply on April 24 2019, 5:24pm:
    Maybe there was a Windows 95 user guide? :)
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