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Question: Hello Justin, I know that it’s inappropriate to ask this here, but there is very little chance for me to get direct reply from you anywhere else on the Reaper forum, so I hope this question will not offend you too much. Is there any reason for Reaper not to have a “loop view” (Session view in Ableton)? It is where you can record a loop and trigger it by clicking on the selected loop. I saw you using loops for composing and jamming all the time on your youtube channel
Asked by Christopher Brown (66.70.178.x) on May 31 2019, 3:42am
Reply on May 31 2019, 10:48pm (edited at May 31 2019, 10:49pm):
    If I had a clear vision for something I wanted to use relating to that, then there would be, but I don't, so there isn't. Schwa does sometimes write things for other people, but I really try to avoid it. Super8 meets my needs for looping things.

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