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Question: What is the best part of lua?
Asked by fujimotos (153.147.9.x) on May 31 2019, 12:34pm
Reply on May 31 2019, 10:48pm:
    Its API for integration, IMO.

  • Posted by deee (180.249.107.x) on June 2 2019, 11:43am:
    Could be there a possible way ( doable magic) for Lua ReaScripts can be executed from C++ code as like Lua can be embedded into C++ code?

  • Posted by mespotine (109.104.46.x) on June 6 2019, 2:13pm:
    use: Main_OnCommand(commandid, flag)

  • Posted by Justin on June 6 2019, 9:32pm:
    I suppose we could also add a "execute_reascript(const char *)" function or something...

  • Posted by Deee (36.84.63.x) on June 8 2019, 5:37pm:
    Thanks both , @mespotine: that gives no returns like tables, strings or booleans from reascript calls. @ Justin: I think that would work and Would be very nice! C++ extensions or reascripts could take advantage of other existing reascripts "functions". Anyway back to forum!

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