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Question: Justin, namesake aside I feel we might share a love for music (I like your recordings _/_) I'm a songwriter & also study Indian classical music, learning vocals and Rudra Veena. Also super into jazz - Coltrane, Sun Ra in particular...anyhoo, Indian music has powers to calm the mind and render time & space what they are (i.e. non-existent); I play this music in special needs schools to calm children diagnosed with autism/ADHD/overactive minds.
Asked by Jamie Frankel (5.67.194.x) on June 9 2019, 7:09pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    (continued: "I wish to build a unique App involving the creation of a DAW. A passive/therapeutic 'listening' setting will induce a calm mind & an active/collaborative setting will allow ppl from around the world to collaborate on creating beautiful music within the parameters of the Indian musical system, with its highly sophisticated systems of Raga (emotion/melody) and Tala (clap/rhythm)...I have zero experience in programming or software. To my question: might you be intrigued enough to help me?")

    Sounds cool, but no thanks! I've got enough things to do as it is. :)

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