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Question: Windows phones are dead. Windows store is like post-apocalyptic film scene (even famous apps like Facebook, Whatsapp has like only 100 reviews?). I think, soon Microsoft will end its Windows Store in Windows 10 and it will again become like Windows 7. Do you think Microsoft comes to end? If yes, then what's the future of Windows OS? Will it be replaceable by another OS, which can compete MacOS?
Asked by Abhi (104.131.188.x) on July 5 2019, 3:25pm
Reply on July 6 2019, 3:11am:
    And yet somehow MS is now worth over $1T? So maybe Windows store is bad, but they've still got it?

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on July 6 2019, 1:54pm:
    I think Microsoft and Google must merge. And they must take only the 'better' services from them and drop the 'not popular' one. For example, Microsoft's Windows and Google's Android, these are the main OS for computer and phones respectively. Neither the Windows Phone survived, nor the Google's Chrome OS will survive for a long time. So, if they ever merge, they can compete Apple's services easily. Gmail is much better than the Microsoft's mail, so just keep the Gmail...

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on July 6 2019, 1:57pm:
    ... Google Search Engine is much better than Bing, keep the former, remove the latter. Google Chrome is much better than Microsoft Edge (Windows still have legacy internet explorer, haha), keep the Chrome, remove Edge. I think MS Office is better than the Google Docs, they can keep Office, and remove Docs. They can also remove Windows Store and add Google's Playstore in Windows. Literally, the life would be much easier to use these services because lots of people (including me) are fed up of Apple's......

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on July 6 2019, 2:01pm:
    ... Apple's services and their expensive devices. Clearly, Samsung Galaxy S10+ has beaten the iPhone 10x, which shows the potential of an Android phone. If Microsoft keep deleting its services like this, I think, it will be a dark future for them.

  • Posted by Justin on July 6 2019, 4:01pm:
    The last thing we need is mergers IMO

  • Posted by Tinny (217.182.175.x) on July 26 2019, 11:30am:
    Bing is a much better search for pr0n, tho.

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