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Question: Today i found out, how shitty coder i am, because performance of a c++ thing i did, works the same as lua script on Win and on 2% worse on mac OS(at least on virtual machine), i am sad and need vodka today :) If you remember, can you name a few functions from WDL, that can be very hungry/heavy? I will be trying to find out, what i did wrong and will start from them. Thanks!
Asked by Poooooooooooooooooooooooony (78.152.169.x) on July 18 2019, 11:42am
Reply on July 20 2019, 10:35am:
    Compiler optimizations enabled? post the code if you want feedback.. :) Familiar with big-O notation? Usually the first step is figuring out the things which are exponential or O(N^y) time where y is more than 1...

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.208.x) on July 20 2019, 11:36am:
    i'm aware of optimizations, problem is not in them, but in my poor code, i will compare function by function, when i won't be that lazy from time to time and will see what i can improve. Code itself is pretty big (~20k lines) so i don't want waste your time, it's too much of honour for only me. Just wanted to ask for a tip for one or two funcs, that potentially could be hungry in swell/lice atleast, maybe i could go around of them somehow, if i used'em..

  • Posted by Justin on July 20 2019, 1:27pm:
    Impossible to answer without more context, sorry! You can try profiling...

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.208.x) on July 20 2019, 1:44pm:
    i understand, thanks )

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