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Question: found article on 1 russian site about Winamp, where one of 2 versions says, that Dmitriy Boldyrev, who was developing MacAmp player at that time, persuaded You to make something similar, but for Windows (WinAmp). true/fake?
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on July 25 2019, 10:43am
Reply on July 26 2019, 7:40am:
    Dmitry was my friend, who made MacAmp first. To say he would persuaded me would be a bit much, but I did see MacAmp and immediately desired to make something similar for Windows. He didn’t write any of it, though. Eventually he got a job in Seattle, got very into rave culture (apparently), and I didn’t hear from him until much later (under impersonal terms), and since then he’s made all kinds of outrageous claims. Sigh.

  • Posted by zabukowski (93.143.20.x) on July 26 2019, 9:01am:
    What was the role of Tomislav Uzelac in the history of mac/win amp?? Was he really the one who made the 1st MP3 player on the planet?

  • Posted by Justin on July 26 2019, 9:07am:
    The first mp3 decoder and player was made by Fraunhofer, who made mp3. Tomislav Uzelac made amp, which was an open source mp3 decoder library. It was not the first (or second for that matter) decoder, though it was probably the highest-performing open source decoder of its day.

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