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Question: According to wikipedia, while you were developing winamp, in 1998 winamp expended the id3v1 tag list by about 100 tags. these include some frankly bizarre genre names. i was particularly wondering about the name "Negerpunk", do you know who came up with that genre name and what is it supposed to be? google does not seem to know.
Asked by tino (79.254.8.x) on July 27 2019, 3:43pm
Reply on July 27 2019, 10:53pm (edited at July 27 2019, 10:57pm):
    I don't have a specific memory of that, but I do remember extending the id3v1 list (side note: not a polite thing to do, as id3v1 wasn't mine to extend) -- I remember getting a big list of requests from IRC (probably efnet #mpeg3 but guessing there), and adding a few of my own (or one at least, Primus). Whether it was my inattention to detail or naivete of youth, I'm sorry that something offensive ended up in there. :(

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