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Question: Advice on making the jump from learning C to building useful applications? Seems like most of the learning resources i’ve seen just cover how the language works but not so much on linking, compiling, libraries, architecture etc. Where did you learn those things?
Asked by esmo (97.115.136.x) on July 28 2019, 6:31pm
Reply on July 30 2019, 4:03pm (edited at July 30 2019, 4:04pm):
    Find a small something you need made for yourself and make that, maybe? It doesn't have to be big/fancy.. here's a program I made in 1994 or so, when I was ~16, compiled for DOS with Turbo C. It allowed users of a Novell network to send emails (via shared files on the network share) to eachother (we did not have the internet readily available at that point). It was a mess but could be easily be compiled at the time just by compiling each of "chkmail.c" "readmail.c" or "sendmail.c" (each c file would include mails.c in order to reuse some common code). (side note: the @XY@ syntax for coloring output was the style of the Wildcat BBS system, ot which a friend who was a sysop introduced me)

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