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Question: WDL_IndexedPtrList: Did you forget to make members private or are by design public? Then you meant _DEBUG_ or _DEBUG? Thanks
Asked by Gio (79.130.185.x) on August 10 2019, 9:31pm
Reply on August 12 2019, 2:19am (edited at August 12 2019, 2:20am):
    Yeah, there were common uses for accessing m_list directly when interfacing with legacy code. Thanks for spotting the _DEBUG_ typo!
Question: Would you post a pic of Reaper's git graph? (preferably an interesting / turbulent one). Would love to get a glimpse on Reaper's dev process...
Asked by nofish (89.247.253.x) on August 10 2019, 9:07pm
Reply on August 12 2019, 2:22am:
    Hmm suggestions? I could make a .gif of scrolling through "gitk"... or did you mean gource?
Question: Is it only me that I find Kenny's voice like a TTS robot :P I mean, no errors in his tutorial videos, no sneezing, coughing etc. haha... very perfect video editing, straight to the point tutorials.. the best tutorials I have ever seen!
Asked by Abhi (103.194.227.x) on August 10 2019, 10:16am
Reply on August 12 2019, 2:22am:
    Hah yeah he's quite the producer.
Question: I was wondering if by any chance you would share the source from the reaper_cd.dll plugin extension? I could learn from it to use in the DDP marker editor to add a burning feature for DDP. Thanks, Wyatt
Asked by Wyatt (76.77.164.x) on August 9 2019, 9:05pm
Reply on August 12 2019, 2:22am:
Question: Maybe a weird suggestion? In reaper.fm/videos.php, the video list is so long, especially the 3rd column (extreme right side). Is it possible to arrange them like we have in YouTube?
Asked by Abhi (117.197.2.x) on August 8 2019, 4:27pm
Reply on August 9 2019, 8:04pm:
    We'll do a little mild balancing...
Question: Is this rad or what? instagram.com/filmtourismus
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 7 2019, 9:30am
Reply on August 7 2019, 3:52pm:
Question: Do you know the drum machine plugin - Sitala? It's awesome and works perfect in REAPER :D well, you can bundle this in your next v6 release, if you want. They are allowing developers to bundle it.
Asked by Abhi (103.194.225.x) on August 6 2019, 1:53pm
Reply on August 6 2019, 11:20pm (edited at August 6 2019, 11:22pm):
    Hmm if it were a fraction of the size, maybe... but really separate downloads make more sense IMO.
Question: Anything going on with the ninjam status script? Is there any ways I can recreate it in PHP or JavaScript so it can use POST to log in and retrieve information on the ninjam server? If so, what variables should I use for login and password?
Asked by David (74.108.20.x) on August 5 2019, 8:11pm
Reply on August 6 2019, 11:20pm:
    You need status permission from the server operator...
Question: Has REAPER ever had other name? I see abbreviation changed a bit), but maybe app had completely different name at dusk of development? Like, WinDAW or something ))
Asked by Pony (46.252.215.x) on August 4 2019, 11:25am
Reply on August 4 2019, 5:06pm:
    Very early-on it was named JMDE.
Question: hey-- seeing how amazingly productive 1 jf. is,both musically+daw wize: "does either schwa or whitetie make any music as well as day job stuff? any links?" =)
Asked by bee1 (2.26.240.x) on August 3 2019, 8:01pm
Reply on August 3 2019, 10:56pm:
    I will defer to them, they can post in the comments here.
Question: I was an intern at spinner.com back in 2002-2003ish. I kept walking by your desk but you were never there.. what gives! You were half the reason I decided to work there.
Asked by booi (8.21.168.x) on August 2 2019, 6:17pm
Reply on August 2 2019, 10:27pm:
    Hah yeah because terrible things (meetings) happened at the office.
Question: now that the linux version of reaper is getting into shape, maybe it's time to compile the replugs pack for linux as well? :-)
Asked by skei (212.251.207.x) on August 2 2019, 11:22am
Reply on August 2 2019, 10:27pm:
Question: Hey! For days I have been looking for a free FFT tool working with double precision floating points and just now I find it was in WDL. Can you feel my wonder?
Asked by Enrico (62.241.5.x) on August 1 2019, 3:02pm
Reply on August 1 2019, 6:29pm:
    Awesome! Though the FFT is a hacked-up simplified DJBFFT, but it's still handy.
Question: How you fight the feeling of a software engineering working for something 5-10 years only to wake up one day to find out that his/her work is outdated?
Asked by Gio (79.130.185.x) on August 1 2019, 1:47pm
Reply on August 1 2019, 6:29pm:
    By accepting it is outdated the day you wrote it? Also by updating...
Question: How likely would it be to add SuperCollider to Reaper(a programming language for music)? Could this be done as extension somehow? What do you thin about SC?
Asked by Mespotine (195.37.187.x) on July 31 2019, 4:15pm
Reply on August 1 2019, 6:30pm:
    Unlikely for us to do it, someone else might be able to maybe?
Question: Do you use Python in your every day's work? What is your opinion on it?
Asked by zabukowski (93.143.13.x) on July 31 2019, 3:46pm
Reply on August 1 2019, 6:30pm:
    I don't, it's not my cup of tea
Question: Do you agree with the philosophy that you get what you give?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 31 2019, 3:15pm
Reply on August 1 2019, 6:30pm:
    Not sure... I do think that creating value takes work.
Question: hi, is slack a good choice for a few friends sharing reaper files and projects? is there a file size limit? dave
Asked by fixerdave (92.6.191.x) on July 31 2019, 1:24pm
Reply on August 1 2019, 6:31pm:
    Hmm probably better off using something like dropbox/google drives... slack seems more communication-focused.
Question: Have you thought of uploading your REAPER projects so they could be sampled. Your stuff is a gold mine. You have a good clean organic sound but you refuse to add structure to your songs! I'm currently listening to "decanted youth 02" and it has so much potential but you wont even play with a metronome.
Asked by Mommy (38.132.118.x) on July 30 2019, 11:52pm
Reply on July 31 2019, 9:13am:
    Those are live jams, playing with a click is no fun. I have thought about uploading the stems to archive.org eventually, it’s currently a few TB...
Question: Is it possible to make swell windows transparent on macOS? I have tried setAlphaValue:someNumber, setOpaque:NO, setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor], but the windows only fade to opaque white.
Asked by Julian (185.220.101.x) on July 30 2019, 9:34pm
Reply on July 31 2019, 9:14am:
    Might need to mod the NSWindow as opposed to the contentView?
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