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Question: I'm super inspired by your ethos, by your quality software, business model, and apparent dedication to Jesus. Thank you. Have you ever tried kirtan or bhakti-yoga?
Asked by haribol aaron (174.28.166.x) on September 10 2019, 10:12pm
Reply on September 11 2019, 3:21pm:
    I'll take 75%. I've done only very basic yoga, but running is more of my thing

  • Posted by haribol aaron (174.28.53.x) on December 16 2019, 4:07am:
    Haha, I was asking about bhakti-yoga because bhakti-yoga is actually a science of developing a loving relationship with God, which is Jesus' foremost commandment. Physical postures / exercises, what most people think of as "yoga", is only a small portion of yoga as a whole. Yoga, the word, means "union", and the ultimate goal is union with God, in loving relationship. Kirtan is a practice of singing glorification to God, and God's names, and a main practice of bhakti. Cool you're into running tho :)

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