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Question: Thanks for the code ExecProcess. Is there a way that I could get the output of a cmd line app like cdrecord, and recieve the output progress in realtime to an Edit control without adding an additional function to the code? It works, but not in realtime.
Asked by Wyatt (76.77.160.x) on September 15 2019, 10:33pm
Reply on September 16 2019, 12:44am:
    Simplest method: in that code, every time it calls ret.Append(), you could add SetDlgItemText(hwnd,idx, ret.Get())... or something along those lines.

    You'd also need to run the message loop, though, (via PeekMessage()/DispatchMessage() on Windows and a SWELL_ function on non-windows), which is ugly. Ideally you should restructure the code to initialize once, then run it periodically from a timer to check for output. That will be left as an exercise for the reader.

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