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Question: I keep imagining that as I get better at things I will encounter less problems, but all that seems to happen is there are less people that can help me. Do you get that with programming? When were you last truly stumped?
Asked by Colin (58.96.109.x) on September 16 2019, 10:26am
Reply on September 16 2019, 8:52pm (edited at September 16 2019, 8:53pm):
    When stumped, experiment and try different things! :) And think about it while doing other unrelated things (exercise is good in that respect, too)...

  • Posted by Mespotine (195.37.187.x) on September 18 2019, 2:39pm:
    I totally agree. Most solutions for hard problems I got while doing other things. Feels a little like House M.D: ;)

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