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Question: No question, just thanks man. At this point I've spent hundreds of hours just making stuff in Reaper. I've been using it since just before version 1 and gotten so much creative satisfaction out of using it over the years. I gather that's why you made it too. Here's to the journey!
Asked by schmoe (172.218.181.x) on October 6 2019, 11:37pm
Reply on October 7 2019, 1:42pm:
Question: Are you still supporting your boy Bernie Sanders after his recent health scare? Or, have you come to your senses that you should be supporting Andrew Yang instead?
Asked by Mommy (38.132.118.x) on October 6 2019, 1:02am
Reply on October 6 2019, 5:13pm:
    Bernie is fine but not my first choice. To be clear I’ll vote for any democrat in the general. Yang is pretty low on my list, a lot of what he says is a bit nonsensical. His website’s explanation of VAT is a pretty good example of that.
Question: Now that the Playtime plugin supposedly isn´t supported anymore by its developer, will the nonlinear workflow implenmented with improved functionality natively in reaper?
Asked by neels (84.178.39.x) on October 5 2019, 1:16pm
Reply on October 6 2019, 5:13pm:
    See note above
Question: if you was forced to only develop on 1 platform/os..which would that be,and why? +would there be a possiblity to merge all the computer systems into 1 eventually?
Asked by erbalist (31.124.45.x) on October 5 2019, 10:06am
Reply on October 6 2019, 5:14pm:
    If it was about my own personal use I would probably pick Linux at this point, but for commercial options and for easy emulation I would choose Windows.
Question: is the null-soft and llama stuff a tribute to llama-soft or just a coincidence?
Asked by olilarkin (195.206.183.x) on October 4 2019, 9:41pm
Reply on October 5 2019, 2:36am:
    Coincidence, though I was a fan of llamasoft’s work too. Nullsoft was really a play on Microsoft. Llamas were not introduced until a random user emailed us with a Wesley Willis quote, if I remember correctly...
Question: To my prev question: Seems like /EHa option in VS helped me to catch it without crashing, but now i wonder, how do you handle such stuff on Linux/Mac, looks like i need to figure out, how g++ and clang does it, but maybe there is a better solution? :)
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on September 30 2019, 2:18pm
Reply on September 30 2019, 2:36pm:
    We don't use C++ exceptions, and if it's an exception due to an access violation/etc, it's usually better to crash and get to the root of the problem.
Question: Sometimes, when i have saved GUID* of track somewhere => then i delete that track => GUID* now points to restricted area with unknown data => trying to get access it (e.g. for comparing or guidtostring func) crashes REAPER (acces violation), what do you do in such cases, how do you check is GUID is still valid without crashing?
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on September 30 2019, 1:16pm
Reply on September 30 2019, 2:37pm:
    Don't save the GUID pointer, copy the value out instead.
Question: How do you approach problems like CPU spiking when developing software on macOS? Do you use any special tools?
Asked by zabukowski (89.142.59.x) on September 30 2019, 6:48am
Reply on September 30 2019, 2:37pm:
    The instruments.app is pretty good
Question: If only we knew if = U.S Presidents watch the film Wag the Dog on repeat before elections. Then we wouldn't feel like like watching Dr. Strange Love.. Do you get frustrated at the Stupidity/Cliché's of this current Political environment world wide? Or do you just drink coffee and run miles like me, with a self imposed blank consciousness;) But, actually deep down care about the future? ;)
Asked by Xiu Xiu (103.208.220.x) on September 28 2019, 3:39pm
Reply on September 28 2019, 4:58pm:
    I'm often very frustrated with the state of affairs, yes. Tempting to try to ignore it but probably futile.
Question: Do you ever jam live with people that just play software instruments?
Asked by rims32 (184.101.247.x) on September 28 2019, 3:16pm
Reply on September 28 2019, 4:58pm:
    Not normally, but sometimes on NINJAM
Question: What do you think about the current state of the Cockos Lounge forum?
Asked by fladd (92.110.122.x) on September 28 2019, 1:29pm
Reply on September 28 2019, 3:15pm:
    I try not to pay attention to it
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Question: What do you think about Signal Messenger?
Asked by Strantrickt (85.110.44.x) on September 28 2019, 11:19am
Reply on September 28 2019, 3:15pm:
    I haven't used it
Question: is it actually safe to remove our tin foil hats,now the us navy released de_classified ufo press materials? (via tom delonge _to the stars academy)
Asked by bwell (2.25.95.x) on September 28 2019, 3:07am
Reply on September 28 2019, 3:16pm:
    There's something there, what it is is still quite unknown.
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Question: any type of martial art training for you? >do you think it benefits peoples overall?..... peace/war etc...
Asked by bfree (2.25.95.x) on September 26 2019, 1:21am
Reply on September 26 2019, 2:53am:
    I did a semester of Aikido in HS, was fun. Can't say I have an opinion overall though. Movement is good, everybody's gotta move. a lot.
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Question: How did you get ASIO driver to work for Avid HD Interfaces on Windows 10 x64? The Steinberg SDK sample app, "hostsample", crashes on the theAsioDriver->init(info->sysRef). Any special driver loading steps you had to do to make it work?
Asked by Tim McEneany (37.72.169.x) on September 25 2019, 2:26pm
Reply on September 25 2019, 10:45pm:
    I don't think it required anything special?
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Question: what time can i leave work today
Asked by jayboy (203.213.0.x) on September 25 2019, 8:34am
Reply on September 25 2019, 2:20pm:
    The usual time, I imagine?
Question: Regarding "too much resonsibility" - do you feel this all stems from Cockos?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on September 24 2019, 2:26pm
Reply on September 24 2019, 9:36pm:
    Cockos is definitely a big consumer of responsibility resources.
Question: Who or what is cockosLoadingConfigAsParameters?
Asked by Nigel (47.153.26.x) on September 24 2019, 1:45am
Reply on September 24 2019, 1:56am:
    Probably should ignore it, but if you support cockos extensions, you'll get this called immediately before a batch of setParameter() calls when loading state.
Question: Will the reaper end when the reaper employees die?
Asked by Reaper (85.110.44.x) on September 23 2019, 8:44pm
Reply on September 23 2019, 11:16pm:
    REAPER will end at some point, but it's hard to say when. Definitely before the end of the universe.
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Question: Do you have any pets? I saw a pic with you and a lama and your face was lit up, so obviously you love animals.
Asked by Kenny (68.170.105.x) on September 20 2019, 3:02pm
Reply on September 20 2019, 6:21pm:
    I do love animals (well, *some* animals)... I feel like I have too much responsibility as it is, maybe at some point that will change.
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