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Question: Some months ago, a shopping website had some problem. They ask credit card details before a payment gateway, which never asks credit card detail. So, it was strange, but we entered our credit card detail. And yesterday, we had SMS in our phone about transaction which we haven't done. Fortunately, our bank has blocked the card quickly. And the website owner said us that yes they had some kind of malware, which they fixed later, maybe their server was hacked. Anyway, is it really possible that you have the world's best antivirus installed in your PC and still, your credit card entry is taken by someone else, probably because it's the mistake of the website? I mean, that website's server was that much weak that it allowed the hacker to enter their payment process and add that fake page of credit card entry. And whoever enter the details there, directly reaches to the hacker? Do you have any idea about this?
Asked by Abhi (117.207.137.x) on October 8 2019, 5:18pm
Reply on October 8 2019, 10:11pm:
    If that website was hacked, then yeah there's nothing antivirus software would help locally. Hopefully in your country fraud is not your responsibility? (In the USA for credit cards the banks usually take full responsibility if you report fraud ASAP)

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