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Question: What do you think about Riot.im?
Asked by Riotim (78.162.8.x) on October 13 2019, 8:29pm
Reply on October 14 2019, 1:49pm:
    Haven't tried it

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 14 2019, 10:36pm:
    How is it better than Telegram?

  • Posted by fladd (62.140.137.x) on October 21 2019, 7:31am:
    Telegram is, as far as I know, just another closed silo. Matrix ( the network for which Riot is a client) is a federated protocol (like email) that does not rely on a single server and it can be bridged to other protocols as well (e.g. IRC or Slack).

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