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Question: How much time notarizing REAPER build on Mac takes for you? Would reapack and js_reascriptapi require separate notarization in order to run on Catalina?
Asked by Pony (46.252.214.x) on October 14 2019, 9:25am
Reply on October 14 2019, 1:49pm:
    We haven't done it yet -- for now we're just recommending this process. It looks like for releases, notarization will be an annoying and tedious step that may or may not be a big pain. The main unknowns now, though, are:
    • Will notarization succeed with reaper_host_i386.app inside our .app bundle? If it does not, that means we'd have to have a separate download with reduced functionality for Catalina users.
    • Will we have to (eventually) build with Xcode10_/macOS 10.14 SDK for the hardened runtime? I know this requirement was delayed but will it be an eventuality? I've never been able to get Xcode 10 to work right with legacy code.
    Plug-ins should work fine in any case without notarization, since we will request the relaxed dynamic library loading entitlement (except for now in non-notarized Audio Units, since I guess the component manager uses the hardened runtime).

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.214.x) on October 14 2019, 4:18pm:
    It looks like a real pain, if they do this a necessary step - it will be a disaster for apple, many small app developers may not want to deal with it, especially those, who's main platform is Windows or Linux and if they don't really care about Mac. I have found few tools(fastlane, electron-notarize) on github, which can streamline notarization process a bit, maybe they will figure out how to do this without actual xcode app in future.

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