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Question: Hey Justin, sorry for the technical question but I asked this a while back. I like to run a 32 bit version of Reason through rewire and I'm not seeing it available in Reaper, I know you told me you were going to enable a feature to get it back on. I'm seeing rewire32enable =1 in the reaper-rewire.ini file, is that it? So far it's not doing anything. Thanks for all you do
Asked by David (70.24.238.x) on December 21 2019, 2:41am
Reply on December 21 2019, 3:11am:
    Should add rewire_allow32=1 under [REAPER] in reaper.ini and restart REAPER.

  • Posted by David (70.24.238.x) on December 21 2019, 8:20am:
    Thanks that worked fabulously well. I know you must hear it often at this point, but thank you sincerely for your honest work with Reaper and accessibility. Plus I love your music. I'm happy to be able to use rewire32 still!

  • Posted by David (70.24.238.x) on December 21 2019, 8:22am:
    And Merry Christmas!

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