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Question: If you had an ARM microcontroller with MIDI and audio capabilities, SD card and screen (and free time), what's the coolest thing you could make?
Asked by Colin (1.136.110.x) on January 30 2020, 10:15pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:07am:
    hmm something that could administer electric shocks to me when I played out of time or out of key

  • Posted by Zacki (80.132.99.x) on February 7 2020, 9:13pm:
    Hehe. Reminds me on an idea I once read. Someone wanted to use a microcontroller in the studio. If the controller receives no MIDI for longer than 30 minutes, the controller starts the coffee machine and sends random notes with 127 velocity on all 16 channels :-) But for this no ARM ┬ÁC is necessary, a small 8-bit would be more than enough.

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