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Question: Which methods in IReaperControlSurface are never reentered by REAPER? For example I suspect that with SetTrackListChange(), the following can happen: REAPER invokes SetTrackListChange() => I call InsertTrackAtIndex() in this method => REAPER inserts the track and immediately invokes SetTrackListChange() again without waiting for the next main loop cycle (= "reentering"). I suspect for example Run() to be never reentered because it is simply called once per main loop cycle. But are there any other methods fo
Asked by helgoboss (2.206.26.x) on February 2 2020, 1:59pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 3:58am:
    There are various checks to prevent reentrancy from causing problems, but it's probably a good idea to avoid modifying projects from within notifications of the project having changed. e.g. only modify things in response to user action, etc.

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