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Question: It's directly not a REAPER feature request. But a great idea for both REAPER extensions and customers. There are lots and lots of extensions, like Playtime, SWS etc. And lots of users don't know about them. Can you make a tool within REAPER from where we can browse all these cool stuffs inside REAPER and download or buy whichever we like? Also, those developers can add their tools inside REAPER? So users don't have to search outside?
Asked by CoronaMustLeave (104.236.195.x) on March 24 2020, 4:38pm
Reply on March 24 2020, 4:49pm:
    There is ReaPack which is just that, but we really don't encourage people because honestly for most people the built-in stuff is enough, and the support burden of using third party code/scripts/etc is something.

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