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Question: hey- what other daws do you have installed to compare or test with? on either mac/windows/linux?
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 7 2020, 1:19pm
Reply on April 7 2020, 1:57pm:

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 7 2020, 10:26pm:
    lol- now that's loyalty to product! respect! =) any plugins though? (for testing purposes)

  • Posted by Justin on April 8 2020, 1:44am:
    Occasionaly for testing various plug-ins, the one that I play with the most often is Pianoteq. Highly recommended!

  • Posted by Deee (223.24.154.x) on April 8 2020, 6:43pm:
    Not trying other daws for a daw creator is like a musician not listening other musians music. No?

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.247.x) on April 9 2020, 1:19pm:
    @Deee maybe, we (REAPER users) listen to the other music (use other DAWs) and suggest Justin only good music (good features from other DAWs) so that Justin himself don't have to waste time into listening to nonsense music (other DAWs) XD Just my stupid opinion :P maybe that's the reason why so far, REAPER is only the DAW which have most features available? It's just they are hidden. Take Lyrics.lua, very good feature for songwriters, but is it hidden deep inside action list. And many people don't know it.

  • Posted by Deee (183.89.24.x) on April 9 2020, 2:38pm:
    Even if that made any sense, still the musician would like to ear others music with their own ears the filtered songs, because Manny chateristics of the music can't be described accuratly at all, right?

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on April 9 2020, 4:44pm:
    @Deee you're right, but you also should remember most of DAWs need a lot of space, they cost a lot and the installation process is a pain in the arse.

  • Posted by deee (183.89.24.x) on April 9 2020, 6:00pm:
    a lot of money is subjective, a lot of of disk space too. For a DAW creator you really think that is the reason to not buy 1 DAW? FLStudio or cubase, or logic or ableton or pro tools or bitwig?? there aren't manny more afaik

  • Posted by deee (183.89.24.x) on April 9 2020, 6:02pm:
    anyway! it's none of my business! sorry

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on April 9 2020, 11:24pm:
    If* daws are a competative market thing- then surely it's wise to keep a close eye on competitors? (keeping friends close,and enemies even closer kinda thing?)

  • Posted by Deee (180.183.72.x) on April 10 2020, 5:57am:
    It's not even about competition is about being inspired by good ideas and good approaches just like a musician and proudly create stuff that comes from inside, but with a wider awareness and freshness

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