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Question: Just a very very very little suggestion - many songwriters use REAPER and I recently discovered lyrics.lua in the action list which is VERY GOOD. Please, can you add a custom button for lyrics.lua action into REAPER's default toolbar? I know it sounds like a feature request. But it is not, because it is already present, hidden under custom actions and many people don't know about it. It will take only like 30 seconds for you to do this, no? =)
Asked by Abhi (182.68.247.x) on April 9 2020, 1:23pm
Reply on April 9 2020, 1:40pm:
    You can add it to the toolbar yourself, there's no need for us to.

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.247.x) on April 9 2020, 5:01pm:
    Oh yeah, I did that. I only wanted to have that lyrics tool as by default so that other users can easily find it? Never-mind :P

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