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Question: What if we double the frames in a 30 fps video? Will it become a 60 fps video? And also smooth?
Asked by Abhi (110.227.149.x) on April 27 2020, 5:24pm
Reply on April 28 2020, 8:27pm:
    It will, but not be smooth. To do smooth you'd have to do some inter-frame prediction or something

  • Posted by Arie (194.59.251.x) on April 30 2020, 4:14pm:

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.222.x) on May 1 2020, 5:14am:
    Is this a software which actually convert 30 fps to 60 fps? Does this double the frames or actually bring all the frames even further closer to each other, so that it actually looks like 60 fps?

  • Posted by Justin on May 3 2020, 2:07am:
    I think things like FCP and premiere can do this, where they fake the frames in between. Doubling every frame to make 30fps content 60fps is still just 30fps content

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