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Question: Do you enjoy making your own JSFX?.Even in secret like - for personal/close family use only, not for Rea community? I am really enjoying General Dynamics and that Spectral Hold FX you did - Blooming great, best yet ;).- Or do you just, say, meh!..''they are alright, want to add a FR or something more important instead like'' Also, are you mates, acquaintances or affiliated with the guy from MeldaProductions? You guys are both great at what you do and in the same generation gap hey? Their new Superlooper seems great and x3 prettier ;)
Asked by Stargirl (107.181.189.x) on May 2 2020, 1:18pm
Reply on May 3 2020, 2:05am (edited at May 3 2020, 2:07am):
    I do enjoy using the JSFX I make, but if I make it and it's useful then I try to include it w/ REAPER. I email routinely with Melda (compatibility etc), I know they use REAPER so maybe super8 had some influence on MSuperlooper, but you'd have to ask them. It's been fun adapting super8 for grid-based use (project BPM adapting, project sync, etc) vs the freeform original use for live improv...

  • Posted by stargirl2 (107.181.189.x) on May 3 2020, 2:19pm:
    I would ''presume and assume" Especially, (if they use Reaper) = that new innovative JSFX Plugins would definately interest other great dsp developers.I don't know them/use them..Thanks soooo much for the new Super8 stuff. Champion! Take care.

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