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Question: Did you get a chance to watch the latest Mr. Robot series? I liked it - as it was more like season 1. But, who the f@ck is the real Elliot??? Do you know? I am lost HaHa - I Probably need to watch it all again, unless you know and can save me the time ;).. But, new Killing Eve is on! Love British dark comedy ;). Do you have a favourite British show? Like say-Red Dwarf, Black Mirror or Fawlty Towers etc...
Asked by SheenCharles (102.165.20.x) on May 3 2020, 4:20pm
Reply on May 4 2020, 2:42am:
    I did enjoy Mr Robot, though the first and second seasons I thought were my favorite. Favorite British shows include W1A and The Thick of It. Black Mirror is great too. Detectorists was also really nice.

  • Posted by SheenMartin (102.165.20.x) on May 4 2020, 2:57pm:
    Great taste! W1A & In The Thick of It are ace - check out the writers previous work - ''People like us'' Ricky Gervaise borrowed from it heaps. Also, ''Nathan Barley'' by Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is great - But the premise became to real & the kids became the farce they were sending up, so only one season ;) The Games and Frontline (Older Aust satire shows that Influenced W1A etc) are great!. Big fan of The Detectorists too..The Mighty boosh is good-love the generational musical taste humour..

  • Posted by TheOtherSheenBrother (102.165.20.x) on May 4 2020, 2:58pm:
    Not English, but - Flight of the Conchords still makes me laugh. Can you recommend any US Comedies/ besides Portlandia/Broad City/Community/Rick&Morty/Curb, that are cool? Don't have netflix, so a bit behind ;)

  • Posted by Justin on May 4 2020, 3:16pm:
    Ah yeah love Peep Show too. And Charlie Brooker's old zombie show "Dead Set" was great. Flight of the Conchords was great too. US comedies -- 30 Rock was amazing. Parks and Recreation too in a different way. Probably too many others to think of now

  • Posted by TheCleanerShhen (102.165.20.x) on May 4 2020, 6:02pm:
    Peepshow&Dead Set = Awesome!.The Peepshow boys have a new show called 'Back' - But, yet to watch it. Cheers, on the 30 Rock recommendation+brain reminder. I seem to never get around to watching it, even though people say it's great - It's on free TV here now, so will def get into it!. Also Parks & Recreation is cool, I liked it season 2 onwards - season 1 was too much like the U.S Office .BTW - I forgot Archer! Best animated series since The Ren & Stimpy Show IMHO ;)

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