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Question: What's the minimum version of Debian you recommend for development that will also do well with SWELL? Currently using 9 but I feel it might be too new...
Asked by Gio (79.130.171.x) on May 18 2020, 4:25pm
Reply on May 18 2020, 6:55pm:
    It depends if you want to distribute binaries you produce and what your minimum requirements are there, I guess? I use Debian 9 on my DAW and it's fine. For distribution builds though we use some older Ubuntu installs that have gcc 4.x and 5.x...

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.171.x) on May 18 2020, 7:55pm:
    I will be using Debian 9 or later for development but I am also interested for a minimum version for building binaries for distribution; just tested Debian 7 with gcc 4.7.x and gnome-shell 3.4.x, everything built nicely. I think gcc 4.x is the sweet spot for now, but probably need to do more testing to decide if I keep it that way or not. My only concern is the outdated git...

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