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Question: Why do audio converter softwares give option to convert an audio file into higher bitrates? Like from 128 kbps to 320 kbps? A lost quality cannot be gained, obviously. There is really no reason to give the option of upscaling an audio file's bitrate, right?
Asked by Ninja(m) (182.68.62.x) on May 22 2020, 2:11pm
Reply on May 22 2020, 9:22pm:
    True but maybe someone asks you for a 320kbps mp3 and you want to fulfill their request?

    In all seriousness though, if you're writing software you don't want to necessarily limit your users to things that you think would be useful, instead you want to let them do whatever they need to do (and adding logic to remove bitrates that aren't sensible is just more work etc).

  • Posted by Ninja(m) (104.236.70.x) on May 23 2020, 7:57am:
    But is it not good to do that. I mean, sending someone a fake 320 kbps song, whereas actually it is only a 128 kbps song. And the converter softwares are misleading people by this and people are thinking that they can gain audio quality by upscaling the song's bitrate, which is really not correct.

  • Posted by Justin on May 23 2020, 2:08pm:
    I agree it's not a good thing, but there's no point in preventing people from doing things. Also hopefully people are smart enough to figure that out (if you _could_ make something sound better that way, why don't mp3 players just do it, and then we could all have 8kbps files that are upconverted to 320kbps... or if I record my audio tape to CD it will be CD quality! YEAH!)

  • Posted by Bryan (202.21.128.x) on May 26 2020, 8:51pm:
    I've used up-converting many times before, mainly to satisfy very strict hardware sampler format issues (for live performance). That's a case where I'm not expecting any extra quality (if it's not there it's not there), but if the target device only accepts one format, then you gotta give it that.

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