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Question: Everybody says people should "Learn to code, Learn to code, Learn to code", but what is the real economic value in a lot of people learning to code? Realistically, a lot of people work in restaurants, factories, etc., so what is the real point?
Asked by Joey (73.91.212.x) on July 5 2020, 5:51pm
Reply on July 6 2020, 1:02am:
    As someone who never tells people to learn to code, I wouldn't know! What I will say is that imagining things you want to do, then building tools to let you do them, can be immensely satisfying. Maybe it's good for the people who learn and get skills which then they can use to make useful things for others? Really though, finding ways of being creative is good for people in general, economic benefit or not. "Learn to paint, learn to paint, learn to paint!" Whatever works.

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on July 6 2020, 9:30am:
    I would say, that coding gives you a feeling on how computers work, "think" and act. And as computers are so dominant today, it helps you understand this essential part of the world we live in today much better. Even if you're only a casual coder for some basic stuff and stop soon afterwards again..

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.221.x) on July 6 2020, 3:45pm:
    I think, at some point coding will become a part of life of future generations, everything in our life will be surrounded by technologies with API to some extent, so everyone will be able to write some simple script to do automate some processes in our life on computer, at home, at work, etc. I think it will become essential part of school program, like now is writing, reading, arithmetics, etc.

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