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Question: GDK/SWELL: WM_ACTIVATEAPP TRUE does not broadcast, FALSE does. Any thoughts that could lead to a possible solution? Currently use GetActiveWindow() and send the msg manually as a workaround but it's not ideal when I know that swell_gdk_reactivate_app exists...
Asked by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 14 2020, 9:43am
Reply on July 14 2020, 12:20pm:
    Hmm it should get broadcast in response to a GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE event, no?

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 14 2020, 4:25pm:
    @Justin Well, GDK_FOCUS_CHANGED called; on_activate called; PostMessage(h,WM_ACTIVATEAPP,1,0) called but is never received. Although calling SendMessage/WM_ACTIVATEDAPP manually is received as expected. What you think?

  • Posted by Justin on July 14 2020, 6:24pm:
    Is the message pump processing?

  • Posted by Justin on July 14 2020, 6:25pm:
    (SWELL_RunMessageLoop() getting called regularly?)

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 14 2020, 7:16pm:
    @Justin I doubled checked message pump, it looks like that it's okay. SWELL_RunMessageLoop() is run with 10ms interval. Anyway, reading more carefully the available functions, I thought that I might need SWELL_Internal_PostMessage_Init() and it worked --- (unless?). So much guesswork but things are getting definitely better. Thanks for the hint it really helped me.

  • Posted by Justin on July 14 2020, 9:22pm:
    Ah yes, need to document that doh!

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 14 2020, 11:41pm:
    Not a problem, if I wanted to ran it as a black box with documentation probably I would use something else but I don't. Probably reading SWELL_Internal_ was registered as part of swell-internal.h, who knows -- Anyhow, problem solved, happy!

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