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Question: hey- Religion! do you #belive in either a.einstein's theory of sound wave particle emissions...or... n.tesla's theory of sound wave aether disturbances/ perturbations? (a wave not being a 'thing' in itself)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on August 10 2020, 8:26pm
Reply on August 11 2020, 1:16pm:
    Shrug, not sure if I believe in aether though ;)
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Question: Hey! Ok,so no reaper q's... < licecap > will it ever get more * love * (adding audio for eg??)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on August 7 2020, 8:56pm
Reply on August 8 2020, 1:54am:
    Love sure, audio? haven't thought about it. at one point I had it integrated into REAPER and let REAPER's audio get encoded to webm, but the whole thing sorta sucked.
Question: What do you think about TikTok? Is it good USA wants to block it? Is it good China blocked dozens of American services?
Asked by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on August 7 2020, 5:55pm
Reply on August 8 2020, 1:55am:
    I haven't used TikTok but it seems like the government getting in the middle of these things is not a good thing. If the government wants to get in the middle of things, they should do things that are helpful for its citizens, like regulating and breaking up facebook and google etc. Not just forcing more consolidation. :/
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Question: So when your company is acquired, I assume they might tell you they need you to hang around x months/years for the transition, and you have to stay around to vest your stocks (if it was a heavy stock deal). What prevents them from firing you early then claiming you didn't vest?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 4 2020, 5:37pm
Reply on August 4 2020, 6:53pm:
    I guess it depends on the deal and the contract language involved? But I would be wary of a deal that was too back-loaded...
Question: GDK/SWELL: Weird crash (swell-wnd-generic.cpp:315) if I try to use WDL_ChooseDirectory in DEBUG mode. Release works as expected, bug?
Asked by Gio (2.87.166.x) on August 3 2020, 4:40pm
Reply on August 3 2020, 7:18pm (edited at August 3 2020, 8:39pm):
    Looks like that's a WDL_NOT_NORMALLY() failing, meaning SendMessage() was passed NULL hwnd? Can you show the call stack to see why? Edit: ah I think I see why this is (the crash is an assertion, anyway, to catch possible errors)... fixing! Edit again: fixed, thanks! Note that in release mode there is no issue (the old code was harmless in release mode).
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Question: I have been working as a coder mainly of web apps and database stuff (sql server, oracle, informix) for about 15 years. My passion is music, and I went to school for recording at MTSU. I want to finally bring those two things together, but I don’t know where to start, really. I have little experience working with audio in code, and I haven’t touched C or C++ since college. Any advice on where to begin? I can obviously just dive in head first, but I would value your feedback. Thanks!!!
Asked by Mike (107.77.232.x) on August 3 2020, 12:51pm
Reply on August 3 2020, 7:19pm:
    It's always hard to advise people how to start, considering I started this stuff so long ago. Writing JSFX and ReaScripts in REAPER can be a fun way, though, since you can live-program and don't have to deal with too much boilerplate...
Question: How much space does the stash currently take up in mb/gb?? does the storage need topping up regular,or how does that all work >?
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on August 1 2020, 11:05am
Reply on August 2 2020, 1:41am:
    It's only doubledigit gigabytes I think
Question: What are your feelings regarding Pro Tools' gain reduction meters and would there theoretically be any way to include them in a DAW that can be had for $60 but which cannot be mentioned here?
Asked by Danwhoneedsalongername (86.123.196.x) on July 31 2020, 10:59pm
Reply on August 2 2020, 1:41am:
    Embed yer fx
Question: Are you voting for biden? I am. He reminds me of my late mother with dementia. (:
Asked by Jack Nicholsan (174.253.214.x) on July 31 2020, 1:02am
Reply on July 31 2020, 1:32pm (edited at July 31 2020, 4:09pm):
    Absolutely. Not sure what you're talking about though, he seems fine (older than I'd like but way more coherent than 45). While there are a lot of video clips of him stumbling over his words, and he does say some shit that gives away his age, but he seems to be pretty sound of mind, unlike certain other people.

    (I should add, in the primary here, I voted for Warren, even though she had no chance obviously)
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Question: Hey- Do any of your bandmates programme,or have any other unusual or exciting jobs/work?
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on July 30 2020, 10:49am
Reply on July 30 2020, 3:41pm:
    Things relating to music, graphic design/visual arts, and some construction thrown in there too
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Question: Theoretically: What would be needed to port Reaper to Android/iOS? Would it be possible at all or are there too many limitations that would be impossible to circumvent?
Asked by Mespotine (2.247.248.x) on July 29 2020, 2:24am
Reply on July 29 2020, 9:39pm:
    No idea on Android (does one have to do a lot in Java, still?). Re iOS -- the UI work would take ages. So many windows that would need to get ported. Also basic things like dragging the edges of things with a mouse are really not practical for touchscreens. So, to be usable, you'd have to redesign a lot. Which then raises the question, separate code base?

    Set that aside, afaik iOS doesn't allow you to generate code and execute it... so EEL2/JSFX would have to run in (slow) bytecode interpreted mode.

    (general feeling: no thanks! and then there's the business side of things, app stores, ugh).
Question: Binge-Watch Netflix?
Asked by Ask-Justin Frankel? (122.161.246.x) on July 28 2020, 10:15am
Reply on July 28 2020, 2:18pm:
    I try not to watch more than one (or sometimes two, maybe) episodes of anything a day
Question: Have you ever seen Hard Core Logo? (The Spinal Tap of ''our generation'' film) Just, watched it again-found it so freaking good 25 years later.Also, those photos you posted of your bike with the cargo attachments etc - are they like the W1A (the show) Collapsible bikes? they look awesome & should be compulsory for Commuting=Al Gore style.;).
Asked by Dr. Octagon (199.229.249.x) on July 27 2020, 1:43pm
Reply on July 27 2020, 3:05pm (edited at July 27 2020, 3:07pm):
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Question: Einstein said that: "Imagination is more important than knowledge,for knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." < would you agree?
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on July 27 2020, 10:11am
Reply on July 27 2020, 11:16am:
    Sounds about right, as long one doesn't think that they know a lot more than they do...
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Question: Hi Justin, I've taken classes in HTML, CSS and PHP. They have all completely scared the crap out of me and all that happened was that I got absolutely terrified of not doing well at them. What do I do if I'm terrified of being programming? I get completely terrified if I don't understand what's going on and what I have to do. How come you were never scared of not getting an A or messing up a program or being dumber than the rest of the class?
Asked by Nevin McDevin (107.15.131.x) on July 26 2020, 5:33am
Reply on July 26 2020, 3:43pm:
    It's OK to make mistakes, get things wrong, fail. That's part of the process. When things don't work as you expect, you get to figure out why you don't understand. I make as many mistakes as anyone, it's what happens next that is important.

    I should add: version control (e.g. git) is hugely helpful for this -- being able to see where you've been, what happenes when you change things, being able to go back in time, all are very helpful (and not using it now for any project that takes more than a day's worth of work would be unthinkable).
Question: hey- when you go gig/jam at the open studio,how do you cart all your kit/gear around to such places?? do you drive a van or does someone else help move it all with you??
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on July 25 2020, 10:23am
Reply on July 25 2020, 1:41pm:
    The open studios things are at the studio so no moving required! otherwise, playing in bars usually they have house drum kits (you bring cymbals and snare and often a kick pedal). Sometimes they have amps too. Anyway usually everybody carries their own shit, either by taxi or subway or whatever, I usually take mine by cargo bike (and bike trailer if I need to take my Sonor Bop drum kit). Took the drums to prospect park a couple of times which was awesome!
Question: Where can I find reaplay? It sounds awesome :)
Asked by Will (184.75.223.x) on July 24 2020, 6:50pm
Reply on July 24 2020, 7:43pm:
    www.landoleet.org has it
Question: hey justin! no offence, but, really, what's the point of developing reaplay? is there any significance of this in reaper? oh well you could utilize that time into adding features and fixing bugs in reaper. also there are tons of media players out there, full-featured, i really can't understand... why... reaplay.... which also, looks like winamp... good for nostalgia stuff, but apart from that... ummm anything else?
Asked by Erangel (122.161.242.x) on July 23 2020, 5:01pm
Reply on July 23 2020, 10:01pm:
    It's not a zero-sum game, bro. I also spend a shit ton of time making music and other things.
Question: Fav Pearl Jam album (other than Ten) ?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 22 2020, 9:09pm
Reply on July 22 2020, 9:42pm:
    No real opinion, I listened to the next one (self titled, was it?) a bit, then Yield some too, and liked both (though not like Ten), and ended up going elsewhere...
Question: Hey Justin. What happened to WASTE source code? :)
Asked by average007 (80.110.95.x) on July 22 2020, 5:06pm
Reply on July 22 2020, 6:15pm:
    It's still around. I've recently been fixing some bugs in it and getting it to compile on macOS/Linux using SWELL, maybe I'll get it polished up soon...
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