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Question: Did you know you could ninjam with a big pipe system? youtube.com/watch?v=p8GcHoSIPDg
Asked by Markus (77.180.118.x) on August 24 2020, 3:30pm
Reply on August 24 2020, 5:43pm:
Question: Why don't you move to the countryside and teach Llamas to use Reaper?
Asked by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 24 2020, 1:28pm
Reply on August 24 2020, 5:43pm:
    It's getting pretty tempting
Question: Hello! Why don't you do workshops for children and young people about REAPER, programming and audio? I am sure it would be very inspiring! Kind regards,
Asked by Charles (212.224.228.x) on August 24 2020, 3:58am
Reply on August 24 2020, 5:43pm:
    damn it jim I'm a programmer not a teacher!
Question: iso vs bin vs cue vs nrg vs mdf... which is the best image format now?
Asked by image (122.161.240.x) on August 23 2020, 1:39pm
Reply on August 23 2020, 3:41pm:
    Whatever is supported by the tool in question? I don't think I use CD/DVD images these days...
Question: Oh,is that not a reasonable,valid question? why would it be kidding,what do you fear here??
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on August 23 2020, 10:05am
Reply on August 23 2020, 3:41pm:
    Barf, keep that shit away from me.
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Question: What do you think about lua 5.4?
Asked by Nixon (178.200.208.x) on August 23 2020, 9:45am
Reply on August 23 2020, 3:42pm:
    I haven't looked at it, but checking it out now!
Question: hey- so have you come across any *q anon* messages? how do you feel about that 'movement'? far right,or ok:alright? + #occupythegetty ?
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on August 22 2020, 4:28pm
Reply on August 22 2020, 11:48pm:
    You’re kidding, right?
Question: How about Punk/Hardcore? Seen any shows?
Asked by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on August 21 2020, 10:59pm
Reply on August 22 2020, 1:33pm:
    Not exactly, but almost? Most recent thing I can think of is Sleaford Mods...
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Question: Is it better to vote tactically, or should you always vote with your conscience, regardless of the outcome?
Asked by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 21 2020, 6:29pm
Reply on August 21 2020, 7:21pm (edited at August 21 2020, 7:23pm):
    Vote tactically, absolutely! Voting your conscience, if the candidate has no chance of winning, is only useful for sending a message. The problem is, generally speaking, those messages are ignored by everybody. What was the message of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson receiving a total of a percent or so? That a small tiny minority was willing to throw their vote away...
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Question: In what directions do you plan to push REAPER in the next 20 years? Have you ever considered moving on or is this the project of your life? Either way, your work is admirable.
Asked by Charles (212.224.227.x) on August 21 2020, 3:25pm
Reply on August 21 2020, 4:58pm:
    My plans are just to keep making it better and keep recording/composing with it! :)
Question: Do you like cats?
Asked by Frank (62.216.200.x) on August 20 2020, 10:18pm
Reply on August 21 2020, 1:12pm:
    Yes! Cats are awesome
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Question: heya- In what terms or ways do you measure 'success'? (either physically,mentally,material,or virtually)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on August 20 2020, 8:48pm
Reply on August 20 2020, 9:05pm:
    Some things probably are best left unquantified?
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Question: How are you
Asked by Arturo (181.126.35.x) on August 19 2020, 7:48pm
Reply on August 20 2020, 1:17pm:
Question: Are you a pro the total abolition of the police force?
Asked by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 19 2020, 9:00am
Reply on August 19 2020, 1:03pm:
    I'll only speak to NYC and the NYPD, since it is where I live, but I would imagine it is similar in other places in the country:

    I think the scope and funding of the NYPD is an order of magnitude too large, and those resources would be far better spent on other social services.

    Reducing the budget and headcount is probably not sufficient, I think there is a culture that is problematic and probably needs a bigger overhaul, but I leave how to do that to the experts...
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Question: Hey justin. Long time no see for a few months. I hope you're doing fine. I was hoping if you would like to work with me on getting more people to use Ninjam to obtain a pretty big following of Ninjam. Old and Young audience. Cause i think ninjam is good, just needs some more people during the pandemic (which I have been doing on platforms such as Twitch since I've ran Discord Online Jamming Central). Would be a great help for the Ninjam community all round
Asked by David (108.21.103.x) on August 18 2020, 5:29am
Reply on August 18 2020, 8:26pm:
    Getting people to use things isn't really my thing
Question: Aether doesn't make sense to you? Dude, come on, you gotta believe in miracles - we're spinning on a massive rock filled with sludge revolving around a nuclear explosion and you don't believe in aether? :D
Asked by John (93.138.108.x) on August 15 2020, 7:07pm
Reply on August 18 2020, 8:26pm:
    I believe in ether(net)
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Question: The one time I was in SF, we went into the park and there was like 100 people jamming on instruments, percussion and stuff. How often does this happen?
Asked by Apantz (119.18.0.x) on August 11 2020, 3:43am
Reply on August 11 2020, 1:16pm:
    I have no idea! Golden gate park?
Question: Is there a way to track the zoom change in the Reaper midi editor without taking a chunk?I've tried catch WM_STYLECHANGING messages lparam of child window "midiview".But it changing in different builds.
Asked by Anthony (188.187.124.x) on August 10 2020, 9:08pm
Reply on August 11 2020, 1:16pm:
    Hmm not that I can think of
Question: hey- Religion! do you #belive in either a.einstein's theory of sound wave particle emissions...or... n.tesla's theory of sound wave aether disturbances/ perturbations? (a wave not being a 'thing' in itself)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on August 10 2020, 8:26pm
Reply on August 11 2020, 1:16pm:
    Shrug, not sure if I believe in aether though ;)
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Question: Hey! Ok,so no reaper q's... < licecap > will it ever get more * love * (adding audio for eg??)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on August 7 2020, 8:56pm
Reply on August 8 2020, 1:54am:
    Love sure, audio? haven't thought about it. at one point I had it integrated into REAPER and let REAPER's audio get encoded to webm, but the whole thing sorta sucked.
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