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Question: Would you like to see the right to bear arms amended?
Asked by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 27 2020, 7:18am
Reply on August 27 2020, 11:21am:
    Interpreted less ridiculously would be fine -- I mean by a lot of peoples interpretations of it, we should all have the right to bear cruise missiles...

  • Posted by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 27 2020, 6:21pm:
    Not sure about that, though it certainly feeds into the fetishism of weapons. Unfortunately today you could mame and kill a lot of people very quickly with a little Glock. Not exactly single shot muskets.

  • Posted by Justin on August 27 2020, 10:18pm:
    My point was that people try to say "we should be allowed assault rifles because the second amendment" and it might as well be nukes or cruise missiles, because it's similarly arbitrary by 18th century standards. So yeah, if you want to keep the second amendment as-is, it should be interpreted as muskets etc.

  • Posted by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 28 2020, 8:42am:
    Yes, it's convenient how those gun lovers view amendments as though permanent commandments set in stone. Those forefathers had no comprehension of an America of hundreds of millions of people potentially armed with mass produced weapons of mass murder.

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