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Question: Any interesting comments about this? :) --> skins.webamp.org/
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on September 5 2020, 4:23pm
Reply on September 5 2020, 5:11pm:
    It's awesome, I'm waiting for the ability to import playlists into webamp via http :)

  • Posted by Jordan (107.142.111.x) on September 5 2020, 8:26pm:
    We'd love to add it, but CORs means that only playlists that point exculsively to CORS compatible media files would work. My current assumption is that 99.9% of real playlists would fail. Would it be worth supporting this for people who wanted to build playlists (and host media files) especially for Webamp?

  • Posted by Justin on September 5 2020, 9:35pm:
    As someone who would build (autogenerate) playlists for his hosted media files, I'd say it's worth it! :)

  • Posted by Justin on September 5 2020, 9:36pm:
    ...or is there an easy way I can pull webamp into a page of my own and feed it a list of URLs to play? e.g. have PHP grab a html/javascript blob and do some search/replace on it and output that?

  • Posted by Jordan Eldredge (107.142.111.x) on September 7 2020, 11:21am:
    Yeah, here's a minimal example of spawning Webamp with two tracks: gist.githubusercontent.com/captbar...

  • Posted by Jordan Eldredge (107.142.111.x) on September 7 2020, 11:24am:
    You can include as many as you like. Just be sure to include the artist, title, and duration otherwise Webamp will start downloading the mp3s in order to parse id3 tags. Also note that the URL for each media file must satisfy CORS.

  • Posted by Justin on September 7 2020, 12:02pm:
    Awesome, thanks!

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