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Question: when are you getting rid of midi in reaper?
Asked by dann (179.40.48.x) on September 28 2020, 4:33am
Reply on September 29 2020, 1:35am:
    I keep threatening that...

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.171.83.x) on September 29 2020, 7:06am:
    Hello, Do you mean by that that you want to focus on audio and drop the midi edition in Reaper which would have opened the door to many film composers (among others)? Sorry, I did not understand your position! :) Have a good day ! (PS I would totally understand this choice; however I would like to know what to expect since I use midi extensively in my DAW to make orchestral mockups for directors, hence my comment. Thanks in advance! )

  • Posted by Jimmy (104.221.68.x) on September 29 2020, 12:38pm:
    I doubt Justin/Cockos will drop MIDI... It's simply sarcasm.

  • Posted by Justin on September 29 2020, 7:48pm:
    It's an empty thread, I admit :)

  • Posted by Justin on September 29 2020, 7:48pm:
    oops "threat"

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.167.68.x) on September 29 2020, 8:02pm:
    Here I am reassured :) We have to admit that you have been generous with the midi and the score editor since it is not what you use the most. So thank you. Do you plan to leave the piano roll as it is or is it worth improving?

  • Posted by Pony (23.106.249.x) on September 30 2020, 2:09pm:
    Then let's leave midi and kill audio

  • Posted by Blockbusta (80.187.108.x) on December 6 2020, 12:11am:
    Screw MIDI AND audio, video rocks!

  • Posted by Justin on December 9 2020, 2:00am:
    Videos need audio though too

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